300Hr Divine Wisdom Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

The Tantric Alchemy Institute Advanced Teacher Training Program is by far one of the most unique and transformative trainings that exists in the world.

This sensational training is ideal for existing students ready to take their practice and knowledge to the next level. In additional to foundational knowledge, you will expand your knowledge of Sanskrit, pranayama, mudra, bandha, mantra, meditation & ritual and gain new insight into Indian medicine and classical techniques focused on divination, spatial alignment and palmistry. By incorporating these ancient sciences into one's contemporary life, vibrant physical health, equanimous mental and emotional states, the refinement and expansion of consciousness, spiritual growth, and real empowerment will harmoniously unfold.

This Tantric Alchemy advanced teacher training will greatly assist your expansion of consciousness and provide a new level of spiritual awareness and growth that you can carry into your day to day life as well as share with your students.

The Tantric Alchemy Institute provides a 300 hour Yoga Alliance certification upon completion of this classically scripted curriculum based around the ancient tantric paradigm once found in India. If you want to dive deeply into yoga and its magical and mystical practices, this training has been crafted with you in mind.

The cost includes all training and manual guides, all organic gourmet vegetarian meals, lodging in a double occupancy luxury jungle loft and full access to a 40-acre nature preserve including tropical gardens, jungle trails, waterfalls and swimming pool.

Located in Costa Rica’s stunning Blue Zone on the Nicoya Peninsula, you will find yourself immersed within pristine nature, soaking in views of the dramatic coastline, living within the beautiful natural jungle and enjoying the golden sun and tranquil ocean breeze as you practice and study.


This training is for those who have already completed a 200 hour level training or by permission from the Director of the program. This advanced 300 hour teacher training will enhance the scope of knowledge for even the most ardent practitioners.

What is included

  • Accommodation
  • Course Material
  • Equipment
  • All Meals
  • Mats
  • Pool
  • WiFi Internet
  • Yoga Props



Analyze each asana in expanded repertoire. Additionally, understand and explain how each asana becomes more refined and "finely tuned" with consistent practice over time. Describe this evolutionary process.

Explore the subtleties of each bandha through consistent personal practice and teaching. Develop mastery of and communicate timing of bandha engagement and release congruent with specific pranayama, asana and kriya sequences. Describe the effects of bandhas in relation to the physical body and subtle energy body using terminology of western anatomy, pancha koshas and nadis.

Understand that the effects of pranayama become realized with consistent practice over time. Develop a regular discipline of pranayama practice congruent with individual doshas and sadhana.

Students will experience classical Yogic ritual to expand their consciousness and deepen their awareness using a specific series of mantras, pranayama and bandhas. This ritual enhances intuition, insight and imagination while incinerating karmas and samskara.

To encourage students to develop their own daily practice and to become proficient at teaching. Students will practice The Viraja Homa- which is a meditative practice where there is no external “fire”, but instead the Yogi takes a meditative journey of transformation and reconstruction.

Understand Gheranda’s divisions of the different types of Dhyana, or meditation and be able to apply these concepts to meditations the student can utilize in a Yoga class.

Understand Svatmarama’s advice for those undertaking Yoga practice, learn the theory and practice of the Hatha Yoga “Mudras”, and the practice of “Nada” or the inner sound.

Students will understand the practical application of Mudra in Yoga Asana, Pranayama and Meditation and how to teach them.

Continue to expand repertoire of vinyasa sequences through personal practice and exploration, as well as from a variety of master instructors. Explore vinyasa theories, sequencing and practices of viniyoga, restorative yoga, yin, iyengar, bikram, astanga and anusara.

Understand basic concepts of Ayurveda and be able to put them into practice in their own lives as well as their Yoga classes.

Key vocabulary for Yoga practitioners and teachers will be presented and analyzed, so that the students will understand the mythical significance of these terms. Students will learn to properly recite some of the basic and widely used chants of Yoga.

Vaastu makes use of colour, shape, light, and objects both manufactured and natural to address deficiencies in the local environment and support a fulsome experience of the Five Elements in the external environment. This section will present common tools available to create the best possible alignment for healthy and graceful life.

Students will be able to correctly identify attributes of all houses and constellations with specific reference to the Purusarthas. Students will be able to identify characteristics of Rasis, in particular their association with certain body parts or components.

Students will be able to identify the four major lines, at least 7 minor lines, and key markings that indicate strength and vulnerability. Students will understand the implications of types of line trajectory. Students will be able to correctly time events on major lines. Students will be able to integrate this knowledge into their own understanding of their personal yoga practice, as well as to their teaching methodologies.

Students will gain true understanding of nourishment, ahimsa, food energetics and the importance of mindful eating from the perspectives of Yoga, western nutrition science, Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. Melas will be an experience in eating as an art form and as a spiritual practice.

Students will incorporate new found knowledge and integrate all topics covered in the training into their teachings.


The Tantric Alchemy Institute (TAI) provides a 300 hour Yoga Alliance certification upon completion of the classically scripted curriculum based around the ancient tantric paradigm once found in India.


6:00 AM - 7:30 AM
Meditation and Pranayama
7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
Yoga Sadhana
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Organic, gourmet vegetarian breakfast
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Training Session
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Organic, gourmet vegetarian lunch
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Training Session
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Organic, gourmet vegetarian dinner
TIME OFF You will have full access to The Sanctuary at Two Rivers 40 acre tropical eco-paradise including swimming pool, waterfalls, rivers, gardens, organic fruit orchard, jungle hiking trails, hammocks, pagoda lounge and more- plenty to enjoy and immerse yourself in during your time off to rest and recuperate!

Meet The Facilitators

Venue   The Sanctuary at Two Rivers

Imagine rising with the sun and the howls of Howler Monkeys, not hearing any urban nor suburban noises, all the while infusing yoga, meditation, wellness and spiritual healing, with wildlife and bird watching. The Sanctuary at Two Rivers will rejuvenate your body, tidy up your mind, and boost your spirit. You will be introduced to the bountiful gifts of Mother Nature from the moment of your arrival as you walk through the jungle and river paths to reach the grounds of The Sanctuary.

Set amongst picturesque tropical gardens with observation decks, hammocks and wonderful jungle vistas, The Sanctuary at Two Rivers is a magical private rental property exclusively for amazing Yoga Retreats, Yoga Teacher Trainings, or any group of up to 16 people whom are interested in health and wellness. Being one of a select few Retreat Centers in the world that was specifically designed and built by veteran yogis, their sole intention was to create a first-class Retreat Center to commune with nature, practice yoga, contemplate, meditate, detox, and become balanced through health and wellness Yoga Retreat Vacations.

Their 100% off-the-grid solar powered facility with luxury-deluxe-modern accommodations, extensive spa menu, and tropical fusion gourmet organic vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free cuisine is exclusively for Yoga Retreats, Yoga Teacher Trainings, Wellness Retreats, and Nature Wildlife Adventure Retreat Vacations. The Sanctuary is also the ideal location to become a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor on any of the 200 hour - 3 week or 300 hour - 4 week Immersion Yoga Teacher Training Certification Programs.

Nestled between two rivers with waterfalls that flow year round, this private park is home to countless species of flora and fauna. It is very easy to get to, with a 25 minute flight from San Jose International Airport to Tambor Airstrip where a taxi will drive you through the famous Nicoya Peninsula Blue Zone to your destination.


Artistic-gourmet vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free cuisine comprises one of the pillars which supports, nourishes, detoxes, and cleanses you on a Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program.

The talented plant-based chef will create for you three unforgettable tropical fusion meals per day inspired by the world’s greatest cuisines. The healthy organic food is artistically crafted to please all of the senses. Meals are designed around the seasons using Ayurvedic principles while incorporating the best and freshest local ingredients, herbs and spices. All organic produce is from local Costa Rican family farms. Meals are well balanced and prepared with love. This positive energy is infused into the food, aiding the digestion process.

Plenty of protein is provided by using legumes, seeds and nuts, artisan cheeses, and eggs from free-ranging chickens. With an ever-expanding orchard of over 300 various tropical fruit trees, freshly picked organic fruits make great complements to your dining experience. Overall, this will produce a more lively healthy body and mind and is the most environmentally friendly diet.




Too often in the hustle and bustle of life, yoga becomes a class we manage to squeeze into our week between work, family, friends, paying bills, walking the dog and the zillion other things that make up everyday life.

This teacher training goes far and beyond the 'everyday' aspects of yoga, diving deeply and passionately into the more 'unknown' aspects of ancient yogic text and wisdom.

Exploring the divine nature of tantra, ayuveda and ancient practices and texts, this mystical and magical training is for those seeking more- more emotion, more knowledge, more essence- the truth of where yoga began and how it can indeed be incorporated into todays world.

Rich in practice and theory, this unique training will forever change your practice, your connection to others, your sense of self & your sense of purpose. Take the leap into the robust course in a location that will bring your wildest dreams of paradise to life.

Kelly Fielding

Yovada Seeker

  Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

The Nicoya Peninsula is known for its sapphire waters that curl into perfect waves up and down the coast. It is the perfect location to hunker down on a pristine patch of sand and soak up some sun or ramble down rugged roads, fording rivers and navigating ridges with spectacular coastal views.

This boot-shaped peninsula straddles two of Costa Rica’s most beautiful provinces. The untouched scenery, lively jungle and rugged terrain all come together in the kaleidoscopic beauty that this country is so well known for.

On the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, located just 30 minutes from Tambor airport, Cabuya has been described as the ‘closest thing to paradise you can find in Costa Rica.’ One of the most remote towns on the coastline, Cabuya is a delightful breath of fresh air, tucked away from tourism and the hectic nature of day to day life.

Characterized by its pristine beaches, glassy surf breaks, dramatic waterfalls and rugged jungle, Cabuya is a slice of untouched wilderness where the ocean breeze will lull you into a world that feels very far away.