5 Day Healthy Ageing at Premier Sports Facility in Thailand, Phuket
Thailand  |  Phuket

5 Day Healthy Ageing at Premier Sports Facility

Available all year round

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1810 USD  
10 Day Healthy Ageing Retreat  in Thailand, Phuket
Thailand  |  Phuket

10 Day Healthy Ageing Retreat

Available all year round

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2611 USD  
14 Day Healthy Ageing Retreat in Thailand, Phuket
Thailand  |  Phuket

14 Day Healthy Ageing Retreat

Available all year round

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3418 USD  
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Discover the Best Anti-Ageing Retreats

So you have decided to attend an Anti-Ageing Retreat. Good decision.

Who doesn't want to feel and look young.

To protect our health & well-being.

And slow the aging process through the nurturing of our wellness.

These days there are lot of different anti-aging retreats available.

Most will include therapeutic treatments under a particular discipline, different exercise activities, a change in diet and spa treatments too.

A holistic approach will include education & support in how to change your regimen ongoing.

But first let's understand what Anti-Aging is.

Scientifically Aging is governed by cell division not time, and we have a role in our own longevity.

Our lifestyle choices can significantly impact this process.

The following have been shown to be the most significant factors.

1. Exercise

Regular and moderate exercise daily is key.

This can take any form. Yoga offers a great way to achieve this exercise and offers so much more.

The practice provides balance between mind, body and spirit and the opportunity to explore meditation.

Mindfulness may well be the most effective anti-aging activity that you could take part in.

Whether it's yoga or another activity, daily exercise keeps us balanced and healthy.

2. Diet

Nutrition is not just about calories.

A healthy plant based diet is the path to wellness.

It has been shown that a reduction in the consumption of animal products aids anti-aging.

And consuming a healthy amount of Omega-3 fatty acids is important, supporting the body and mind.

Consider Japanese women whose life expectancy is the highest in the world at 87 years old.

A big part of this is in their diet of plants, fish and vegetables.

So let's not forget Avocados and Fish.

3. Natural Detoxification

Adequate fibre promotes regular bowel movements which is crucial for the daily passing of toxins through the bile and stool.

A healthy digestive tract keeps the bodily functions working correctly.

Studies also show fibre plays a role in regulating our immune system, blood pressure, cholesterol and more. It even enhances weight loss.

So don't underestimate getting enough fibre on a daily basis to keep the internal system working well.

There is also the intensive program at a detox retreat, where we significantly change our food consumption to support the body riding itself of toxins in a short period of time.

There a few locations around the world that offer the most comprehensive and productive programs. Top of the list will be India detox retreats, followed by Sri Lanka, Thailand and Bali detox.

All offer great health outcomes and incredible experiences. For all-round holistic programs check out the fantastic Bali health retreats.

4. Antioxidants

Antioxidants which are in food, supplements and cosmetics, help inhibit free radical production and protect our cells.

We can find these in foods as the best & natural source.

5. Happiness & Balance

The list here is just a start of what can be part of our anti-aging regimen.

Being happy in our daily lifestyle choices, and our attitude & relationships can play just as important part as our exercise and diet.

Taking up an activity like Yoga can be life changing for what it offers the mind and spirit.

If we thrive from being of service to others then maybe this activity plays an important role in our happiness and well-being.

We all need to follow our own path to health and happiness.

The path to wellness and being present in our lives can be transformative. 

If we live a busy, fast paced life then we can benefit from the space and time to devote to ourselves.

At an anti-aging retreat there is the opportunity to experience the potential for change.

Types of Anti-Aging Retreats

Now you have decided you want to go on a retreat you need to decide which type.

All will include a level of activity like yoga and also therapeutic treatments particular to the retreat.

Here are the most popular types of Anti-Aging Retreats for you to consider.

Detox retreats are where we reduce or stop the consumption of food and allow the body to rid itself of toxins.

This process can be profound and have a significant benefit to anti-aging.

Ayurveda offers many treatments and regimen to aid anti-aging.

The focus is on treatments like Ayurvedic massage, medicated oils, Ayurvedic medicine and a detox regime.

Top Destinations for Anti-Aging Retreats

Without a doubt the approach most associated with an Anti-Aging retreat is Detoxification.

These rejuvenation programs will have different treatments, activities and diet in their schedule.

Most retreats will include yoga and meditation to bring mindfulness into a holistic approach.

The mecca for these retreats is India where there are programs tailored to your personal needs and objectives to foster Anti-aging.

In the south find Kerala , the heart of India's retreat centers catering to foreign visitors spending time on their health and wellness.

Here in beautiful resorts along the coastline of the enchanting Arabian sea you will find many rejuvenating anti-aging programs using Ayurveda treatments.