3 Day Somatics Yoga Teacher's Retreat, UK in England, East Sussex
England  |  East Sussex

3 Day Somatics Yoga Teacher's Retreat, UK

Mar 19 - 21, 2021

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457 USD  
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Discover the best Yoga Retreats in the UK

The UK has lots of retreats happening throughout the year.

You will always find retreats across bank holiday weekends, Easter and other holiday times.

The trend here is for weekend retreats so you can get a good dose of yoga and meditation in a quick weekend yoga break.

It's a nice change of pace to meet a new group of people and spend time deepening your practice.

Often in a lovely part of the English countryside.

Popular Yoga Holidays in the UK

Yoga Detox Retreats in England

You can find a lot of detox retreats here in relaxing and picturesque settings.

Most are in Old Manor Halls or Converted Farmhouses.

It's quite a nice option to connect with yourself in the english countryside.

And the obvious advantage for people in the UK is no travelling to Europe or Southeast Asia.

Yoga Meditation Retreats UK

Make time for a break from your usual routine to join a group of yogis on an immersive meditation focused yoga retreat.

Is a yoga retreat worth it?

Well for sure, the people, the atmosphere, the practice, the laughter and sharing, a yoga retreat offers the opportunity to deepen your practice and focus on an activity like detox or meditation, at the same time as meeting like-minded yogis.

And enjoy a holiday break, what a great use of the time.

How much should a retreat cost in the UK?

Most are short breaks which cost between 100-150GBP a day, including all sessions, accommodation and food.

If you would prefer to save money but get the whole experience with a group of friends, maybe think about creating your own private retreat.

Find a great place on Airbnb and hit the road for your very own yoga trip.

Either way a retreat here will be much cheaper than travelling to Bali, Thailand or even Sri Lanka and India.

But if you do feel like getting away then there are nearby yoga retreats in Italy, Portugal or Spain, or for somewhere different and picturesque think about a yoga retreat in Croatia

What is a weekend retreat?

It's exactly what it says.

A quick break of practice, accommodation and meeting new like-minded souls.

It may well include further activity focus such as meditation, detox, cooking, hiking, whatever it may be.

And some may be a day longer, offering activities on the Friday or Monday too.