Rhodes island is one of the best kitesurfing destinations of Europe. The near constant wind, warm and safe waters, beautiful beaches and amazing climate of this island have made it famous for wind and water sports. This also means, it’s the ideal place to learn how to kite surf. 

This Kite Center offers a complete beginner's course for those of you who want to try the thrill of kite-surfing with the safety needed for first-timers. Under the guidance of the team's seasoned instructors, you will be guided from your first steps until you're able to ride the waves by yourself. This course comes with everything that you might need in order to enjoy the waves!

The camp is situated right near the waterfront, a couple of minutes away from the nearest town, giving you the a relaxing vacation near the sea as well comfort and accessibility.

This package includes 7 days accommodation in the guest house, full beginners kitesurf course, IKO certification (card), Greek BBQ night and free bicycle use.

Surf lessons will last up to 12 hours with all the necessary equipment provided to take you from a beginner to a pro in no time. ​



Rhodes, Greece
Available all year round


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    Available all year round
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Meals are not provided during your stay. Full all-day access to the fully equipped kitchen of the house or the BBQ facilities is offered in order to prepare your meals. When on the beach, you may have food delivered.​

Greek food is one of the staples of the Mediterranean cuisine. Using a wide selection of herbs, spices and local stock, you'll most commonly encounter dishes composed of vegetables, olive oil, grains such as barley, wine, and meat. Some of the local staples you can try is the local greek salad called horiatiki, or skordalia, a puree made of tomatoes and nuts for a quick energy boost.


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  • Daily Breakfast
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian


Shared Room at WetSkillz Kite Center

Shared Room

This room comes with all the comforts that you'd want for a place to rest after a long day of windsurfing: a small kitchen, TV, air-conditioning and private bathroom and balcony for the best view of the waves you'll be riding later.

Aside from that, the shared areas are also suited for relaxing or bonding with your fellow surfers. Grab a drink from the bar, order one of the many delicious meals we have to offer from the kitchen, or even just laze around and take in the sun and sights around the area.



Rhodes, Greece

Tholaros Beach is located on the west coast of the island, near the old centre of Tholos. The town itself is built in traditional Rhodian style, with tall shuttered buildings and narrow streets. The picturesque church of Agios Spiridonas, with its lovely white bell tower is among its many attractions. Tholaros itself is well-known for being one of the best local beaches to go kitesurfing. At Tholaros beach, you will enjoy swimming, sunbathing and sports at a huge sandy beach, with nice crystal clear sea, well organized and great for windsurfers.

Rhodes is one of the largest and most fertile of the Greek Islands, and is one of the most visited because of its combination of beaches, archaeological sites, and extensive medieval town. The climate is particularly good, with the weather typically sunny and mild.

The island is served by Rhodes International Airport. The airport is situated on the west coast about 14 km from Rhodes Town.

Venue   WetSkillz Kite Center
WetSkillz Kite Center, Venue for 7 Day Beginner Surf Camp

Positioned exactly near the waves where you want to be, near the airport and several minutes away from the town of Theologos, WetSkillz Kite Center is nestled in the perfect spot where you can enjoy both the sights of the nearby area and the waves of the shore.

The guest house is spacious with apartments that are fitted to be your home away from home, allowing you to get the best value out of your stay. With delicious food and activities planned beyond just riding the waves, this is a stay where you'll feel that you're in the right place to both try new things and enjoy your time away.

The kite station and the guest house share the same area, where the waters and meltemi winds await you just outside the front door in Tholaros beach. The guest house offers spacious apartments equipped with small kitchen, TV, air conditioning, wi-fi, private bathroom and balcony. There is a Lounge area where you can relax while your partners are riding, or you can have a drink from the bar, or even taste the homemade greek cuisine in the kitchen. The guesthouse is located just 5 minutes away from airport, Theologos village and 20 min from Rhodes town.