India  |  Rishikesh

58 Day 500hr Hatha Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training

Sep 2 - Oct 29, 2019 | Oct 1 - Nov 27, 2019 ...

India  |  Rishikesh

58 Day 500Hr Sacred Yoga Teacher Training

Sep 2 - Oct 30, 2019 | Oct 2 - Nov 30, 2019 ...

India  |  Rishikesh

50 Day 500hr Intermediate Yoga Teacher Training

Sep 2 - Oct 21, 2019 | Oct 2 - Nov 20, 2019 ...

India  |  Rishikesh

2-Month 500Hr Ashtanga Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Sep 7 - Nov 5, 2019

India  |  Rishikesh

6-Week 500Hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Sep 15 - Nov 13, 2019 | Oct 15 - Dec 13, 2019 ...

India  |  Rishikesh

60 Day 500Hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Sep 20 - Nov 19, 2019 | Mar 10 - May 8, 2020 ...

India  |  Rishikesh

9 -Week Rishikesh 500Hr Yoga Teacher Training

Oct 2 - Nov 30, 2019 | Dec 2 - Jan 30, 2020 ...

India  |  Rishikesh

6-Week 500Hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Oct 14 - Dec 14, 2019

India  |  Rishikesh

2-Month 500Hr Yoga Teacher Training

Oct 21 - Dec 14, 2019

India  |  Goa

53 Day 500Hr Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Oct 28 - Dec 18, 2019 | Dec 21 - Feb 4, 2020 ...

India  |  Goa

56 Day 500Hr Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Training

Feb 1 - Mar 28, 2020 | Sep 4 - Oct 29, 2020 ...

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500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Courses

If you are seeking further understanding & learning, a 500 Hour intensive could be for you.

A 500hr course can allow you to gain your full RYT teacher certification in one intensive period.

You can achieve your RYT 500 registered yoga teacher certification by completing a 200 hour Intensive course followed by a 300 Hour Yoga course if you wish.

Or you could embark on a 500 Hour course for a deep learning journey that will benefit many aspects and deepen your practice & knowledge.

The program is an advanced study of postures, pranayama, philosophy, meditation and teaching techniques.

All courses have the same standard curriculum set by Yoga Alliance with the Yoga community.

500 Hour Yoga Certification (RYT 500)

All 500 hour yoga courses include the following parts for the yoga certification.

1. Yogic techniques, Training & Practice

Typical areas of practice & teaching skills training will be:

  • Asanas - Posture practice
  • Pranayamas - Breath & Energy
  • Meditation - Inner Journey
  • Mantras & Chanting - Internal or External
  • Kriyas - Internal often with breath
2. Teaching Methodology
  • Communication - one to one & group dynamics
  • Demonstration, Assisting & Correcting
  • How Students Learn
  • Teaching Styles & Qualities
  • The Business of Yoga
3. Anatomy & Physiology
  • Physical anatomy & bodily systems, applying this knowledge to yoga
  • Energy body works, study of the chakras and nadis (energy channels)
4. Yoga Philosophy & Ethics
  • Study of traditional texts revealing yoga philosophies
  • The yoga lifestyle, concepts of dharma and karma
  • Service (Seva)
5. Practicum
  • Practice teaching as the lead instructor without feedback
  • Observing others doing the same and sharing feedback afterwards
Elective Hours

The elective hours of the course are 185 of the total 500 hours.

This is what makes each program unique, allowing for focus on an area that may interest you such as Shamanism, Mantra, Ayurveda, Acro Yoga, Yoga Nidra, nutrition, ritual.

Where to complete a 500 Hour Intensive Yoga Certification Course

Generally these intensive yoga trainings run over 2 months.

To spend an extended time on this journey your practice and knowledge will deepen. You will have the opportunity to explore and immerse yourself in meditation practice too.

Rishikesh may be the perfect place for such a journey.

Discover 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh

Discover the Best Yoga Teacher Trainings (YTT) in India

India, from Himalayan peaks to the Indian Ocean coastline is home to 5 millenia of history. Home of the Hindu religion and Yoga.

India is like no other, here often comes transformation, in your practice and in a deep understanding of the yoga philosophy.

Immerse yourself in the culture where yoga & spirituality is ever present. 

Consider making your journey here for a life changing experience in ways unknown.

Deepen your practice and immerse yourself in a yoga training with like-minded people.

India has many yoga institutes across the land that offer yoga teacher trainings.

Take care to find the course that you feel comfortable with & speaks to your heart.

The two main areas where the trainings take place are Goa & Rishikesh.

Goa for its beaches & holy Rishikesh for its deeply spiritual connection.

Yoga Teacher Training Courses in India

Goa with its long wide beaches and laid-back atmosphere, is a popular place to attend an intensive yoga training retreat, with many yoga courses & schools to choose from. 

Most are located in north Goa and run from October to May each year. A lot of yoga schools focus on holistic wellness, and provide Ayurvedic treatments as well as other natural therapies.

Rishikesh, on the banks of the River Ganges in the foothills of the Himalayas attracts those seeking peace, with its temples, ashrams and yoga institutes.

Known as the birthplace of yoga, it is the place to come to meditate and deepen your practice in a yoga training.

Best time to visit is between March and April, and September to October. 

What is the cost of a yoga course in India

India is the most affordable place to attend a one month intensive yoga training where prices can start at 1000 US.

Check out the yoga courses & schools and search for the training that attracts.

When should I go

India has an extraordinary array of climates so take care to double check. In the south of India winter (September to March) is most popular. Temperatures range from 20°C to 32°C.

From April the weather turns hot and humid which is followed by the monsoon rains from June to September which affect the whole country not just the south.

What is the schedule like on an intensive yoga teacher training retreat

The intensive yoga courses generally last for one month.

Some can be slightly shorter. Each day will start early and finish early evening, with rest breaks and lunch.

The evenings will be your own.

One day off a week will provide the time to relax, recharge and evaluate the your progress.

What are the requirements to attend

Most yoga schools ask for one year, some may accept 6 months practice.

In your early days, time is well spent experimenting at different yoga studios with different teachers and styles. This will let you know
what yoga style you are comfortable in attending your training on and the teaching philosophy you are interested in seeking out.

How do I find the cheapest yoga teacher training in India

Well you are in the right place here to review all of the best yoga teacher training in India including the cheapest yoga training.

We list all the affordable teacher training in India for you and review their program, syllabus, teachers and school
aswell as the location, venue, food and accommodation.

To help you find what you are looking for, browse all the cheapest yoga teacher training India

How much will the cheapest Yoga Teacher Training in India cost me

India is the most affordable place to complete your yoga certification course.

There are many courses near 1500US and even quite a few under 1000US. When you consider the average cost
around the world is at least double this then India is the place to be to find cheap yoga teacher training.