Nestled in the spiritual centre of the yoga capital of the world, this 300-hour teacher training is an advanced course that will allow you to strengthen your skills. This course is the next step to hone and further improve the teacher in you. Evolving further into the spiritual world, this training creates a platform for you take a step ahead into yogic vistas and to intensify your bond with yourself. 

Teachers with great devotion and experience will be guiding you through your journey from student to Yoga Alliance certified teacher. You will follow a well-rounded curriculum, focusing on Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga, Pranayama and Mediation. Advanced and intermediate postures will be taught and you will learn how to refine the asanas learned in the 200-hour training course. You will also focus on specific teaching techniques and further develop your knowledge of mudras, pranayama and meditation. Kundalini and Iyenger yoga will be introduced. Overall, you will head home with a greater understanding of the profound connection between yoga and spirituality and how to relay this to a classroom.

You will also have the chance to explore the area and let the Indian culture and tradition forever inspire and permeate your teaching style. Take this opportunity to go trekking, rafting, or sight seeing in the lush mountains and impressive Himalayan temples.  Your package includes accommodation, meals, course material and your Sunday excursions.

For the longest time,  Rishikesh has been the starting point of many spiritual journeys of people from all around the world - and today, Rishikesh has become The Yoga Capital of the World and also known as home to many spiritual men or sadhuds in their ashrams. This holy city has become as a favourite destination for peace seekers through yoga and meditation, adventure lovers, nature lovers and culture explorers visiting vibrant places of spiritual and cultural importance. Like those who have walked before you, be mesmerised with the physical and spiritual beauty of Rishikesh, India and soak in the spirituality of the Ganges and the Himalayas as you dive deeply into this transformative yoga journey with Akshi Yoga.


Although this is an advanced course and benefits those who have already attended the 200 hour training, it accommodates both new teachers and already experienced teachers.

What is included

  • Accommodation
  • Course Material
  • Excursion
  • All Meals
  • WiFi Internet




Learn advanced and intermediate postures while refining your asana practice and delve into deeper practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow and Revision of the Primary Ashtanga Vinyasa Series. Discover also the beauty of moon salutation with mantras and dynamic sun salutations with Beeja mantra.

Intensify the connection between yoga and spirituality! You will learn how to master increased focus and concentration through precise relaxation and meditation workshops plus intermediate-advanced practices of Yoga Nidra.

It all starts with breathing. You will find out all about the benefits of intensive yogic breathing and revision of basic pranayama, the uses of bandhas to uplift your prana, and the advance and intensive practices of Bhastrika, Kapalabhati, Ujjayi, Surya Bhedi, as well as the Bhuta Shuddi, Subtle Pranayama until Level 4 and Sushumna Pranayama series.

Study the basic principles of yoga therapy including limitations, diagnosis to some common problems, and  yogic management for both physical and mental ailments.

Expand your knowledge of different branches of yoga with this introduction to Kundalini and Nada yoga. You will discover here how to use mantras, asanas and pranayamas to awaken and stimulate the chakras and kundalini.

You will focus specifically on your own teaching skills and learn how to improve your personal classes through precise adjustment techniques. Master the sequencing practices according to age, gender, flexibility, experience and emergency protocols. For this advanced course, learn also the techniques for safely guiding students in and out of more advanced poses and how to instruct the students with proper words and voice pitch.

Refinement of techniques brings your teaching game to the next level. Learn to minimise the effort in asana  practice by focusing on the “Six Steps of Asana Practice” according to Hatha Yoga. Learn how to protect your joints by maintaining your center of gravity and know more about the art of adjustment without forcing the body. Proper uses of props and modification and adjustments for important and sensitive asanas will also be covered.

Purification of both the body and soul are also vital practices to fortify your yogic practices. Cleansing techniques covered in this topic are Water Neti, Kunjala, Sutra Neti, Nauli, Agnisara, Shankha Pracshala and Inner Trataka.

Healthy eating also constitute a big part of yogic living. Know all about Ayurvedic eating and doshas, the six tastes and their effects on doshas, and special yogic practices for balancing them. This will also be like a takeaway lesson as you learn how to prepare Ayurvedic food and the effect and uses of common herbs used in cooking.

Dive deep into the science behind yoga to understand more about the body and how yoga affects the different body systems.

Understand how spirituality is deeply ingrained in yoga through holy scriptures, sutras, samadhi, and study of history and traditions. Study one of the literary and spiritual treasure of India, the Bhagavad Gita, and discover the wisdom it has imparted to the multitude for centuries.


Upon successful completion, students will receive a 300Hr Ashtanga and Hatha Teacher Certification accredited by Yoga Alliance.


6:00 AM - 7:30 AM
Hatha Yoga
7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
Pranayama Breathing Practices
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Yoga Anatomy
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Yoga Practicum / Mantra Chanting
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Yoga Philosophy / Ayurveda
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Meditation & Relaxation
7:30 PM - 10:00 PM
TIME OFF Enjoy excursions every Sunday! You’ll be able to go trekking, river rafting or site seeing in the lush Himalayan mountains. Sunday are kept for excursions to give students some relaxing hours out of their busy schedule. These include trekking or river rafting, visit to the Himalayan temples, local ashrams and exposure to the local culture and tradition. Learn the value of loving and living in tune with nature and adopt the human traits of humility, love, care and tenderness which any successful yoga teacher carries with him all through his/her career.

Meet The Facilitators

Venue   Akshi Yogashala
Akshi Yogashala, Venue for 300Hr Ashtanga & Hatha Teacher Training

Akshi Yogashala is situated in a beautiful music building in Swarg Ashram on the eastern bank of the River Ganges and at the foot of the Himalayas. It is the ideal location for Yoga Teacher Training courses. In this traffic-free spiritual hub, you'll breathe and live yoga to the fullest.

The centre aims to meet each guest's specific needs. You won't lack anything in this fully equipped campus, featuring wi-fi, hot and cold water (24/7), a spacious, airy and equipped yoga hall, a relaxing garden and so much more! You'll also be happy to know you're a mere 5 minutes walk from the local markets and surrounded by plenty of temples and ashrams that the city is so well known and endeared for.

Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world, is situated in the north of India. If you're flying into Mumbai or New Delhi, you can then catch a domestic flight to the Dehradun airport. Airport transfers are provided to and from the Yogashala premises.



The whole concept of Ayurvedic eating is understanding how to eat properly - and properly means carefully combining food to dramatically improve the quality of digestion, support the body in receiving a deeper level of nourishment, and positively impact our overall health. A whole subject is dedicated to Ayurvedic eating and doshas, and this will also be included and applied in your daily meals. Ayurvedic trained chefs will be preparing delicious and nutritious ashram cooked food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All food follows your yoga regime, complementing the requirements of Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha yoga. During your stay at Akshi Yogashala, you’ll be always sure you’re on an healthy vegetarian invigorating regime, based on holistic and balanced meals. Preference is given to soups, fresh juices and lot of drinking water. Alcohol drinking and smoking is strictly prohibited.




Nothing like a 300-hour yoga teacher training set right in the heart of the Yoga Capital of the World can elevate your spirits, practice and passion for yoga!

Embark on this spiritual journey and get the benefits of advanced practice, healthy Ayurvedic food, excursions to explore the beauty of your surroundings - all to be on your way to be an excellent yoga teacher! Take your knowledge and practice to new heights with the expert team at Akshi Yoga. Enjoyable, challenging and rewarding- dont miss out!

Ivy Polea

Yovada Wanderer

  Rishikesh, India

Swarg Ashram is a beautiful spiritual community located south of Lakshman Jhula along the path of the east bank of the Ganges River. It is made up of temples, ashrams, bazaar, sadhus and the bathing ghats where religious ceremonies are performed at sunrise and sunset.

You’ll see ganga aarti, light ceremony, held at the riverside temple of the Parmarth Niketan Ashram every night, celebrated with singing, chanting, musicians and lighting of candles. This famous pilgrimage spot is also noted for its traditional and cultural performances, exotic cuisine and many other enriching unique factors. The area is also an interesting places for those who enjoy adventure such as hiking and white water rafting.

The Jolly Grant airport at Dehradun is the nearest airport to Rishikesh which is approximately 35 kilometres away. Once you reach the airport, you can opt for regular taxi or bus service which is easily available from Dehradun to Rishikesh. The second nearest international airport for Rishikesh is in New Delhi which is well-connected with different cities across the globe.

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