Thanyapura optimizes your life in a rain-forested, mountainous island on the Andaman Sea known as Phuket, Thailand. Diet programs may cut corners by sacrificing calories and vital nutrients from the diet, leaving you feeling depleted and unbalanced. We look for a “quick fix” to manage our weight, to the point where our body fights back. This “rollercoaster” effect leads to stress and weight gain. 

Thanyapura teaches you how to get off the rollercoaster and stay balanced. The program begins with a meeting with a wellness advisor who guides you through a nutrition program and a consultation with a dietician for long term plans for better health. A medical check up is also carried out to include tests identifying factors that lead to weight gain and loss and finding out factors that cause hormone imbalance, food allergies and digestive issues. Intravenous therapies are also used to support weight loss and detox effort.

This program combines spa treatments to assist with slimming and detox by removing toxins from the body. Train your mind with private meditation sessions, daily group mind training, and yoga sessions. Daily wellness classes leave you confident on the walk towards a healthy path. Guests have access to lifestyle lockers featuring contrast baths, steam and infrared saunas, detox lounge (unlimited tea and detox soup), and facilities that offer sports training in tennis, swimming, track and field, weights, and cardio.

This 11 day retreat package includes your accommodations, 1 airport transfer per room, welcome package, oil pulling set, infrared sauna access daily, daily access to pool and fitness facilities, well-being lectures daily, mindful eating nutritional workshop, plant based nutritional program, 2 medical doctor consultations, 2 private dietician consultations, 2 body composition analyses, 2 health & wellness advisor consultations, live blood analysis, diagnostic weight management program, lymphatic drainage massage, 2 colon hydrotherapies, nutrient intravenous infusion therapy, abdominal massage, slimming body therapy, chiropractic assessment & treatment, 2 private mind training, and all yoga, fitness and meditation sessions.

What is included

  • Accommodation
  • Air Conditioned Room
  • Airport Transfer
  • Fitness Centre
  • All Meals
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • WiFi Internet
  • All Inclusive
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Facilities Access
  • Free Gift
  • Health Consultation
  • Massage
  • Meditation
  • Raw Food
  • Spa Treatment
  • Steam Room
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Yoga
Venue   Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort

Set in the unique Thanyapura Phuket complex – a 23-hectare sports, health and education complex framed by mountains and nature just 20 minutes from the island’s best beaches and Phuket’s International Airport – the Thanyapura Hotel offers modern conveniences with friendly and energetic service, and free access to the best sports and health facilities and expertise in Asia. Both hotel wings are non-smoking.

Based on a unique three-dimensional coaching model for the mind, body and soul, Thanyapura Phuket has been created to help everyone optimise their potential and live a more fulfilling life through education, mind management, health and sport. Thanyapura is a unique and inspiring destination for individuals and groups, from amateur sports enthusiasts and those looking for a more balanced approach to the management of body and mind, to corporate groups looking for motivating offsite retreats and people living locally who seek an active and healthy lifestyle.

Thanyapura hosts some of the world’s top coaches and leading-edge sports training and health treatment programs, from triathlon to mind training and education to preventive medicine. The 23-hectare site in northern Phuket island comprises four unique centres of expertise: Thanyapura Sports and Leisure Club has South East Asia’s best sporting facilities and is host to many of the world’s top sports coaches. Two Olympic standard pools, world-class fitness centre, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, athletics track, sports training, fitness classes and more can be found here. The Thanyapura Wellness Centre is a place to help you achieve a state of optimum health and well-being, with a sense of self-love and acceptance. The Thanyapura Mind Centre is a centre bringing the benefits of mental training into the modern mainstream by offering a regular calendar of meditation, psychology, yoga and related techniques to help improve sporting performance, business performance and personal mindfulness. The Phuket International Academy is an International Baccalaureate World School which draws from the best of Asian culture and Western educational traditions. Thanyapura Phuket is also home of the Sport Hotel. The Pool Wing is a 77-room luxury hotel offering modern conveniences and access to the leading-edge facilities at Thanyapura while the Garden Wing is a boutique 38-room hotel offering guests comfortable accommodation with modern conveniences and a tranquil environment.

The Phuket International Airport is in the north of the island, and is Thailand's second largest hub, second only to Bangkok. There are frequent flights to and from Bangkok as well as direct flights to many other airports in the region, including Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, and direct charters to Europe and Australia in the high season.


Thanyapura hosts a variety of outlets offering organic Asian, Thai and Western cuisine with a significant number of specialized dietary alternatives available – including raw and vegan options – made from fresh ingredients from Thanyapura’s own certified organic farm. Our original dishes and desserts are mindfully prepared by our innovative chefs and onsite expert nutritionist.
Dine at the DiVine Restaurant, DeLite Restaurant, Khun Khao Restaurant (Garden Wing guests only) and the Booster Deli & Bar.

At Thanyapura, healthy eating is an essential part of the four-dimensional lifestyle coaching model. With an original gourmet approach to raw food recipes, the variety of outlets serve mindfully prepared plant-based dishes made with fresh organic vegetables, fruit, nuts and herbs that please the most discerning palates. Fresh fruit and vegetable detox juices are also available.

Made with fresh ingredients from Thanyapura’s own certified organic farm the original menu of consciously prepared vegan dishes and desserts are made up of nutrient-dense recipes that prove healthy cooking can come with impeccable tastes and flavors, without the use of any animal by-products such as milk, honey, eggs or cheese.

Throughout the years, Thanyapura’s talented chefs have consistently revisited classic vegetarian cuisine to offer a wide variety assortment of original authentic meat-free recipes, cleverly garnished and presented for an impressive extraordinary healthy dining experience.

Expert staff will create a dietary plan for your specific nutritional needs. Rest assured you will eat well and feel the benefits of this life-affirming and creative cuisine throughout your stay.




The popularity of body balance, detox and overall well-being holidays derives from the health benefits through good nutrition, carefully chosen treatments and well-being activities such as yoga to achieve mental clarity, body detoxification and stress reduction. On this 11 day retreat, you'll receive a specialised detox consultation before starting your programme to establish clear goals and, where necessary, customise your programme so that it's tailored to you. After completion of the programme you'll have a greater body awareness and the nutritional advice to keep it in good condition long after the holiday has ended.


Yovada Wanderer

  Phuket, Thailand

Thalang is one of the three districts that make up Phuket, Thailand and is located in the northern part of the island. In its heyday many decades ago, Thalang was one of the most important business and administration towns in the south of Thailand. Visitors looking to catch a glimpse of the past and see how Phuket was before the blooming of its tourism industry will enjoy various parts of Thalang.

Travelers come to Thalang to do everything from play golf to cool off in water parks to relax in spas and take part in Thalang yoga. Many come to Thalang to snorkel in the jungle-surrounded aqua blue marines and caverns, and enjoy quiet dinners on the beach. Those looking for nighttime excitement can visit the Phucket Fanta Sea park, which contains live shows, restaurants, shopping and wonderful photo ops. During the daytime, the region is bustling with markets, outdoor cafes and tour buses, so there's always something to do no matter the time of day. Take small side roads that lead you to local villages (where you still can see some old wooden houses), rubber plantations, beaches and a few national parks. Or visit some of its popular attractions including Splash Jungle –Thailand’s largest water park, Thalang Museum, Phuket Heroines’ Monument, temples and international award-winning golf courses. Also a big annual event not to be missed is the Thao Thepkasattri-Thao Sri Suntorn Festival – especially for culture enthusiasts and those who are new in town.

Phuket International Airport is an international airport serving Phuket Province of Thailand. It is in the north of Phuket Island, 32 kilometres from the centre of Phuket City. Thalang is located just a 12 minute taxi ride away.