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Samahita Retreat is world renowned when it comes to yoga, detox and encouraging healthy living. Located on the south coast of Koh Samui, a tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand, the pristine beaches and natural landscape offer the perfect location for a detox and yoga program. Ten days in paradise in the caring hands of Samahita staff is sure to uplift your spirit and renew and refresh your body and mind. 

With years of experience in taking care of the body and mind and working with detox approaches, Samahita offers both the environment and holistic program to give you the best value in a holistic detox experience. From supplements, to targeted bodywork, to leading-edge infrared sauna technology, to colon hydrotherapy and regular meetings with our health coach, you will come to know a new dimension of wellness possible within. You will also receive information and guidance about how to keep newfound habits alive and work the wisdom from this experience into your lifestyle.

At Samahita a team of professionals are on hand to provide you with the most supportive detox experience. The detox programs balance structure with flexibility to ensure you have the freedom to enjoy your time away, whilst feeling supported and guided on your detox journey. During the Detox Program you will have access to all classes from Samahita’s integrated yoga and functional fitness programs to enjoy as you please. 

The detox programs centre around Samahita’s special Ayurvedic herbal detox formula as well as fiber, probiotic and superfood supplementation and specific foods, fruits, broths, juices and teas to assist your cleanse. You will enjoy yogic cleansing techniques, five infrared sauna therapy sessions, five therapeutic abdominal massages, four Body & Soul therapies a detox welcome kit, access to Samahita’s facilities including pool and steam room, as well as a daily check in with your support team to see how you are feeling from day to day. You can select to partake in an optional liver and gall bladder flush and an optional complimentary counseling session with a professional psychologist, with the option to continue further sessions at a greatly-reduced rate. Your retreat includes you 11 day and 10 night accommodations. 

You will be supported with post- detox guidelines to help you transition from your detox. Samahita offers a holistic approach to wellbeing, taking into account physical, spiritual, emotional and mental health. With your ten day stay you are sure to leave feeling revitalised and refreshed whilst still enjoying a luxurious getaway in the heart of Thailand.

What is included

  • Accommodation
  • Air-Con Room
  • Fitness Centre
  • Mats
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • WiFi Internet
  • Yoga Props
  • All Inclusive
  • Ayurveda Treatment
  • Facilities Access
  • Health Consultation
  • Massage
  • Steam Room
  • Yoga


Meet The Facilitators

Venue   Samahita Retreat

Situated on Laem Sor beach, Samahita Retreat is surrounded by palm fringed coconut trees in a quiet and spacious area. Your eyes will be greeted with breathtaking views to the islands dotted at the horizon. A famous landmark is the Laem Sor Chedi sitting at the rocky water edge. This area has its own natural beauty and offers a perfect hideaway for a peaceful holiday. The nightlife and shopping areas of Lamai can be reached within 15 minutes by car or motorbike.

Samahita Retreat is a dedicated center with a strong purpose: to provide a place in which to practice balanced and healthy living in all areas of our life! Regardless of where you are, the yoga shala, restaurant and lounge, swimming pool, and beach are only one minute away. It's gentle setting inspires long, refreshing walks on the beach or through the meandering back roads. 

Samahita is forty-five minutes away from Koh Samui airport, and taxi drivers will know how to get to Laem Sor. Directional road signs will also guide you to Samahita Retreat as you begin to approach. 



During the detox programs you will enjoy tailor-made cleansing cuisine which will include juices, broths and herbal teas. Detox works by putting healthy, “alkaline” foods into the body, which wakes up the “sleeping” waste matter and toxins in the body. Once the toxins are released, they must be eliminated from the body. So the detox is 50% what you put in, 50% what comes out! The supplements and liquids work to make sure your body is receiving vibrant nutrition in order to function optionally, whilst also working to help the body naturally eliminate toxins and waste matter. 

To make the most of your detox it is recommended that you prepare for your cleanse 1-2 days in advance of the start date of you detox. Focus on eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, raw cleansing foods, juices and plenty of water. Try to eliminate dairy, meat, wheat, sugar, alcohol, processed foods and caffeine. This will help prepare your body for your detox! When you arrive you will have an orientation meeting before your detox. Here you will be provided with a detox kit bag and the supplements you’ll need to take, and all the information that you’ll need during this time. 

Once you have completed your detox, you will receive guidelines as to how to safely transition out of your cleanse. On the last day of your detox, you will receive a sheet advising you on what foods to introduce back into your diet and when, this will help you to ease back into your normal (although hopefully altered for the better!) lifestyle in a gradual, sustainable, healthful way. If you happen to stay at Samahita before or after your detox, you will be able to sample their delicious selection of raw, plant-based, healthful cuisine that will excite your taste buds and have you look at healthy eating in a brand new light! ​




Embarking on a 10 day detox is a huge gift to your body. Rest assured you will gain the most out of your time away at Samahita. A thorough yet enjoyable detox program is coupled with yoga, daily treatments, massage, lush accommodation and onsite assistance each day. Feel supported and inspired by your time away and still have plenty of free time to enjoy the sights of beautiful Koh Samui. 

Kelly Fielding

Yovada Wanderer

  Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui is unique among Thailand's islands in maintaining a broad appeal for everyone. From bustling tourist attractions to secluded beaches, it’s suitable for all types of travelers. The easiest way to access the island is by plane via Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. You can also take a train, then ferry from Bangkok. 

Laem Sor beach, located on the southern tip of the beautiful island of Ko Samui, is surrounded by towering coconut trees and boasts incredible sunrises and sunsets that play with the colors of the water, sand and tropical fauna. The beaches are private and virtually undisturbed, creating a peaceful setting for you to enjoy your getaway. The main shopping areas are still within easy reach, while the quiet setting inspires long, refreshing walks on the beach or through the meandering back roads.

Laem Sor is a 40 minute drive from Koh Samui's international airport.

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