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Discover the best Yoga Retreats in Portugal

Much more relaxed than other parts of Southern Europe.

At the same time with so much to do.

Portugal really has it going on, not just with its many cool yoga retreats.

It has become a popular vacation destination.

There's great surf here but thats not all.

There's the most beautiful hidden villages along it's coastline with such a laid-back vibe.
And they are so picturesque.

The Algarve Coastline is a popular holiday destination and its long stretches of pristine shoreline and
azure oceans lure both sun worshippers and keen surfers alike.

History, delicious food and idyllic beaches are just the beginning of what Portugal has to offer.

Beyond the coastline you will find medieval castles, cobblestone villages, and captivating cities.

Hike granite peaks, meander through quaint fishing villages, explore the cliff tops, try kayaking or
biking tours- there are many ways to experience this rich country as an active participant, not just a spectator.

The love for nature, food and the simple life has seen Portugal embrace the concept of wellness travel,
with destination spas, yoga and surf retreats and detox havens appearing in the most remarkable locations.

Popular Yoga Holidays in Portugal

Among the many yoga retreats you are sure to find the retreat that fits what you are looking for.

Whatever yoga style, food program or other activities you are interested in you will find it.

And of course this is Portugal, so on this yoga vacation you can hit the beach for some
surf and yoga after your morning class.

Yoga Surf Retreat

Popular with Europeans looking for a surf holiday as it's very easy to get to and has reliable surf which means
you always know what you are doing after your yoga class. Great for beginners who want to visit one of the surf and yoga retreats here.

Yoga and Meditation Retreats

Portugal is perfect for providing the space and time to deepen your practice and understanding.
There is no rush here and all the time to focus on what you want to.
Find balance in yourself on one of the many amazing yoga & meditation retreats.

When to go

The best months are outside of summer and winter so March to May plus September & October.

Schengen Visa

You can apply for a visa that will provide you with a 90 day stay in total to one or all of the countries who participate in the agreement.
This makes it convenient to go on and travel elsewhere if you wish within your 90 days.
Other countries covered are France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain & Switzerland.
There are other countries but these are the nearby ones.


Portugal is a little more affordable than elsewhere is southern Europe.
Unlike the other countries nearby Portugal has a number of affordable yoga retreats for you to choose from.