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Discover the Best Yoga retreats in India

India. Home of Yoga. Mother India Awaits you.

Most end up having transformative experiences here.

Yoga and spirituality is in everything in India making it the place to explore yourself and yoga.

The main areas for retreats are Rishikesh, Goa and Kerala on the very south coast.

Rishikesh on the Himalayan foothills in the north is a spiritual town with the Ganges in the center of town it's focal point.

Goa is all about its wide beaches and small villages dotted along the coast, it's tropical here on the southwest coast.

Kerala sits on the Arabian sea and is totally different again with it's lush green land around canals and backwaters and it's palm-lined beaches.

All these places are so different. Rishikesh is such a spiritual place.

Connection to spirit is in everything.

Goa is a popular tourist destination so it has more of the feel of a Southeast Asia island.

Although it has a calm and relaxed pace to it.

Kerala is far removed again making it easy to lose yourself in your journey.

Wherever you go this is the place to spend time on meditation with your yoga

This is the land where you can take the time to explore further your mind, body and spirit balance.

To go deeper into your practice and see where the journey will take you.

Popular Yoga Retreats in India

Yoga and Meditation Retreat in India

Expand your meditation practice with a retreat where you can learn new techniques and go further in your journey.

Luxury Yoga Retreats in India

India isn't only for backpackers. There are the most beautiful retreat resorts in stunning settings.
These centres offer luxury accommodations and incredible spa treatments.


How can i research yoga retreats in India

Well we offer you that service right here. You can search by activity type, date, location, price.
We have all of the respected retreat centers, yoga schools and yoga retreats in India for you to read about.

How do I know they are trusted centers

Good question. We only partner with the most popular schools and centers so you are in safe hands.
Send an inquiry to a partner after reading about their retreat and you can start a one to one conversation with them.
And we are here to support you through your decision making process.

How do I find out all about the retreat details

We describe all the main parts of the retreat experience in India for you.

The program, schedule, location, venue, food, accommodation and teachers. Included are an array of photographs and reviews by recent guests.

If you need more help then please contact us at [email protected]. We provide a concierge service to help you find and book the right yoga retreat in India.

What will the schedule be like

All retreat schedules differ.

Some start early with the rest of the day being your own, others have planned daily activities throughout.

We describe the retreat schedule in detail so you can get a complete understanding of what the program will be like.

What is the cost of a yoga retreat in India

Well that all depends on the program type , duration, retreat center and the type of accommodation included.

India is generally the most affordable place to attend a yoga retreat. Having said that there are luxury yoga retreat centers in India too.
Whether you opt for rustic budget or a luxury yoga hotel this is Mother India so a spiritual & meditative experience awaits you.

When to go to India

Partners provide great information quickly to help you make a decision. So if you are considering attending a retreat in India this week or next then please send an inquiry on the retreat that interests you most.

With regards time of year to travel the monsoon generally comes through from July to October. The scale of the rains all depends where you are, with the south usually receiving much more rain.

The best time to visit India is November to March. It is also the busiest time.

If you are looking at booking in high season such as December and January in Goa or Kerala then it is advisable
to plan and book well in advance to avoid disappointment. We can help you with making these arrangements.