21 Day Luxury Heavenly Spa And Yoga Retreat In India


This Ayurveda center is one of the most speciality health spas available. The treatments and program are the best in the world.

This package is for body revitalization and is a well proven Ayurveda anti-ageing therapy.

It is a thorough detoxification of the body and toxins using a traditional Ayurvedic process, combined with yoga and meditation. It takes place with the best specialist Ayurvedic consultants in India in a luxury setting.

This treatment starts with a two-week process of cleansing to eliminate toxins through therapeutic sweating, the Panchakarma(detox) technique. Oils are introduced externally and internally to allow for cleansing.

After this, the rejuvenation treatments start along with the specific medicines and diet. During the rejuvenation stage treatments are given to improve vitality.

Each stage of the process is guided by the Ayurvedic doctor, in consideration of your constitution, goals and the way your body performs with organic Ayurvedic ingredients used in the treatments.

All with your schedule of -

Panchakarma stages

Individual Ayurvedic meal plan

Ayurvedic Doctor consultations

Daily yoga and meditation

Prescribed Herbs & medicines during treatment

Daily Ayurvedic treatments

Daily Therapeutic treatments

The process can help keep individuals free from diseases even at an advanced age. 

Based on a person’s constitution therapies are decided - options can be massage with medicated oils and other purifying treatments. Special creams and oils are used, backed by a nourishing diet.

This program includes your consultations, treatments, massages, oils, herbs, luxury accommodation, yoga sessions, all of your meals, and the clothes provided on the day of your arrival.



Kerala, India
Available all year round


  • Hatha
  • Restorative
  • Nidra


  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Raw Food

Skill Level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
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    Available all year round
    Best Price Guarantee
    Free Cancellation*


Your Ayurvedic food, Sattvic diet, is included in your program, as prescribed by the Doctor.

Diet and lifestyle being core aspects of the Ayurvedic healing process, are integral to the treatment. There are many specific guidelines to be followed while consuming food as Ayurveda distinguishes six different tastes or Rasas which interact with the five elements in the body. 

Food is an intrinsic factor in balancing the bio-energies according to each individual’s body constitution and the balance of five elements. Ayurveda also strongly recommends the consumption of fresh and organic food and encourages mindful or meditative eating by which the full essence of food can be assimilated by the body in an aware, fully engaged and respectful manner. 

The chef at the kitchen on his part closely follows the doctor’s instructions for each individual’s diet and accordingly prepares his meals using freshly plucked vegetable organically grown at the herb garden, which in turn is tended to with care by a staff tuned to the healing ethos.


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  • Accommodation
  • Airport Transfer
  • Ayurveda
  • Free Gift
  • Health Consultation
  • Massage
  • Meditation
  • Vegetarian
  • Yoga
  • All Inclusive
  • Vegan
  • Raw Food


Private Suite at Kalari Kovilakom

Private Suite

Single room is finely furnished with an ensuite bathroom and a lounge area. You are guaranteed a good night's sleep here.

Premium Suite at Kalari Kovilakom

Premium Suite

The soft light and the tall windows make for a really relaxing atmosphere and allows you to feel at home right away. With an ensuite bathroom and a lounge area, this suite is your home away from home.

Grande Suite at Kalari Kovilakom

Grande Suite

Here, the bright sunlight is tempered by thin curtains in the mornings and the floor has an intricate pattern. With an ensuite bathroom and a lounge to stay in, you are going to wake up energized and refreshed.



Kerala, India

Palakkad is a land of mountains, terraces, palmyras and paddie fields in central Kerala. It is often called the Gateway of Kerala, in all it's beauty and glory. Towering above the foothills is the gigantic Western ghats on the border of Kerala. The area is surrounded by mountains, forests and fertile valleys, rivers and mountains streams are rich in flora and fauna. This tinsel town boasts a truly serene environment and timeless landscapes. Palakkad takes its name from the Pala trees, which once dominated the landscapes of this area.

With beaches, backwaters, fields, and forests, Kerala will give you a diverse landscape that allures all your senses. The town is a complete antithesis of your usual idea of India being energetic and dynamic. While the town is as colourful and as interesting as other towns, its distinct feature is its serene atmosphere.

The nearest airport is the domestic airport at Coimbatore 50 km away. The nearest international airport is in Kochi.

Venue   Kalari Kovilakom
Kalari Kovilakom, Venue for 21 Day  Luxury Heavenly Spa and Yoga Retreat in India

Set within the palace grounds of the old Vengunad kingdom, Kalari Kovilakom offers 18 well-appointed suites with modern amenities and a clinic with 12 treatment rooms. The living spaces and the gardens at Kalari Kovilakom complements the healing process with its nurturing and warm environment and an unobtrusive, quiet adherence to discipline.

Since the Vengunad kings were patrons of the classical arts ‐ especially Kathakali dance and Carnatic music — such cultural programmes are an essential part of the daily ritual at Kalari Kovilakom. Dance and music performances, with the use of traditional Indian instruments such as mrudangam, flute, violin, harmonium etc depicting mythological stories are a way of life here as in early times. The ‘Kollengode Arattu’, a traditional temple festival held annually during the first week of January to honour the Kollengode deity ‘Avvappan’ has been another custom passed down through the generations with which Kalari Kovilakom is closely associated. Featuring a resplendent procession of elephants, along with the ‘Panchavadhyam’ – a classical musical ensemble of five different instruments and performances, the festival lends the whole atmosphere a carnival-like feel.

The place is located 19km from Palakkad town  and is reachable by the train station. And the airport nearest the town is located in Coimbatore, about 55km away.