Enjoy a peaceful moment on Bonhays’ decking and watch the sunset, swim peacefully in the pool, share wonderful meals in the conservatory and practise yoga and meditation with your fellow retreat participants. Get a dose of sea air and enjoy a beach walk on the coast and beaches just 2 miles away from Bonhays. They offer you a sanctuary of welcome, peace and simplicity in a beautiful, secluded meditation and retreat center, nestled in the hills of West Dorset. Take a spiritual journey in a Yogakutir retreat to recover what was lost in the busy city life.

In this 3-day weekend yoga retreat, you will be welcoming summer with peaceful days of meditation and yoga amidst the lush environment of Bonhays. There will be a yoga class on Friday evening and you will continue your meditation after a delightful dinner with the team. Bask in the sun as you enjoy two yoga classes, meditation and chanting on Saturday and enjoy plenty of time to walk, rest, relax, take a dip in the pool or even the sea during your breaks. The final yoga class would be on Sunday morning sending you home feeling rejuvenated and revived after 3 days of pure bliss and leisure.

The cost includes your 2 nights of accommodation, daily meditation, all yoga classes and workshops. Delicious homemade vegetarian food will also be part of the retreat cost. Massage treatments are available at an additional cost.

What is included

  • Accommodation
  • All Meals
  • Pool
  • Meditation
  • Vegetarian
  • Yoga
Venue   Bonhays
Bonhays, Venue for 3 Day Summer Weekend Yoga Retreat

Nestled in the hills of West Dorset, Bonhays is a beautiful eco retreat centre between Bridport and Lyme Regis and just two miles from the sea. Set around a central courtyard, with the soft curves of the straw buildings and the hills beyond, it is secluded and peaceful, surrounded by beautiful countryside. Bonhays has lovely communal areas to relax and chat in, as well as, many peaceful and secluded spots for quiet and reflection. There is also an indoor heated swimming pool for ultimate relaxation.

Bonhays has a Willow System for water waste for the centre and attached buildings. The grey water enters the top of the wetland treatment system and passes through a series of ponds with reeds and earth banks planted with willow. By the time the water reaches the last of the four ponds, it is completely clean with zero effect on the environment. The willow is cut down annually leaving a foot stump from which the next years plant will grow. All the wood harvested from the system and land is stacked for two years after which it will be chipped and used as bio-mass fuel.

To visit this ecological haven, you can take the train on the line from Waterloo to Exeter. Go down the Axminster Station and take a bus to Morcombelake. The venue is a 20-minute downhill walk away. You can always opt to take a taxi from the Bristol Airport for your convenience.



Evie, the chef at Bonhay's, sources organic ingredients locally if she has not grown them herself. With her imaginative palate - she produces lovely, healthy and delicious food. All the food is vegetarian and generally aimed at supporting the retreat for optimal performance, keeping it an enjoyable experience and not a soporific one. Yogakutir will do everything they can to support different dietary requirements and Evie will be making specific meals for some of the guests. She and her wonderful cooking plays a large part in welcoming and supporting the guests while on the retreat.

The meals at Bonhay's will introduce you to the many different ways of preparing unique and scrumptious vegetarian meals that will not only cleanse and detoxify, but will also leave you satisfied.




Find peace and tranquillity whilst enjoying wonderful yoga and meditation classes in this beautiful location. Relax, recharge and rejuvenate amidst the beauty of Whitchurch Canonicorum with its rugged mountains, pristine lakes, streams, tumbling waterfalls and coastal scenery. Honour the summer sun with dynamic morning yoga and the evening with soothing meditation. 

Join this summer weekend yoga retreat to improve your asanas, deepen your meditation experience and enjoy the transformative power of the yogic lifestyle!


Yovada - Voted best high kick!

  Dorset, England

Referred to as the capital of the Marshwood Vale, Whitchurch Canonicorum is an attractive mix of farms and cottages situated in the Marshwood Vale 5 miles west northwest of Bridport. The parish comprises 4253 acres used for wheat, barley, oats and beans. On the northern edge of the village is the Church of St Candida and Holy Cross. It is noteworthy as containing the only shrine in Britain to have survived the Reformation with its relics intact, apart from that of Saint Edward the Confessor in Westminster Abbey. The Saint's relics are in a stone altar. There is a chapel of ease at Fishponds Bottom dedicated to St. John the Baptist and a Congregational chapel at Morecombelake.

To reach Whitchurch Canonicorum, you can take a taxi ride from the Bristol Airport which is nearest to the village. You can also ride the train to Axminster Station, then take the bus to Morcombelake and from there - walk to Whitchurch Canonicorum.