This 200-hour teacher training sets the foundation for a well-rounded yoga practice that ensures you are equipped with the right knowledge and mind set to become a yoga teacher. The school provides the highest quality yoga instruction, drawn from thousands of years of yoga traditions across the Indian subcontinent. The leaders are committed to sharing the full meaning and purpose of yoga with all students, not limited to the practice of asanas, but also integrating essential, ancient yogic practices such as Shatkarmas, Pranayamas, Mudras, Bandhas and meditation. Through the internationally certified yoga teacher training course students develop the correct knowledge and methods to properly harmonize the mind, body and spirit.

The school is more focused on quality than quantity so that due individual attention can be given to each student in the class for theory and practice. All aspects like the teaching faculty, accommodation, food, study materials are specially taken care of for each student. The schools mission is to share the correct knowledge to those hungry for it – the true seekers from around the world, who want to walk on this beautiful path and utilize this beautiful science as a vehicle to transform their lives and those of others.

Embark on a journey of discovery and embrace your greatest potential. Awaken your inner power and discover how to reach your dreams and goals. This is a remarkable training in the yoga capital of the world. You will leave transformed in the most magnificent of ways.

Kaivalya Yoga also arranges outdoor activities each weekend, like trekking, river rafting, visits to ashrams, fire ceremonies and more, all included in your course fee. The fee also includes all of your study materials, yoga mats and props, Satkarma kit, meals and a private accommodation. 

After the completion of 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course, you will not only understand the fundamentals of the skills of yoga teaching but also how to embark on the path of a successful yoga teaching career. This is considered as one of the best yoga teacher training schools of Rishikesh, India and the students, today, are successful yoga teachers all around the world.

Kaivalya Yoga School is situated at the foothills of the Himalayas, beside the Holy River Ganges and amidst waterfalls, ashrams, and nightly fire ceremonies. Rishikesh is a serene and peaceful place that is steeped in tradition and spirituality. It is indeed the perfect place to embark on a yoga journey and learn from dedicated yoga masters.


Open to 18 years old and above and to those willing to learn yogic wisdom and techniques to impart to their students. Participants over 55 years old are requested to bring a medical certificate.

What is included

  • Accommodation
  • Air-Con Room
  • Airport Transfer
  • Course Material
  • Excursion
  • All Meals
  • Mats
  • WiFi Internet
  • Yoga Props
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Equipment
  • Facilities Access
  • Free Gift
  • Meditation
  • Yoga




For successful yoga practice, there must be an understanding of the ancient yoga philosophies as described in traditional texts. The study of authentic yoga philosophy texts like Samkhya philosophy, Patanjali Yoga Sutra and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika  are studied to understand the roots of yoga.

There are 84 asanas in the Hatha tradition. These poses are used to steady the body and mind, making the practitioner more energetic, free from disease, and ready for the practice of meditation. These are often the most familiar part of yoga tradition in the Western world.

These practices utilize breathing to control and influence the flow of vital life force (prana) in the body. Pranayamas are practiced after asana practice. They should be practiced under the guidance of a competent teacher, as the effects of these techniques on the body can be quite powerful.

Dhyana, or meditation, is the practice of calming the mind and body through controlling the thoughts, calming the senses, and deep concentration. There are many ancient yogic meditation practices, designed to bring the practitioner closer to spiritual awareness and understanding.

Mudras are advanced yogic techniques that alter mood, attitude, and perception, thereby deepening awareness and concentration. They have a subtle but powerful effect on energy flow in the body and thus are a good preparation for deeper spiritual practices. Bandhas are bodily locks that help to redirect the flow of energy in the body. They involve locking the chin, abdomen, and perennial region. As they are an advanced practice, they are best practiced individually under able instruction before being incorporated into other yogic practices.

Ayurveda is an ancient yoga tradition of healing the body through better knowledge of both the internal and external functions. It encompasses nutrition and massage therapy that is practiced to improve the overall well-being of the body and mind. Kriyas are ancient yogic cleansing techniques are practiced for purification of the body. There are six Shatkriyas in the Hatha tradition.

This ancient text is one of the most important books for understanding modern yoga, as it outlines the origins of yoga philosophy as passed down through the centuries. A solid understanding of this scripture is necessary for anyone interested in the yoga traditions.

These ancient yogic cleansing techniques are practiced for purification of the body. There are six Shatkriyas in the Hatha tradition. They are used to help clear the body of excess mucus, fat, and bile, and should only be practiced under the guidance of a competent teacher.

It’s important for yoga teachers to understand the movements and range of motion of the human body, as well as the inner workings of the digestive, respiratory, circulatory, and nervous systems. This knowledge will help teachers to address the safety concerns of students and give proper adjustments, while helping students understand the full benefits and limitations of their practice.


When you meet the requirements of the course, you will receive a certificate of a qualified yoga teacher recognised by yoga alliance. 95% attendance rate is required during the course. Certificate will be issued only after overall evaluation of which includes attendance in the classes, performance in the practical and theory exams and behaviour in the program, inside and outside the class.


6:00 AM - 6:30 AM
6:30 AM - 8:00 AM
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Physiology & Anatomy
12:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Lunch & Rest
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Yoga Philosophy, Mantras & Bhagvad Gita
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Evening Tea
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
TIME OFF Rishikesh is one of the most remarkable places to visit for any yoga enthusiast. In your spare time, visit local ashrams and temples, wander along the banks of the Ganges River, explore the quaint cafes and sip chai with new friends. The Kaivalya Yoga School arranges activities each weekend, like trekking, river rafting, local sightseeing, Ganga aarti, and outdoor meditations so that students can get to know each other outside of the class. These activities are included in your course fee. You are also free to relax in your comfortable room and take in your new found knowledge or practice meditation in a quiet space in the mountainous terrain nearby. You are sure to feel inspired by the sights and sounds of this holy city.

Meet The Facilitators

Venue   Kaivalya Yoga School
Kaivalya Yoga School, Venue for 28 Day 200Hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Kaivalya Yoga School is located in Tapovan area in Rishikesh, India, just 5 minutes walk from Laxman Jhoola but in a very peaceful and serene environment, overlooking hills and forest. Rishikesh India, as we all know is the world’s Yoga capital. The exquisite setting on the holy river Ganges flowing through the town, surrounded by forested hills, is conducive to meditation and mind expansion. In the evening, the breeze blows the down the valley, setting temple bells ringing as sadhus (spiritual men), pilgrims and tourists prepare for the evening ganga aarti.

Kaivalya Yoga School make sure that you have the best yoga learning experience with a systematic and professional approach with 1:1 attention, you learn every aspect of yoga from the learned teachers, specialized for each aspect to gain the best possible knowledge in a very positive and safe atmosphere. The team take the best possible care of you during your programme by providing all facilities like private accommodation with all modern amenities, pure vegetarian food (Vegan & Gluten Free option is also there) prepared in hygienic conditions and well-equipped yoga hall under one roof only so that you can concentrate on your training without any hassles.


Three meals and two tea breaks are provided for students every day of the training. All meals are pure vegetarian and freshly prepared in line with yogic traditions. You can enjoy authentic Indian samosas, curry, dahl and other Indian cuisine, prepared with the freshest Indian spices known to aid digestion and promote detoxification in our body, ideal for a yoga retreat that aims to keep you relaxed and refreshed. 

With great respect to the healthy balance of both the mind and the body, Kaivalya Yoga ensures that all meals are of the highest nutritional value without sacrificing the rich flavour that Indian cuisine is known for. Upon request, vegan and gluten free cuisine can be offered.




Get ready for an amazing month of deep spiritual transformation in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Deepen your understanding of your body and mind through the ancient wisdom of yoga delivered in a contemporary form. This training really sets itself apart from the thousands of other yoga teacher trainings offered in this region. From the excellent teachers to the in-depth curriculum, to the lovely facilities and the real care students are given, you are sure to find that this training will not only set you on your path as a yoga teacher, but will offer you a truly memorable and transformative life experience. 

Kelly F

Yovada Yogini

  Rishikesh, India

Tapovan area is full of meadows, streams and flowering plants and the meadows are considered as one of the best high altitude meadows in India. The exquisite setting on the fast-flowing Ganges, surrounded by forested hills, is conducive for meditation and mind expansion. In the evening, an almost supernatural breeze blows down the valley, setting temple bells ringing as sadhus, pilgrims and tourists prepare for the nightly ganga aarti - a fire offering or ritual performed on the Ganges.

Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi (DEL) is the international airport that is closest to the schools in Rishikesh and Dharamsala. From there, you have several options to get to Rishikesh. It is recommend to either take an additional flight from New Delhi to Dehra Dun (DED) or arrange for a taxi or bus for the final part of your journey.

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