Yoga Retreats in Thailand

Thailand  |  Phang-Nga Bay

3 Day Yoga & Meditation on a Paradise Island, Thailand

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


107 USD  
Thailand  |  Koh Samui

3Nt Beachside Reviving Yoga Self-Care Retreat, Thailand

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


594 USD  
Thailand  |  Phang-Nga Bay

5 Day Yoga Vacation, Koh Yao Noi, Phang Nga, Thailand

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


214 USD  
Thailand  |  Phang-Nga Bay

6 Day Discovery Island Yoga Retreat, Thailand

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


268 USD  


Thailand  |  Koh Samui

5 Night YogaCoreCycle Retreat, Beachside Thailand

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


690 USD
  990 USD
Thailand  |  Phuket

5 Night Yoga Retreat nr beach, on the Andaman Sea

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


865 USD  
Thailand  |  Phuket

5 Night Re-Vitalize Yogi Escape in Ayurveda Spa

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


1203 USD  
Thailand  |  Koh Samui

5 Night Spa & Yoga Retreat, Tropical Beachfront Resort

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


834 USD  
Thailand  |  Koh Samui

7 Night Total Self-Care Escape, Quiet Thailand Beach

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


1302 USD  
Thailand  |  Phuket

7 Night Toned Wellness and Yoga Escape, Phuket Thailand

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


1684 USD  
Thailand  |  Koh Samui

7 Night Christmas Yoga, Meditation & Fitness Retreat

Dec 22 - 29, 2021

Free Cancellation*


990 USD  
Thailand  |  Koh Samui

7 Night New Years Fitness, Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Dec 29 - Jan 5, 2022

Free Cancellation*


990 USD  

Discover the Best Yoga Retreats in Thailand 2021 / 2022

Thailand has been a retreat destination for so long now that the facilities and what's on offer are amazing.

And incredibly it's still cheap which is a great bonus.

It offers well organised retreats with a wonderful variety of yoga styles and programs.

With such a large yoga community there are many yoga teachers with different approaches and styles.

And the retreat centers tend to offer a wide selection of classes and teachers.

A lot of the venues are purpose built so there are yoga shalas on clifftops with breathtaking views or directly on pristine beachfronts.

Instead of picture perfect beaches maybe you like the idea of a retreat in the jungle. 

Yoga retreats of all types can be found everywhere in Thailand.

Most people are Buddhist in Thailand and this gives it a friendliness and calm that makes it a great destination.

Here you can get into your meditation, pranayama breathing and practice any style of yoga that you are into.

And the variety of the program combinations is the best of anywhere.

Yoga programs are combined with so many different activities, from fitness, detox to dance and singing.

And healthy food and spa menus are there to enjoy in your 'me' time.

Yoga and Thailand go together like the Warrior and Reverse Warrior Yoga Poses.

So you shouldn't go too wrong in choosing a yoga retreat in Thailand wherever you choose and stay.

Guide to Thailand

All across this beautiful country you will find retreat centers.

The islands in the Gulf of Thailand in the south are still the go-to yogi hangouts.

And everybody is catered for. From luxury to more affordable retreats.

All retreats will include a daily yoga class or two and then could have meditation classes and other workshops, plus indulgent spa inclusions.

Or if you prefer there are many yoga detox retreats available here too.

A Thai massage is always nice after a hot practice.

Top Destinations
Koh Samui

Retreat heaven with some long established retreat centers. There is such a wealth of knowledge and yoga practice here that it's not hard to find just what you are looking for.

Based on beautiful beaches all around the island you can't help but chill out and get into your practice. With great instructors and a good variety of yoga classes and detox centers.

Koh Phangan

A smaller island visited by boat only. Laid back with turquoise waters in quiet bays and retreats dotted around the island's coastline, making retreats here a top pick for travelling yogis in Thailand.

People tend to stay quite a while on this island and so extended programs could well be of interest.

Chiang Mai

In the mountainous north of Thailand is this interesting cultural and religious center. A deep feeling of history and culture makes it a supportive place to deepen our practice.

Spend some time at one of the boutique resorts here with different retreats available. Enjoy a healthy holiday with a focus on good food, healthy living and exploring your practice and pranayama.


The largest and busiest of Thailand's islands with the benefit of an international airport with worldwide connections. There are quite a few retreat centers here with different programs available.

Natural beauty awaits you on this beautiful island. It's easy to immerse yourself in a yoga retreat here in such beauty. 

When's best to go

As with most countries in South East Asia the driest and busiest time is from late December through to April.

Although with the climate being nice all year round in Thailand (except in the few monsoon months late in the year) you have the option to visit at other times too and find the pace & vibe more calm and peaceful.

In Thailand, just think of avoiding September to December if you want to miss most of the rain, although it can be the most awesome weather to be around too if you like that sort of thing.

How to choose the right retreat

Consider what you want to do first.

Because there are so many options knowing what vibe and activities you are looking for is the best place to start.

Are you looking for some beach and massage time outside of classes.

Or are you looking for more and different classes each day to get into your yoga and pranayama.

Then there's the price.

A tip is that yoga retreats tend to fluctuate on price quite a lot and outside of high season can be even more affordable in Thailand.

This is especially true of yoga retreats at hotels.

And outside of high season in Thailand can just mean an afternoon or evening shower that's all.

What's on Offer

One good thing to know is that there are many options for you to consider.

There are a variety of activities to enjoy.
There are also so many different types of yoga retreat centers to choose from, especially those that offer detox retreats and weight-loss programs.

If you are on a fixed budget then this is the place for you. Retreats are affordable and still normally all-inclusive. So a win win.

And the normal style of accommodation and retreat center is very nice. A bungalow by the beach with the breaking waves being your alarm clock is hard to beat.
And often the yoga shala is on a cliff top or on the beach. Thailand has always offered a natural rustic beauty to it's visitors.

If you are looking for more formal comfort then Thailand has that on offer too.

You will find all types and varieties of yoga retreats to immerse yourself entirely into the activities and venue in Thailand, with luxurious spas and the most modern fully-equipped gyms and facilities.

If you have the time you could mix a trip to the islands in the Gulf of Thailand with a visit to the Andaman sea on the west coast of the mainland.

It is only a 45 minute flight between them. To check out the retreat options all over this beautiful country just take a look at all the incredible retreats we list here.

Top Yoga Activity Holidays for 2021 / 2022

Koh Yao Noi is a dream come true, half an hour by boat from the island of Phuket,

in Phang Nga bay, the sea is covered with protruding rock formations, making it other

worldly. This affordably priced retreat center sits by the beach, and matches the isolated

island feeling with it's relaxed and community spirit.

2. 3Nt Beachside Reviving Yoga Self-Care Retreat, Thailand

On a secluded beach in the quiet south of Koh Samui this center is well-equipped, professionally run and provides great accommodation and an array of planned fitness, yoga and meditation programs, plus with it's own spa treatments to discover.

3. 15 Day REBORN Weight-Loss Fitness and Yoga Retreat

Lamai, Koh Samui, Thailand

This retreat is open to all levels - you don't need to be incredibly fit or in shape to join in. The instructors will cater to each person's ability. It's all about having affordable healthy fun and discovering the island while improving yourself.

All programs are detailed with times and activities and events that you are encouraged to participate in, however you are also allowed to opt for free time when you please.

The main retreat schedule is 10 cardio, strength, and conditioning sessions, with private fitness assessment, 14 one-hour massages (Thai body, oil or foot), and 12 yoga & 2 self-defence classes.

You will be provided with daily detox shakes, a chinese cupping session or colon hydrotherapy session, Infrared sauna & ice Baths (after training, up to 3 times per week), anti-wrinkle facial treatment or ear candling session and a herbal-detox overnight flush.

4. 7 Night Relax Wellness and Yoga Escape

Phuket, Thailand

Take a break from your regular daily life with slow paced yoga sessions and deep breathing pranayama exercises to help the ever-thoughtful mind to calm down and the body to unwind.

Yoga and breathing exercises work to unleash new energy in the body and is perfect for those seeking to find calmness and clarity. Thai-style massages with Aroma oils and complimentary body treatments are designed to pamper and soothe the body and mind in a luxurious and blissful way.

This retreat includes 7 nights accommodation, wholesome fresh breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.

Plus your schedule of - Booster Wheatgrass Shots with Triphala, Immune Evening Veggie Drinks, Daily Yoga sessions, Daily meditation sessions, Soul Healing Chakra Meditation, Prana Breathing Sessions, and Spa and massage Treatments.

What else is happening in Thailand?

So much is the answer. Amongst the palm-fringed quiet bays on the islands in the south you will find therapeutic Thai massages, yoga detox centers and fitness bootcamps; and a whole bunch of new yogis and health practitioners to meet, plus some of the most popular destination spas of Asia are here, on Phuket and Koh Samui.

Thailand really has it all for us travelling yogis.

If you want to stick around for more than a short break then you are sure to feel at home.

There are retreat centers running extended teacher trainings that can become a home away from home, with delicious vegan and health food cafes; with the many groups of energy healers and yoga instructors you are sure to find the type of practice and teaching focus that you feel comfortable and happy with.

Interested in Asia but still not quite sure where to go?

It could be you have been to Thailand many times and you are looking for inspiration and refreshment in new places to go to. Or you just may not be sure where is best for you to visit.

Well you are on the right website then, as we have all the trending categories of retreat holidays across Asia - from the cool and hip areas of Bali, to the spiritual motherland of India.

Browse away and get a feeling for what you are looking for - jungle, mountain or beach, what activities, a large spa hotel or more personal retreat center, you are sure to find the holiday that speaks to your heart's desire.