10 Day Spiritual Yoga And Trek Retreat In Nepal


Nepal is popularly symbolized across the globe, by the highest mountain in the world; Mount Everest. This small South Asian country is home to the world’s highest snowy mountains and an array of ethnic groups with vibrant cultures, religions, ancient history and languages. Nepal, a landlocked nation, situated between India and China, is one of a few countries in the world where such immense climatic and topographic diversity features so dramatically and is crammed into such a small geographical area.

During these 10 days you will get a chance to explore the most magical and spiritual places in Nepal. 

This is perfect packages for experiencing natures, Mountain View, historical and religious places, Nepalese lifestyles, costumes. It is easier for those who can’t walk more and want to explore only city areas more.

On 2nd day after breakfast you will venture out for the Kathmandu sightseeing tour. This will be a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Tour which includes - 

Pashupatinath- A holy pilgrimage for Hindus and Hindu Crematorium. Watch as the Hindu dead bodies are cremated in the most unique way in the world

Boudhanath- the biggest Buddhist temple in the world; a site for Tibetan Buddhism where you can visit monasteries, watch the Holy Monks busy in their chanting ritual going around the temple.

Patan Durbar Square- A Medieval Royal Palace area which is also known as the city of fine arts, where you  can see the finest example of metal and stone carving back to 14th century and also the amazing Nepali Architecture. Stay in Yoga Academy and evening meditation and diner.

On the 3rd day you will take a trip to Chitwan National Park where you will spend two day.

Chitwan Lumbini Pokhara Yoga Tour starts with jungle safari and wildlife adventure in Chitwan National Park observing globally threatened spices together with cultural presentation of indigenous Tharu people.

Next you will visit birth place of Lord Buddha, Lumbini, situated 300km from Kathmandu. Lumbini is the foundation of world peace and pilgrimage for all peace loving people, bearing significance to the life, enlightenment and death of Buddha.

You will also travel to the world’s best touristic destination, Pokhara. As Nepal is a Himalayan country, tour to Pokhara will be a fantastic journey where traveler posses enough time to enjoy this lake city and the Himalayan views at the same time.

On the 9th day you will drive back to Kathmandu. Later in the evening, you can enjoy a farewell Nepali dinner with a cultural show. 

The cost of this retreat includes the whole tour, transportation, yoga sessions, meals and accommodation. 

Prepare to fall in love with the country, the culture and the people on this exceptional tour into the real Nepal.



Kathmandu, Nepal
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With your health and wellbeing in mind, the retreat provides organic, vegetarian, vegan and raw food diet during the retreats using locally grown fresh produce. Explore the rich heritage of Nepal through the stunning cuisine and try authentic Nepali meals such as dal bhat, a traditional meal with steamed rice and a cooked lentil soup, and momo, a special dumpling. Meals are served in huge portions to ensure that you are energized and nourished after fun-filled and rejuvenating yoga sessions. Discover a world of flavours in the unique blend of seasonings and spices, influenced by cultures from all over the world and get to know more about their culture as you share your meals with your yoga gurus al fresco style.


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Private Room at Himalayan International Yoga Academy

Private Room

Away from the noise and air pollution of the city, our center rests above a lush vibrant valley sounded by beautiful gardens. All rooms are, simple, clean and have attached bathrooms with hot and cold water.



Kathmandu, Nepal

With pilgrims and spiritual strolls around centuries-old stupas and monasteries and the constant backdrop of pristine mountains, Nagarjun, Kathmandu is a village in Baitadi District in the Mahakali Zone of Far-Western Nepal. Visiting this historic city is like stepping into another world of breath-taking Newari architecture, religious sites and tourist attractions. Nagarjun is a place where ancient traditions rub shoulders with the latest technology. The grandeur of the past enchants the visitor whose gaze may linger on an exquisitely carved wooden window frame, an 18th century bronze sculpture or a spiritually uplifting stupa.

Retaining its ancient traditions, Nagarjun Kathmandu is blessed by Living Goddess Kumari and is enriched by endless ceremonial processions and events that take to the streets every now and then with throngs of devotees seeking joy in spiritual celebrations. These religious festivals are steeped in legends and are quite a spectacle with chariot processions and masked dancers often possessed by the spirits of deities. Nagarjun, Kathmandu is a result of diverse culture and lifestyle, a long history of faith and beliefs, and of arts and architecture. Therefore, more than just a village, it is a living museum, it is an opportunity to travel back in time and to relive in the history.

The nearest airport, Kathmandu's Tribhuvan International Airport, is the largest and only international airport in Nepal, located 5.5km east of the popular tourist neighborhood of Thamel. Commercial domestic flights are available to/from Bhadrapur, Bhairawa, Bharatpur, Biratnagar, Dhangarhi, Janakpur, Nepalganj, Pokhara, Simara, and Tumling Tar. Domestic flights take about an hour. The primary domestic airlines are Air Viva, Yeti, Nepal Airlines, and Buddha Air.

Venue   Himalayan International Yoga Academy
Himalayan International Yoga Academy, Venue for 10 Day Spiritual Yoga and Trek Retreat in Nepal

The Himalayan International Yoga Academy (HIYA) or Himalayan Yoga Resort is located in the countryside of Kathmandu, just 4.5 kilometers from tourist city Thamel and 11 kilometers from the airport. Founded in 2008, the centre was constructed with two eco houses called “Shiva” and “Buddha”, a typical Nepali style house named “Kailash Bungalow” and Safari Cottage Tents called “Bliss”, “Harmony”, “Tranquility” and “Wisdom”. Enjoy a restful nights sleep all nestled in 30,000 sq. feet of lush green gardens of vegetable, fruit and herbs. The retreat center is a pristine and spiritual holiday destination with a beautifully manicured garden. Experience nature like never before as you listen to the musical sound of nature and enjoy the warmth of the sun.

The retreat center has a Swagatgriha, a reception hall where guests are welcomed by the friendly staff of HIYA. Also, a Annagriha, which is where the food is prepared and the dining facilities are located. Enjoy a healing chamber known as Aarogyagriha, which is for deep relaxation, therapy and spa treatments. Continue the journey and enter the house of six cleansing acts for cleansing the different gates of the body known as Shuddigriha. For a more relaxing mindful cleanse you can find yourself at Chaitanyagriha, which is a house of prayer and a library with yoga textbooks.

To reach HIYA from Thamel go to Balaju Ring Road and once you’ve passed Swayambhu, take a U-turn right towards to Ichangu temple, drive 1.8 km up to Nagarjun Ward Office, then take a right up to the Big Tree and Temple, where HIYA is located. HIYA is 12 kilometers away from the international airport.