200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Spain

Spain  |  Catalonia

35 Day 26x2 Bikram Inspired & 200hr Vinyasa Hot Yoga Training

Nov 1 - Dec 5, 2021

Free Cancellation*
Spain  |  Catalonia
Spain  |  Catalonia

28 Day 200hr Hot Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, Barcelona

Nov 8 - Dec 5, 2021 | Jan 31 - Feb 27, 2022

Free Cancellation*
Spain  |  Catalonia
Spain  |  Andalucía

4 Week 200Hr Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Nov | Dec | Jan | Feb | Mar

Free Cancellation*
Spain  |  Andalucía
Spain  |  Castellon

3-Week 200Hr Therapeutic Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Jan | Feb | Mar | Jun | Aug

Free Cancellation*
Spain  |  Castellon
Spain  |  Costa Blanca

25 Day 200hr Anatomy Yoga Teacher Training

Jun 3 - 27, 2022 | Sep 2 - 26, 2022

Free Cancellation*
Spain  |  Costa Blanca

Discover the Best Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Spain 2021 / 2022

Experience life a little differently by attending a training in Spain.

The Spanish sleep in the afternoon (siesta), this makes for a lovely habit.

They eat late in the evening and there are some delicious Spanish dishes to enjoy with them.

Let go of your normal routine and take onboard the Spanish lifestyle.

Spain is a popular destination for Europeans as it's so easy and quick to get to.

That's not to say there aren't travelers from all over the world here.

Which means you can find some great trainings in Spain.

Yoga Instructor Certification in Spain

These schools are all Yoga Alliance registered and will provide you with your RYT yoga instructor certification on completion.

All courses will follow the set standard certification curriculum.

You will study pranayama, asanas, yoga teaching methodology, 
meditation and all parts of a yoga lifestyle and philosophy.

The parts will change depending on the course and yoga style.

Search for the course that speaks to your heart and yoga style that you are most comfortable with.

Most Popular Destinations

Barcelona - the Urban option

There are some great studios and organisations running trainings here. Some really enjoy the opportunity to discover a new city and live as a local whilst furthering your yoga with a whole new set of yogis from a different place.

The Costa Brava coastal towns and beaches are nearby too, for sun and fun day trips.


To the south next to Gibraltar, it's a hilly province with rivers, orchards and farmland. Seville, the capital city, is a beautiful place with it's ancient architecture of palaces and cathedrals. The beaches are quieter than the north, with a relaxed seaside vibe to them.


A wind-swept, sun-soaked Spanish Balearic island in the Mediterranean sea off the east coast of Spain.

As well know for it's parties as it is for it's quiet villages, sandy coves and yoga retreats running an

assortment of yoga teacher trainings.

The 200-Hour Program

The new Yoga Alliance common core curriculum is met by all our registered yoga schools. On course completion you will receive your certificate which is the foundation of every yoga teacher's educational journey and professional qualifications.

There are 4 educational categories to complete, as follows -

Competencies -

1. 75 hours on Technique, Training and Practice

Covering Asana, Pranayama & Subtle Body, and Meditation.

2. 30 hours on Anatomy & Physiology

Covering Anatomy, Physiology and Biomechanics

3. 30 hours on Yoga Humanities

Covering the History and background of Yoga, Philosophy of Yoga and Ethics

4. 50 hours on Professional Essentials

Covering Teaching Methodology, Professional Development and Practice Teaching (Practicum)

5. Plus the unique Elective hours developed by the school which offer specialisation

It is these additional hours of activities and learning that make every course unique and special. And Spain is no exception here. By choosing a course with specific content taught in the elective hours you get to spend time developing a particular area of skill and interest to you.

It could be you would like to follow a particular health discipline such as Ayurveda, Therapeutic methodologies, Energy healing or Anatomy. Or it may be that your interest lies in meditation, to spend time on deepening your practice and understanding of the different techniques.

There are a good range of course content choices in Spain so check out what's available. It could be the start of a whole new journey for your life path. You are sure to meet a beautiful new group of friends that you embark on this adventure with.