7 Day Balance & Bliss Yoga Retreat

Regain balance and restore your bliss with Suncokret's classic holistic yoga retreat program. Suncokret welcomes you to retreat in the charming village of Dol Sveta Ana, a pristine 12th Century hamlet discretely nestled into the verdant brush & pinewood forest. This is the ideal place to retreat let go and enjoy the simple things in life.

The demands of daily life in the 21st century can be extremely overwhelming and energy-depleting. If you are feeling totally tapped-out or simply lacking inspiration and fresh direction, then it's high time to tap-into the inner and outer sources of natural energy that can restore you back to balance and help you tune into your natural state, which is one of bliss! Reach your highest potential with this classic Suncokret holistic yoga retreat recipe.

This holistic yoga retreat program offers a balancing blend of integrated holistic yoga sadhana, guided nature exploration, two daily delicious and nutritious organic meals, evening meditations, and daily time-out each day to recharge your batteries in whatever way suits you best!

After the morning yoga session and brunch have concluded,the day is yours to fill as you please. Daydream in a hammock under the olive tree, soak up the sun rays in a corner of the garden, unleash your artistic vision using our dedicated art supplies, borrow an inspiring book from the spiritual or travel-and-leisure library, or curl up on one of the sofas with a fresh cup of herbal tea chatting with a retreat mate. This retreat is about YOU! 

Within the light daily schedule there is plenty of time to refresh yourself fully by exploring the beautiful island abundantly fascinating with its wide range of ancient towns, quaint villages, gorgeous beaches, and healthy pinewood forests. Take advantage of the complimentary daily transfer service, or explore on your own by foot, bike, scooter or car rental. 

The program is suitable for everyone in need of a sacred shelter in which to explore the body, mind, and soul. 

Your retreat program includes your accommodation, 4 times a week 90-minute sessions of yoga, two daily delicious and nutritious organic meals, guided nature exploration and a 30-minute guided meditation sessions in the evenings. There are plenty of additional services and therapies on offer if you choose to partake.

* This personalized retreat program comes complete with flexible booking options that enable you to join us according to your availability within the dates given. Sign up for a minimum 2-night stay and stay as long as the program dates are available.

What is included

  • Yoga Props
  • Mats
  • Accommodation
  • 2 Meals
  • Vegetarian
  • Yoga
  • Facilities Access
  • Meditation
  • Local Shuttle

Meet The Facilitators

Venue   Suncokret Dream Body and Soul Retreat Center

Enjoy your stay Suncokret's charming complex of restored farm cottages for a homey, authentic Dalmatian experience during your retreat time.

Located only minutes away from the island's major attractions, yet peacefully tucked away from bustling tourist towns, St. Anna provides an ideal escape from ordinary life to an extraordinary organic haven. 

Situated in the east valley of Dol in Hvar island, Dol Sveta Ana is often compared to Provence and Tuscany, with its sprawling vineyards, noble olive groves, fragrant lavender plantations, fertile fields, and charming stone cottages, so eloquently framed by the distant blue sea and open sky. The village is brought to life by the colorful sounds of friendly sun-kissed locals and their range of hearty farm animals going about their day-to-day lives. 

Located only minutes away from the island's major attractions, yet peacefully tucked away from bustling tourist towns, St. Anna provides an ideal escape from ordinary life to an extraordinary organic haven.

The nearest town, Stari Grad, is located 2 km. from Suncokret. The journey to Stari Grad takes about 40-minutes on foot, 10-15 minutes by bike, and only 5-minutes by scooter or car (rental options available in Stari Grad).



Suncokret Dream ensures that the guests will have the best retreat experience in Hvar island as possible by providing them with great programs, and healthy meals that will feed your hungry souls and nourish your appetites. A light welcome snack of fresh seasonal fruit and nuts (or perhaps local cheese, bread and spreads) awaits you in this journey, followed by a dinner and Welcome Circle in the evening. Enjoy delicious, nutritious, and fresh vegetarian Croatian meals made with love and expertise by chef Stipe. 

Spend your weekday brunches in the beautiful garden after a long and fun yoga practice. Brunch usually consists of fresh seasonal fruit, nuts, warm and cold cereals, fresh farm eggs, local bread and/or pastries, veggie and cheese spreads, yogurt and milk, organic rice and almond milk. Dinners served from Monday to Thursday, usually consist of a soup and a salad starter, followed by a main dish. Suncokret will provide you with meals that are predominantly made up from fresh, and home-grown organic island ingredients, all prepared and carefully crafted with its own delightful taste. Since dinner is not served at the retreat on Friday evenings, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy a celebratory dinner together in an authentic Dalmatian restaurant, either prior or post the scheduled tour.




This is the perfect little getaway for you to find peace, space and relaxation in an inspiring and breathtaking location. Suncokret offer you their 'BnB'- Balance and Bliss retreat, which combines the perfect light schedule of yoga and mediation with plenty of free time for you to fill in as you please. Simply relax in the lovely grounds or venture around the island and take in the sights and pleasures. There are plenty of additional therapies, activities and more you can choose from if you want to try something new. Enjoy healthy cuisine, lovely rooms and some time dedicated to filling your own cup.

Melanie H

Yovada Wellness Advocate

  Hvar Island, Croatia

Being one of the oldest places on the Hvar island, Dol is a small, quiet and picturesque village filled with old stone houses and surrounded by pine trees and cultivated fields. Stone paved courtyards, taverns, village churches and chapels, green landscapes and meditative silence disturbed only by an occasional bird chirping makes this peaceful village a fairytale kind of place. 

Dol is spread across two valleys – Dol of St. Mary in the west and Dol of St. Anna in the east. A beautiful green hillock with the church of St. Michael the Archangel on its top divides the two valleys. This neighborhood remains unpopulated much of the year, providing deep peace and tranquility for tourists. During summer months, however, the village tends to fill up with holidaymakers, including natives taking up residence in their ancestral summer cottages that have been in the family for generations. 

The village features two local restaurants and a local cafe with WIFI access within walking distance from the retreat. There are no shops, banks or ATM's, and post offices, so please plan ahead, though there is plenty of pure nature with inviting footpaths to explore and unlimited supplies of fresh air to help you relax and disconnect from the stresses of city life.