9 Day Marrakech & Sahara Yoga Holiday  in Morocco, Marrakech
Morocco  |  Marrakech

9 Day Marrakech & Sahara Yoga Holiday

Apr 3 - 11, 2020

10 Night Original Surf and Yoga Retreat  in Morocco, Agadir
Morocco  |  Agadir

10 Night Original Surf and Yoga Retreat

Ongoing Retreat

14 Day Surf & Yoga Retreat in Morocco, Agadir
Morocco  |  Agadir

14 Day Surf & Yoga Retreat

Ongoing Retreat

14 Night Surf & Yoga Long Stay in Morocco, Agadir
Morocco  |  Agadir

14 Night Surf & Yoga Long Stay

Ongoing Retreat

30 Day Surf & Yoga Retreat in Morocco, Agadir
Morocco  |  Agadir

30 Day Surf & Yoga Retreat

Ongoing Retreat

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Discover the best Yoga Retreats in Morocco

Morocco is an exciting country to visit.

There is so much to see and places to go.

Spend time around the Atlas mountains and enjoy the clean air.

Head to Essaouira on the coast for some surf or kite surf mixed with your yoga.

It's a fantastic town with it's sea wall, narrow walkways and incredible architecture.

Stay in a Moroccan riad there, the traditional house with an Andalusian-style courtyard.

Inward focused the courtyard has small ante rooms providing cool with the shade and air.

Be amazed by the patterns and colours of the tiles. Colour is extreme in Morocco.

The souks (markets) are amazing with all their colour of spices and fabrics.

Morocco is a lovely interesting place to visit and go on a yoga retreat.

Popular Yoga Holidays in Morocco

Surf and Yoga Retreats in Morocco

Popular with Europeans looking for a surf holiday as it's very easy to get to and has reliable surf which means
you always know what you are doing after your yoga class. Great for beginners who want to
visit one of the surf and yoga retreats here.

Yoga and Meditation Retreats

Morocco is perfect for a vacation to delve deeper into your practice and exploring mind, body and spirit.

What is included in a retreat

One main attraction of attending a yoga retreat is that everything is organised for you. All you need to do is decide where to go, book and turn up.

Healthy food, classes, facilities, accommodation and a great group of people to join in with.

We explain the retreat inclusions here for you so that you can really understand what is on offer at a retreat.

Every yoga retreat is different and with so many options these days of retreats with different types of combined activities it helps to read up to know exactly what is included in the price.

In fact this is the best place to find out exactly what a retreat includes in the price. We are very specific and clear about this to help you compare between retreats.

What will the schedule be like

All retreat schedules differ.

Some start early with the rest of the day being your own, others have planned activities all through each day.

We describe the retreat schedule in detail so you can get a good understanding of what the program will be like and how the days break down.

What are the accommodation options

Most retreats offer a range of accommodation and pricing.

It can cost more for a single private room than a twin share room for example. Once you have found the retreat that interests you then refer to our review of the retreat accommodation options.

We profile each accommodation type and the bed configuration, with photographs and pricing.

How long in advance do I need to book

Partners are very responsive here and provide great information to help you make a decision.

So if you are considering attending a retreat this week or next then waste no time in sending an enquiry on the retreat that interests you most.
If you are looking at booking in high season then it is advisable to plan and book in advance to avoid disappointment.

This will also help with the cost as travel and accommodation is often expensive at short notice in high season.