Rishikesh is commonly known as the world capital of yoga, as it has a unique and inspirational history in the yoga tradition. It is a city filled with great temples, ashrams and yogic masters and is a wonderful place to experience for those interested in yoga's rich traditions. 

 It is also called the gateway of the great Himalayas, surrounded by mountains and the banks of holy river Ganges. Tranquility and beauty abounds in this iconic city.

This yoga retreat program is ideal for those who want to explore Indian culture, and dive into all that the practice of yoga and meditation has to offer. 

This is open to anyone and everyone who wants to take a break and practice yoga in a conducive environment with authentic yoga teachers.

As yoga was originated in India over 5000 years ago, the ancient sages came Rishikesh to meditate and practice, live an ashram lifestyle and came to be known as world renowned yoga gurus. What better place to dive into a yoga retreat than this inspiring city?!

The two-week retreat program includes yogic food and accommodation, yoga classes, meditation classes, spiritual tours to natural waterfalls, Aarti participations at Parmarth Niketan ashram, visits to ancient caves and ashrams such as Vashistha cave and Beatles ashram.



Rishikesh, India
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At Pyramid Yogshala, you will be provided with delicious meals that are in line with the yogic diet and follow Ayurvedic standards to help your body find balance and harmony throughout the course. You will be served fresh fruits that have natural sugars in them, along with fresh vegetables that will hydrate you and give you your necessary vitamins. Whole grains are included in this diet and will give you your needed carbohydrates and fiber. Your protein source are beans and tofu and have contrasting tastes that blend well with other vegetables and spices. Rishikesh is a vegetarian city and the Indian tradition of utilizing fresh herbs and spices make for creative and mouth-watering dishes that will leave your nourished and satisfied.


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Private Room at Pyramid Yogshala

Private Room

This lovely room gives you a picturesque view of the mountains and the Ganges. With an ensuite bathroom that has hot water, you are guaranteed a comfortable stay. This is a private room.



Rishikesh, India

Rishikesh is the ideal destination for yoga lovers with different shalas and ashrams scattered across the city. Located at the base of the Himalayas, the city features a remarkable view of the mountains with the Ganga an energetic river ebbing at its feet.

Lakshman Jhula is actually an adjoining bridge across the Ganga, along the old route to the holy shrines of Badrinath and Kedarnath. The Jhula has now become one of the most visited tourist spots of Rishikesh, not simply because of its ancient origin and religious sanctity, but also because of the grand temples and wonderful local market that have come to be developed around it. A thirteen story temple, called Terah Manzil, near the Lakshman Jhula, is very popular amongst visitors. The top floor of this temple gives a wonderful view of the surroundings.

Jolly Grant airport at Dehradun is the nearest airport to Rishikesh which is approximately 35 kilometres away. Popular carriers like Air India, Spice Jet and Jet Airways often have daily flights from New Delhi. Apart from Delhi, there is a flight from Lucknow to Dehradun as well. To commute to Rishikesh via land, there are tongas, taxis and rickshaws available. Whereas from other cities and states, buses and trains are operated by state transport corporations and private operators. One can also hire private vehicles to get there.

Venue   Pyramid Yogshala
Pyramid Yogshala, Venue for 14 Day Pyramid Yoga Retreat

The Pyramid Yogshala is one of the most beautiful locations in Rishikesh, above the city with the view of the valley and the gentle song of the Ganga in the distance. Each teacher is an expert in their field, carefully selected because of their excellence and the love they put into their work. At the end of the course you will be fully equipped to teach yoga. The teachers are fully invested in your learning process and will work with you until you are confident in your knowledge and practice. Whether you are joining the teacher training to become a professional yoga teacher or to deepen your own practice, you will be joining a strong yoga community that will nurture your growth and catapult you forward on your journey in ways you can't yet imagine. There is so much magic that awaits you in Rishikesh, so much inside you waiting to be discovered.

Rishikesh is a chakra of the earth, in the center between Himalayan Mountains and the sacred Ganga river. Touching this land to learn yoga isn't just digesting information but diving deep into a well of ancient knowledge that is transforming people's lives all over the world today. You are invited to join this endless web of sharing the gift of yoga. You will learn Yoga in its complete form- a science to grow the entire being.

Pyramid Yogshala is located near the holy river Ganga surrounded by the majestic Himalayas in Rishikesh, India. We mainly focussed on the traditional and ancient style of Hatha Yoga & Vinyasa Yoga. We teach explicitly so that every mode of yoga get cleared to students theoretically as well as practically.

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