50Hr Origin, Evolution And The Self Training

A town of white sand beaches and stunning ocean views, Nosara is the perfect spot for a health retreat centered on personal development. Witness the soul soothing sights, sounds and ambiance of the Pacific jungle landscape and practice the life-changing art of yoga with Nexus Institute for Yoga and Wellness here in Nosara, Costa Rica.

This 50Hr Origin, Evolution and The Self Training will let you explore the roots of modern yoga scholarship. Yoga originated in Asia, but today it has become a worldwide phenomenon. In the U.S. alone, the number of Americans who self-identify as yoga practitioners has risen to 20.4 million, a 30% rise in the last four years. With interest in the health benefits of yoga booming, questions arise: Is yoga a merely physical practice for increased flexibility, stress relief, and fitness? Where did it come from? Is yoga a religion? An esoteric path of spiritual self-realization? Accurate information about modern yoga and about yoga’s philosophical origins can be difficult to access.

This program aims to introduce current research into the often blurry intersection of modern postural and classical yoga, introducing some of the leading scholars in these fields. During the retreat week, you will unearth some surprising historical, religious and cultural influences that have shaped yoga in its present day forms. Together, you and the team will gain a better understanding of yoga's origins and evolution with particular attention to the catalysts that have provoked change over the years. You will study the early practices of the renunciate yogis, the impact of British colonialism, the spread of yoga outside the east, and finally the modern adaptations that continue to re-define yoga today. Having identified some of the threads of classical yoga philosophy, modern posture practice, and how others have defined yoga through the centuries, you will examine your own philosophical and spiritual beliefs, answering the questions: How am I making meaning of yoga within the bigger context of my life?How is my yoga experience influenced by my own beliefs and culture? How do I assist others in integrating or reconciling yoga with their personal beliefs and cultural landscapes?

In this 50-hour training for yoga teachers and practitioners, you will cultivate a climate of inquiry with self, with one another, and with the origin and evolution of yoga today. The cost of this retreat includes your accommodation, course materials, and tuition.

What is included

  • Course Material
  • Accommodation


This 50-hour YTT can be credited to the Nexus Institute 300-hour Yoga Teacher Certification, Nosara Yoga Institute 1000-Hour Master Educator Certification, or the 50 Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits CEUs.

Meet The Facilitators

Venue   Nexus Institute for Yoga and Wellness

Nexus Institute for Yoga and Wellness is a registered yoga school and a continuing education provider through the Yoga Alliance. It is the result of the shared vision of Janel Schullo and Horace Usry. Janel and Horace met in the Pacific Coast jungle of Costa Rica in 2013. Both came to teach in a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. They soon became close friends and then partners. They shared their visions for their own yoga school during walks on the Pacific Coast at sunset and during long soaks in the beautiful tropical tide pools. They arrived in Costa Rica from two tautly different backgrounds. Janel had spent over twenty years in a cloistered Catholic monastery as a Nun in Connecticut. Horace had spent over twenty years in Investment Banking in several cities in the US and London. Both became ardent practitioners of yoga and students of yoga philosophy. Their walks and talks became the genesis of the Nexus Institute for Yoga & Wellness. 

Nexus Institute offers 200-hour and 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certifications and yoga continuing education for yoga teachers and practitioners in Nosara, Costa Rica, and around the world. They are committed to providing a safe, sacred and nurturing environment that allows each participant to cultivate and improve their own yoga and teaching style. Nexus Yoga provides an environment that sparks personal growth relative to the Self, others and a personal Higher Power. Each participant is a blessing to the program, contributing their own unique individual expression and creativity. Nexus graduates are uniquely qualified to share their own personal teaching styles upon graduation through yoga asana classes and their own developed spiritual wisdom.

Nexus Institute for Yoga and Wellness is located on Playa Guoines in the town of Nosara on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. The property features an expansive canopy-level vaulted ceiling yoga studio, two kitchens and a private pool. They are a two hour drive from Liberia International Airport (LIR) and a four to five hour drive from the capital city of San Jose (SJO). You may also fly from San Jose (SJO) or Liberia (LIR) to Nosara on Nature Air or Sansa. The team would be glad to arrange airport transfers or help with your travel arrangements.



During your orientation for this retreat, you will be toured around the local restaurants and organic grocery options available in the area. During your free time, you can explore nearby dining options or you can take advantage of Nexus Institute’s daily organic vegan meal-plan. Discover the goodness of fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables as you can cook stunning tropical meals straight from the market to the well-equipped kitchens of Nexus Institute to the dining table. You can’t get any fresher than that!




Discover your truest self as you take the journey of the origins of yoga with Nexus Institute in this 50Hr Origin, Evolution and The Self Training. You will learn more about the historical, religious, and cultural influences that has shaped yoga and during the process, you will discover the meaning of yoga within the bigger context of life. This class, that will introduce you to the evolution of yoga, will also reflect your own personal evolution, not only in this spiritual practice, but also in life. Dont miss this unique retreat and the opportunity to dive deeply into yoga in a way you have never experienced before.


Yovada Explorer

  Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

The peaceful seaside town of Nosara is a world-class destination for surfing and eco-tourism. It is a perfect base to explore the magical coastline and hinterland of Costa Rica. Experience the joy of watching sea turtles lay their eggs, get face-to-face with exotic wildlife, try floating a kayak down a lazy river, or taking your first surf or paddle board lesson. 

The town is lined with healthy cafes and yoga studios and the community is an eclectic mix of locals and expats who have decided to call Nosara home. It is one of the few coastal towns that lacks nearly any development on the beach, meaning it is the perfect tranquil location to watch one breathtaking sunset.

The Nosara region is located on the North Pacific Coast of the Nicoya Peninsula, about 100 miles west of the capital, San Jose, and consists of five beachfront towns: Playa Nosara, Playa Garza, Playa Guiones, Playa Pelada, and Playa Ostional. The Ostional Wildlife Refuge borders Nosara and is the largest Olive Ridley turtle nesting site in the world. The Nosara and Montana Rivers are two of the longest in Costa Rica and are also teeming with wildlife. 

Just 100 miles west, Nosara is reachable from the San Jose International Airport and 2 hours South from Liberia International airport. You can also reach Nosara easily via shuttle, car, and buses. Once in the Nosara area there are roads and buses connecting the different beach towns.