4 Day Fitness and Yoga Retreat, Tuscany in Italy in Italy, Tuscany
Italy  |  Tuscany

4 Day Fitness and Yoga Retreat, Tuscany in Italy

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


675 USD  
4 Day Fitness, Yoga and Pamper Retreat in Italy, Tuscany
Italy  |  Tuscany

4 Day Fitness, Yoga and Pamper Retreat

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


1154 USD  
5 Day Fitness and Yoga Retreat in Tuscany, Italy in Italy, Tuscany
Italy  |  Tuscany

5 Day Fitness and Yoga Retreat in Tuscany, Italy

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


1136 USD  
7 Day Pamper and Fitness Health Retreat in Italy, Tuscany
Italy  |  Tuscany

7 Day Pamper and Fitness Health Retreat

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


2308 USD  
7 Day Fitness and Yoga Retreat, Tuscany Italy in Italy, Tuscany
Italy  |  Tuscany

7 Day Fitness and Yoga Retreat, Tuscany Italy

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


1349 USD  
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Discover the Best Wellness Retreats Worldwide in Italy 2020/2021

First let's think about what Wellness is.

The easy answer.. Wellness is taking care of ourselves.

Having a healthy body and mind enables us to live fully, to be present with the people we love and have energy to do the things that we enjoy.

Wellness is about fueling the body with delicious, nutritious food that enables our system to work effectively and sustainably.

Staying active and moving in ways that feel joyous and expansive.

Wellness is also about learning when to slow down, to hit re-set and take the time out to unwind and find peace.

Our fast-paced modern lifestyles are not always conducive to superior wellness.

We all benefit from the self-care and the love involved in taking care of ourselves.

And a Wellness Retreat is a great way of doing that.

An opportunity to nourish and cherish ourselves, to take a step back from the pace of 'normal' life.

So, where to start?

Aside from the obvious factors such as diet and exercise, our mental,
emotional and spiritual wellness play an important role.

Our relationships with the people around us, our attitude towards life and
our ability to process and express our emotions are essential to leading
a healthy and well balanced lifestyle.

There is no 'final goal' when it comes to wellness, and over the course of
our lifespan ours needs change.

A retreat can be the time to have the opportunity to focus on recharging and refreshment.

Wellness Holidays

Let's remember too that a Wellness Retreat is a holiday.

So there should be lots of pool, spa, relaxation and healthy eating.

And why not treat yourself to spa packages on your time away to make the most of it.

It's not always we get the chance to press the reset button and take some time out.

Time spent on our health and wellbeing is priceless.

So what are Wellness Resorts

Finding the Wellness Holiday that matches what you want to do is the first big step.

Ask yourself what you are looking for, what your expectations are from this time-away.

What does the retreat offer? What activities and facilities do you want around you.

A yoga class or meditation course is a great place to dip your toes into the wellness world.

Maybe book a yoga retreat or gentle cleanse somewhere with professional guidance.

Health and Wellness retreats have become quite an attraction these days with so many classes, instructors and services.

They also offer great healthy menus so you can enjoy your time with a variety of healthy raw food throughout.

Make sure to check out the schedules and packages of any wellness holiday you are looking at,
to be sure it includes the activities you are interested in.

Detox & Weight Loss

There are different levels of detox health retreats to participate in.

You will be able to match your expectations and enjoy the detox retreat that you want.

Maybe that's to eat healthy raw food and drink vegetable juices.

You can combine this with any different activity focus.

Or there's juice or water fasting with colonic treatments for those
who want to experience fasting of the body and mind.

Types of Retreats

Health and Well-being is paramount. Make the time for some self-love and care.

Mind and body will benefit and you come away with new opportunities ahead of you.

Change comes from new disciplines and practice, and a retreat
is a great place to start this process.

Enjoy nutritious food, spa packages and
activities that benefit us, from fitness to meditation.

So the real question is what type of program is the right one for
you and what is available.Here are the main categories.

1. Detox Spa Retreats

A detox is just the thing to press the reset button and spend time
to nurture the body and mind.

The body benefits so much from shutting down the digestion system
and taking a break with a cleanse.

The body and mind feel realigned and recharged.

The Best Detox Retreats in Bali or a Thailand Detox Retreat are the most popular.

2. Holistic Anti-Aging Retreats

Anti-Aging retreats are holistic programs that offer personalised treatments
and regimens to help you make change and continue that change in lifestyle afterwards.

Often they involve detox and some include an Ayurvedic approach to this.

A holistic approach considers all aspects of yourself in the wellness
treatment so that you benefit as much as possible

from the time you spend. Yoga classes, meditation classes, activities
and education that match you and your

objectives at the time so the best possible outcomes can be achieved.

3. Wellness Fitness Retreats

Activity of varying degrees is a natural component of wellness. It may be
the flow of yoga, walking, swimming or it may be organised group fitness sessions.

Programs differ on what they offer and so you will be able to find
a retreat which meets your expectations..

Fitness is part of our health and well being, as is the food we consume.

On these retreats you will always find healthy raw food and juices.

Some fitness retreats even mix cleanses with their fitness programs.

A great choice of destination for this are the many Wellness Retreats in Thailand.

4. Wellness Spa Retreats

Who doesn't enjoy some self care and love on a retreat.

Refresh & Nourish yourself with raw food, healthy eating, juices, yoga and massage.

Oh and lets not forget all the spa services available.

Consider Bali or Thailand as potential destinations for your next trip.

5. Luxury Health Spa Retreats

Nice comforts away on a healthy holiday could be just the break you need.

A time to relax and enjoy your surroundings with the benefit of the activities on offer.

One great option are the many Luxury Health Retreats in Bali

Which Retreat is for you

Health & Wellness is key to our emotional and physical well being.

Our wellness practices are a rewarding and positive feedback loop.

The body loves healthy raw food and vegetable juices and it lets you know this.

Activity in yoga or fitness combines with this healthy eating and the body and mind feel different.

Stress and fatigue can be a thing of the past. A different way of living is
available to us through wellness programs.

Happiness is our natural state of being, and when we are in harmony in body, mind and spirit,
finding that place of simple peace and joy becomes much easier.

Living a healthy lifestyle offers us more time, more energy, more space
and awareness. Investing in our health is an investment in our future.

And the best part is, it's fun and enjoyable.

There are many retreat centers around the world that offer a range of different wellness holidays.

There are so many it can be confusing.

That is why you are in the right place.

We offer the opportunity to find and read about all the different retreats that interest you.

But still it can be daunting with so much choice.

(BLOG>>>What to expect from a Wellness retreat)

We offer a complete concierge service where we help you find, plan and book the perfect wellness vacation.

All you have to do is make an enquiry on a wellness holiday package that looks interesting.

From there we will contact you and offer our advice and guidance.

Please feel free to make your first enquiry on a retreat.

Why do Wellness retreats cost so much

It is true that they can seem expensive.

Let’s not forget that an organized schedule requires experienced professionals and established program regimes.
The main factor in the cost will be the type of venue and accommodation.

There is usually a similar program for less cost at a different venue if you search through what is available.

Where are the affordable wellness retreats

Well you are in the right place if this is what you are looking for. We partner with all the best and so there is no need to go anywhere else to be able to view everything that is on offer.

And that includes the most affordable options too.

It’s not that hard to find a retreat that provides the program that you are looking for and at an affordable price.
It is not always the most expensive retreat that offers the best programs and support either.