Take your yoga journey to the high altitudes of the majestic Himalayan Mountains; a truly magnificent backdrop to learn and practice yoga. Travel through asanas and wake to the sound of distant chants from various monasteries in and around Dharamshala.

This training offers you a safe haven in a lovely Dharamshala yoga centre. Once you're ready to get on the mat, you'll enter one of the two spacious yoga halls, both with a view of the mountain range. At the end of the day, you'll return to a fully-furnished room, designed to have a relaxing downtime and ready for the day ahead. Dharamshala provides a unique experience and ideal environment to immerse oneself into the yogic lifestyle, while enjoying an exciting and life-changing vacation.

This 200hr Yoga Teacher Training offered by Siddhi Yoga follows comprehensive Yoga Alliance guidelines, and complements these with rich teachings of traditional yoga that have been handed down to Indian yoga gurus from their ancestors. This creates a deeply yogic environment, going beyond the asanas to provide a comprehensive learning experience to students. This certificate is for Multi-Style Yoga where you will get a chance to learn Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, alignments, teaching methodology along with the philosophy and history behind it. The main emphasis of the 200-Hour training is on the therapeutic aspect of yoga using Hatha and Vinyasa yoga styles. Exposure to different styles will allow you to decide which style you would like to pursue more deeply. 

The course aims to restore balance and correct posture to the body through neutral positioning of the limbs. Let your breath be your guide towards the postures that are right for you. Along with the proper poses and counter poses, specific pranayamas are taught to bring the body into perfect equilibrium. The lessons and teachings are as valuable to your own development, as they will be to your future students. Siddhi Yoga’s Teacher Training is the perfect environment to step outside your comfort zone and explore new aspects of yourself. The calming environment will help you tune out and tune in to your deepest self. You’ll have the opportunity to rediscover and reinvent yourself. You will experience yoga as a lifestyle instead of a simple practice, and you’ll leave ready to begin the journey of your career as a yoga teacher.

The primary goal is to provide a holistic teacher training program that will not only prepare you to be a fantastic yoga instructor, but also to help you grow your practice and learn all aspects of the yogic lifestyle. This program stretches beyond the physical practice of yoga and dives into the mental and spiritual side, as well. You will be pushed beyond your limits in all areas of life—providing you with the opportunity to grow as a yogi and a human being.

You’ll go from practicing yogi to full-time yogi in the course of a month. However, the course ensures you maintain balance in your life. That’s why the program includes excursions and free time to explore your surrounding area. You will enjoy bonfires, prayer sessions and kirtan, and there are plenty of other activities around the city to keep you busy each weekend.

This package includes tuition, accommodations, three daily meals, one yoga manual, filtered and hot drinking water. You will also get complimentary Siddhi Yoga t-shirts and a bag.

What is included

  • Accommodation
  • Airport Transfer
  • Course Material
  • All Meals
  • WiFi Internet
  • Yoga Props
  • Excursion
  • Meditation
  • Vegetarian
  • Yoga



As a yoga teacher, it is important to understand the historical and philosophical context of the practice- both for yourself and for your teaching. In this module, you will learn about yoga’s Indian origins and how it applies to your modern practice and life.

A teaching method comprises the principles and methods used for instruction that is to be implemented by teachers in order to achieve the desired learning in students. You will learn how to best sequence and instruct your class for maximum benefit and understanding on the students behalf. 

Even simple yoga poses demand complex and dynamic actions in the body. In this module you will learn the names, functions, and potential challenges and benefits of yoga from an anatomical perspective.

The teachings in this module are based on a mix of the ancient wisdom of traditional Hatha Yoga and modern stress reduction practices. Taking into consideration the latest research in mind-body science and therapies, Therapeutic Hatha Yoga invites you to tune into your body and be kind to yourself, using yoga as a tool for correcting illness or discomfort in the body.

In this module, you will learn the essential principles and methods for planning and sequencing yoga classes. This includes multiple sequences for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students. You will learn how to effectively teach a 60, 75 and 90 minute class.

In this module, you will learn to establish a regular meditation practice and know how to guide others in a proper meditation techniques to ensure maximum benefit of the practice.


Once you graduate from this course, you will be certified by one of the largest and most-trusted names in international yoga teacher training. Your certification also qualifies you for a Yoga Alliance certification.


7:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Kryias, Pranayama, Asana Practice
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Yoga Philosophy
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
The Art of Teaching Methodology
12:30 PM - 2:30 PM
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Anatomy & Physiology
5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
Therapeutical Hatha
6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
TIME OFF On weekends you are encouraged to enjoy the beautiful surrounding areas and experience the ancient temples and beautiful nature that surrounds the centre. Excursions are also included so that you can experience this truly spectacular part of the world.

Meet The Facilitators

Venue   Yoga Village Dharamkot

Siddhi Yoga’s center at Dharamsala is located at Dharamkot also known as “Yoga Village“. It’s just 1KM away from McLeodganj. Dharamkot is a hidden gem which is far less crowded than Dharamshala and McLeodganj. It’s charming and peaceful here and a great little secret. It is a perfect place to start many hikes in the nearby Himalayas which include; Illaqua, Triund, Indrahar Pass and more. It takes an overnight bus to get to the world famous hot spot well known to backpackers, Kasol.

Yoga Village Dharamkot is a small hidden gem and in the lap of pure nature. Due to that there are very limited options and the majority of guest houses have 8-10 rooms. There are a few small hotels with limited rooms. All will be staying within 50 meters in 2-3 guest houses enjoying the local culture and environment. You can relax in the comfort of your own private room with an attached bathroom, including a hot and cold shower. Accommodation is very cozy, comfortable and modest. There are 9 on-site rooms and it will be allocated based on first come first serve basis. Daily meals/hot drinking water/Wi-Fi/Yoga Classes will be available at the main building.


Nourishment of the body forms the foundation for nutrition of the mind and emotions. Students are provided with three vegetarian meals daily. All students will enjoy eating living, fresh and plenty of grounding, healing foods. The idea is to create balance and strength in the body and also provide healing to the organs, cells, tissues, muscles and the blood. It is also a highly energizing way of living and one that creates a calmer and peaceful mind.

Meals are provided seven days a week for students, even on days off. However, be sure to inform the staff in advance if you're eating out, as they wish to never waste a single bite. Great care is taken to ensure the health and wellbeing of every student during the course.




Deepen your practice and emerge as a qualified teacher, bestowed with the spirit and energy of this very special place. Siddhi Yoga offers a once in a lifetime teacher training that will immerse you in the theory and practice of the ancient tradition of yoga, and make it applicable to your daily life and your desire to teach in modern times. Dedicated teachers will guide you through a very thorough syllabus, ensuring you find balance as you study, learn and experience life in India. Dont miss this great opportunity to learn in the heart of a very sacred land. 

Lindsay DeAguila

Yovada Warrior

  Dharamshala, India

Abhinam Yoga Center’s yoga classes are held at the Dharamkot Inn, located in the peaceful heart of Dharamkot in Himalayas,overlooking a scenic green valley below. Being 2km away from the busy streets of McLeodganj, the Dharamkot Inn provides a calm and tranquil atmosphere, conducive to successful Yoga practice and relaxation. It is located opposite the Trek and Dine restaurant, which also offers healthy meals and is a favorite of many visitors and locals.

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