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28 Day Panchakarma Rejuvenation Retreat

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28 Day Ayurveda Anti-Ageing Wellness Retreat

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28 Day Luxury Yoga and Meditation Rejuvenation Retreat

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28 Day Slimming Ayurveda Luxury Retreat

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Find the Best Ayurveda Retreats in the World 2022

Choosing the right retreat for yourself and your objectives, with all the different treatment package types available can be a big task.

With their increased popularity people are seeking out different philosophies and modalities in search of the ultimate outcome that promotes longevity in it's benefits to the body and mind.

For those seeking a significant change to lifestyle, often a health 'reset' or a focus on specific physical ailments there are many programs which offer rejuvenation, anti-ageing, weight-loss and generally promote a holistic approach to our health objectives.

Treatments cover a range of spa massage and therapeutic treatments, the use of herbs and oils on the body and in the diet, adoption of Ayurvedic food, plus yoga, meditation and mantras.

Let's understand exactly what's available and where in the world, for Ayurveda healing and therapy.

What is Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a 'whole body' healing system.

It's origins are in India thousands of years ago.

Still widely practiced it's popularity continues to rise with the appearance of luxury

Ayurvedic resorts.

Yoga & Ayurveda share their birth Mother, India.

Translated from Sanskrit, Ayurveda means 'The science of life', the focus is balance

between mind, body and spirit. Ayurvedic packages inc due massage, acupuncture,

meditation, yoga, diet, herbal medicine and unique age-old rituals that marry science and

nature in perfect unison.

Treatment covers 

- Practices to adopt in your lifestyle

- Dietary foods & habits to take up

- Assessing the mind, body and spirit constitution

The belief is that every person is made up of the 5 elements- space, air, fire, water and earth.

These combine in us to form 3 energies (doshas) and it is the balance of these energies that is key to the therapies.

1. 'Vata Dosha' is considered the most powerful, this is the energy of all basic bodily & organ functions such as our blood and breathing.

Regimens such as the time we go to sleep or when we eat affect the energy and can

result in poor health outcomes. In balance comes creativity.

2. 'Pitta Dosha' controls digestion and metabolism. Disruption can come from the foods we eat. In balance our mind has clarity.

3. 'Kapha Dosha' controls muscle growth and the immune system by spreading water

around our body, hydration. This is affected by what we drink, especially the volume of
salt and water. In balance we are connected to the love inside and outside of us.

Luxury Ayurveda Retreats

There is a difference between an Ayurvedic Treatment package such as Panchakarma and a retreat that includes an Ayurveda massage with oil.

If you are interested in Panchakarma and Ayurveda Treatments at a center with an

Ayurvedic doctor, consultation, treatment and a regimen plan then

there are some excellent retreats to choose from.

The packages at these retreats are fantastic and guests report very positive outcomes in their health and well being.

One reason may be that Ayurvedic treatments like Panchakarma offer a holistic approach with a long-term healing objective.

These programs really are the complete wellness package, offering deep and meaningful change in mind, body and spirit.

Retreat centers offer treatment packages that have a different focus - Rejuvenation , Anti Aging, Weight Loss & Panchakarma.

Collection of the most popular Ayurveda Retreats

1. 22 Day Ayurveda, Meditation and Yoga Retreat

Discover a journey of self-awareness, meditation and harmony between body and mind, tap into the potential of higher consciousness.

Explore withdrawal of the senses from the mind, focus on mental awareness, and towards the experience of meditative awareness.

Partake in meditation sessions, pranayama classes, personal yoga instruction, Ayurveda therapy sessions and international therapy treatments.

2. 22 Day Complete Ayurveda Purification

This complete purification Ayurveda package is designed around understanding Ayurveda philosophy, you will benefit from therapies that are specifically suitable to your bodily constitution, all consulted on by the Ayurvedic Doctor.

Panchkarma detox under Ayurveda is a method with which the body is detoxified by flushing out toxins from every part, every cell and organ of the body. 

Under this Ayurveda package, your schedule will revolve around a carefully selected set of therapies, sessions, consultation and meditation/yoga. 

Every day, a special treatment of 2 hours is performed and the team of doctors monitor your schedule and progress throughout your stay.

3. 21 Night Traditional Panchakarma Detox

The Ayurveda Panchakarma package includes: individual wellness consultation, body composition analysis, postural assessment, yogic kriyas, daily fitness and leisure activities, unlimited use of water therapy suites, and wellness departure consultation.

The Ayurveda Panchakarma ritual unfolds as you are anointed with individually selected, hand mixed and customised medicated herbal oils that are freshly prepared daily to restore the crucial inner harmony of the body and the senses. 

As you soak in these self-healing oils that cleanse and purify, daily practice Yoga to realign movement, partake in breath and mind meditation to find that sacred space within... you experience the sacred harmonising of your Dosha and the restoration of your health and wellbeing.

4. 22 Day Ayurveda Stress Management Retreat

An Ayurvedic healing session will assess your individual doshas so that a particular Ayurvedic technique will be adopted for your individual needs and heal any chronic health issues or imbalances you may have.

This 22-day retreat package includes your lovely accommodations, individual airport or railway transfers, your daily Ayurveda treatment, daily doctor consultations, medicines during the treatment, an individual Ayurveda diet plan which are all as advised by the doctor. 

Decrease your body’s toxicities and increase your overall agility and wellbeing through this stress management retreat and you will be on you way to optimal health.

Top Luxury Ayurveda Resorts

Carnoustie Ayurveda Wellness Resort in Kerala, India

On the shores of the Arabian sea in Kerala, Carnoustie Resort is considered one of the best Ayurveda healing retreats in the world. Offering programs in Anti Aging, Rejuvenation, Detox, Weight loss and Healing. Their experienced practitioners provide consultation and supervision of all Ayurveda treatments including Ayurvedic nutrition, detox and yoga & meditation.

Ananda in the Himalayas , Uttarakhand India

Renowned Ayurveda Spa in the foothills of the Himalayas. Combining Yoga & Ayurveda to offer programs in stress management, Rejuvenation, holistic Ayurveda detox and Anti Aging. Ananda Spa's team of expert Ayurvedic doctors, therapists, nutritionists and Ayurveda chefs work together to bring you world-class healing packages which may well represent the best wellness retreats available to you in the world.

Zen Resort Bali in Ubud, Bali

Located in Ubud this retreat center offers guests traditional Ayurvedic treatments. Daily Yoga, meditation and pranayama practice is central to their programs. Yoga & Ayurveda rejuvenation retreats in Wellness, Stress Management & Weight Loss.