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Koh Yao Noi is a small, pristine island located in the Phang-Nga Bay between Phuket and Krabi, which was recently voted one of the 6 best destinations in the world to practice yoga by The National Geographic. It remains one of the rare gems of South East Asia; an island still largely undiscovered by mainstream tourism with stunning beaches, friendly locals and outstanding natural beauty: it really is the perfect retreat hideaway.

This retreat has no start date, allowing you to choose any dates that suit you and the freedom to stay as long as you please. Whether you are a dedicated yogi looking to enhance your practice or an absolute beginner seeking a safe environment to begin your yoga journey, everyone is welcome.

All retreats include twice daily yoga, pranayama, Chi Gong, mantras, guided meditations and discourses. The fun and relaxing 4 Day retreat is ideal for travellers who wish to explore the delights of the island while taking a short yoga vacation simultaneously.

Attending the retreat is to experience a return to the simple ways of existing in the world. Koh Yoa Noi offers a holistic experience that both rejuvenates and restores harmony and balance.

What is included

  • Accommodation
  • Equipment
  • Mats
  • Pool
  • WiFi Internet
  • Yoga Props
  • Yoga
  • Free Gift
  • Meditation



6:00 AM - 7:00 AM
Optional sunrise Tai Chi on the beach
7:30 AM - 9:30 AM
Dynamic morning Hatha Yoga practice
9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
10:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Free time for excursions, workshops or chilling by
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Gentle afternoon Yoga practice
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Optional yoga or meditation workshops
TIME OFF Aside from the twice Daily Yoga, Tai Chi, Pranayama, Tai Chi, Mantras, Guided Meditations, your time is yours to explore the beautiful surroundings, try kayaking, snorkelling, cycling or simply enjoy relaxing by the beach and experience a Thai massage. Each week Island Yoga offers a variety of workshops, excursions and community activities which you can choose to partake in at an additional cost if you choose.

Meet The Facilitators

Venue   Island Yoga
Island Yoga, Venue for 4 Day Island Discovery Yoga Retreat

Island Yoga is located on a beautiful beachfront with breathtaking views of sunrise over Phang Nga bay. Due to the extreme tides, the beachfront is ideal for long strolls, sunbathing, and mediation. Swimming and snorkelling can be sought out on various other beaches on the island or on a short boat trip.

With plenty of free time during the day, you can explore remote beaches and lively markets, rice paddies and rubber plantations. This is also the time to treat yourself to a massage or take a Thai cookery course. Recreation options include swimming and snorkeling, hiking and biking, rock climbing and kayaking.

You can rent bicycles, kayaks and motor scooters at the lodge to explore the island. If you need a taxi, just speak to Ning and she’ll organize one for you!

To get to your wild and humble escape, known as Ulmar’s Nature Lodge (Island Yoga), it is easiest from Phuket. From Old Phuket town, local buses leave from the fresh market to Bang Rong Pier everyday. You can also take a tuk-tuk to the pier. Then catch the ferry to Koh Yao Noi (Manoh Pier) and enjoy a beautiful journey surrounded by turquoise blue waters. This unforgettable way of transportation will take approximately 30 minutes by speedboat or 1 hour by long tail. From there you can take a local taxi to Ulmar’s Nature Lodge. Taking an island stroll from the pier is also an option, as the Lodge is only a 10-minute walk. There will always be taxi’s waiting for you at the pier, no need to pre-arrange this.



 All yogis take the delicious and hearty breakfast at the lodge. You can also order snacks, shakes, lunch and dinner at the lodge or visit other restaurants in the village and around the island.

Thai cusisine is well known for its robust taste and flavour, while still being light and fresh. Choose from tasty salads (try the Som Tam- an authentic Green Papaya Salad!), noodle dishes such as Pad Thai, rice dishes with vegetables and spices as well as many western favourites. 

Dietary requirements are generally easy to work with in Thailand due to their focus on rice and vegetables- there is little gluten or dairy in dishes and you can always request without if need be. 

For dessert options try the mango sticky rice or black rice coconut pudding!




Find bliss, peace, tranquility and joy in this hidden slice of paradise. Wake to the sounds of jungle, practice yoga as the sun rises and spend your days exploring the natural beauty of Koh Yao Noi. With the freedom to spend your days as you please, choose adventure or relaxation-partake in optional hikes, boat trips or classes or simply lounge on the pristine white sand beaches. Island Yoga feels like a world away from everyday life and somewhere you can recharge your batteries and reconnect with your inner self. Make the most of very moment.

Kelly Fielding

Yovada Adventurer

  Phang-Nga Bay, Thailand

Koh Yao Noi. Koh Yao Noi is located in Phang Nga Bay between Phuket and Krabi. National Geographic ranked Koh Yao Noi as one of the 6 Wild and Beautiful Places to Practice Yoga. Koh Yao Noi remains a hidden gem in Thailand and all of Southeast Asia – an island largely undiscovered by mainstream tourism with beaches, friendly locals, and outstanding natural beauty. Koh Yao Noi is really the perfect retreat hideaway.

Activities available on the island include Thai cooking classes, agricultural demonstrations (rubber and fishing), kayaking, hiking, snorkelling, swimming, climbing or cycling.

With easy to access and budget transportation around Phang Nga Bay, you’ll find traveling to Koh Yao Noi simple and affordable.

Enjoy a little getaway in a place where time stands still. You are in for a memorable and wondrous adventure.

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