29 Day 200-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training


Join a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training where you'll learn different aspects of yoga, including some of the most subtle and effective practices to find balance, strength and clarity.

The focus of the training is on qualifying teachers to be able to teach asanas (postures), Spinal Breathing Pranayama, Deep Meditation practice, Samyama and the mudras and bandhas.

The course will also cover many other aspects of yoga, from subtle anatomy to advanced pranayama practices and from yoga philosophy to self-inquiry (advaita vedanta). The yoga will be full-scope, covering all eight limbs of yoga.

The course covers both practice and theory and is run as a residential retreat. Practice classes will include asana, pranayama, meditation and samyama. The course will be taught in the English language.

The cost includes accommodation, food and the course fee. It also includes 3 day trips during the course to visit other parts of the island and to go snorkelling on a boat trip.


Yoga Teacher Training

Koh Tao, Thailand
Yoga Alliance Accredited


  • Hatha
  • Vinyasa


  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

Skill Level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate



This module will include developing the following:

Becoming established in the practice of asana.

Understanding correct alignment.

Making corrections and adjustments safely.

The principles of integrating mudras and bandhas with asana practice.

Learning the important poses in the various categories of asana practice (standing poses, forward and backward bends, twists, and inversions) and developing an understanding of how these different categories can each play a role in the process of yoga.

To establish students in a strong and progressive pranayama practice, this course will be focusing on the practice of Spinal Breathing Pranayama but will also give students an understanding of the practice of kapal bhati, nadi shoddhana and some of the more advanced pranayama practices such as spinal bastrika and yoni mudra khumbaka.

The focus for this module will be on the practices of Deep Meditation and Samyama. This module will also include the following:

An understanding of the role that mantras play in the process of meditation.

The cultivation of inner silence.

The role of the witness.

What it means to refine a mantra to stillness.

The cultivation of unity.

This module will include developing a good understanding of the following subjects:

The important qualities of a teacher and communication skills that are important in a classroom.

The different aspects of teaching: demonstrating, observing alignment and correcting postures in a sensitive way.

Class and venue organisation, setting up a class and room preparation.

How to engage in marketing and promotion, understanding the finances involved with teaching yoga and understanding the legal aspects of teaching yoga including insurance.

Different teaching styles employed by different teachers, the use of language and voice in a classroom, setting priorities within a lesson or workshop and understanding the dynamics within a group and the role of the teacher in this.

The student learning process and the running of introductory courses.

The ethics involved in teaching, setting effective boundaries and using language appropriately. How to plan a lesson and manage the time within the lesson, both for beginner level students and intermediate level students.

This course is substantial to establish students in a good understanding of human physical anatomy and physiology as it applies to yoga, as well as the understanding of the human subtle anatomy and its relationship to the process of awakening. It will also discuss the changes that take place in the chakras, nadis and the flows of prana in the body, as the yoga progresses, and how students can work effectively with the subtle body in order to bring about a gentle and progressive awakening of the whole being.

Learn the basic yoga philosophy including an overview of the Vedas and Upanishads, a basic study of the Bhagavad Gita, the theory and practical use of mantras in yoga, the theory of meditation and how changes take place in the mind through its practice, the theory of prana and its role in the process of awakening, the Yoga sutras of Patanjali: A basic study including a study of the eight limbs of yoga, Mudras and bandhas and their use in conjunction with asana and pranayama, the theory of Bhakti and Jnana yoga, inner silence, emptiness and the basic grades of samadhi, the theory of pranayama: The breathing practices, the theory of samyama: Understanding how darana, dhyana, and samadhi work with samyama practice, the theory of kundalini and how it relates to yogic practice, Karma yoga and Seva: The importance of yoga as service to others, the 5 stages of the mind: A study of the changes that occur on the mental level through the practice of yoga, the theory of mantras: How mantras work on the subtle level of the mind and body and study of the yamas and niyamas: Restraints and observances.

This module will involve the following skills:

Practice teaching as lead teacher with peer moderation.

Observing others teaching.

Receiving feedback from both peers and teachers.

Giving feedback to peers about their teaching skills.

Acting as an assistant teacher in a classroom environment.


Upon completion of the training, you will be given an RYT 200 Yoga Teacher certificate allowing you to teach yoga globally.


6:00 AM - 7:30 AM
Asana, pranayama, meditation and samyama
7:30 AM - 8:30 AM
Pranayama, meditation and samyama
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Morning lecture
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Afternoon lecture
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Asana, pranayama, meditation and samyama
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Pranayama, meditation and samyama
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Evening lecture

Free Time

During the time off, feel free to relax and explore the beautiful Koh Tao island as the venue will be running several boat trips to visit and discover other parts of the island. You may go snorkeling to see some of the amazing underwater world that the island is so well known for. Koh Tao is one of the most famous dive islands in the world and the corals and tropical fish are abundant all around the island. If you want to do your own yoga practice, the meditation hall is always available even on the days off.


The food on the course will be Thai vegetarian. There will be two meals served each day: brunch and dinner. The food served will support a yoga and meditation practice.


  • Excursion
  • Mats
  • Course Material
  • Accommodation
  • Yoga Props
  • 2 Meals
  • Meditation
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • WiFi Internet

Meet The Facilitators



Quad Shared Tent at Baan Talay Resort and Retreat Center

Quad Shared Tent

Opt for a practical yet cozy accommodation closer to nature with the luxury tents. Provided for your comfort, it is a spacious tent with clean mattresses and toiletries perfect for a holiday escape. 

The luxurious tents also feature stunning views of the beautiful paradise of the Koh Tao island. You may also access the venue's outdoor bathroom where you can experience a total freedom as you take a hot shower under a sky full of stars.
Twin Tent at Baan Talay Resort and Retreat Center

Twin Tent

Just above the coastline is the luxury camping area, a place for you and your travel companions to experience the island the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Here you are free to enjoy nature and relax by the sea in privacy, yet sleep in the comfort of the luxury tents.

The tents are equipped with electricity, lighting, a cooling fan, and comfortable beds, allowing you to enjoy being close to nature without giving up the little comforts of life.

This camping area is equipped with western style toilets and a luxurious open air bathroom, allowing for comfort without disconnecting you from the beauty of the surrounding nature.

You will find nature all around you at our resort. Even the bathroom has a view looking out to the tropical forest. 

Private Hut at Baan Talay Resort and Retreat Center

Private Hut

A short walk down the hill from the reception area the Seaview Cottage rooms are located a little nearer the sea. If you would like a’ room with a view’ then look no further. You can spend all your days relaxing on your private balcony looking out over the amazing Aow Leuk bay.

The cottage rooms are bigger and also have the option of Air Conditioning or Fan. All rooms come with mosquito net, hot water, and an outdoor balcony area.

The view will really take your breath away. An undisturbed picture of nature awaits you on your balcony, where you can enjoy the day and night looking out over the ocean.


Koh Tao, Thailand

The scenery in Aow Leuk, named for its deep, concave shape, is stunning. With the white sandy beach and the water varying shades of blue, and Shark Island in the background, it is one of the most popular sites for snorkelling and is amongst the most beautiful places on Koh Tao. There is a coral reef on both sides of the bay and it begins right off the beach in the shallows. You don’t have to go very far at all to see an abundance of marine life. The large sandy sea floor makes it ideal for swimming and lounging in the water and it is used a lot for diver training.

Twice a year at Aow Leuk, baby blacktip reef sharks can be seen in the shallows here, a perfect nursery environment for them. The adults are found further out, about 400-500 metres from the beach, off the north shore. If you are feeling energetic, you can swim along the south shore to the next bay, Hin Ngam, which is about 600 metres from the beach. This is a beautiful spot for snorkeling with easy, calm conditions for most of the year.

The nearest airports are in Chumphon Airport (Nok Air), Pathio District, Chumphon and Koh Samui Airport. Both offer onward high speed ferry connections to Koh Tao. The flights in Chumphon Airport, however, are much less expensive than those in Samui Airport.

Venue   Baan Talay Resort and Retreat Center
Baan Talay Resort and Retreat Center, Venue for 29 Day 200-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Situated on a cliff overlooking the ocean on the island of Koh Tao lies the beautiful Baan Talay Yoga Retreat Center. It is a hidden paradise with a laid back ambiance with luxurious and fabulous accommodations perfect for your ultimate retreat.

Baan Talay Resort is set in a natural, tropical landscape, designed to maintain the harmony between man and nature. Surrounded by the crystal clear waters of Koh Tao's Ao Leuk Bay, this venue is a beautiful and tranquil place where guests can enjoy the wonders of nature while they deepen themselves with the power of yoga. 

They have various outdoor activities that will surely complete your holiday experience. Some of these exciting activities include scuba diving and snorkeling where you'll be amazed with the finest corals reefs of the island. Their accommodations provide simple yet cozy rooms with breathtaking sea views that will make your stay truly relaxing and unforgettable.


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