Stay in a mud hut or a hip treehouse, beside the wetlands of a beautiful large lake, not far from the beach and near to the world famous Yala National Park.

Give your body, mind and soul the proper elements it needs to heal from stress and the burdens of everyday living.

Rediscover yourself in the spiritual experience of escaping from everyday life into the blissful embrace of serene nature. Learn to engage body, mind and soul in a package that features the ancient practice of yoga, meditation and anti-stress therapy for deep relaxation, reconnection and rejuvenation.

Balance the yin with the yang as you experience exciting cycling tours, wildlife safaris, visits to sacred sites, spellbinding culture and the best of Mother Nature. Enjoy mouthwatering local cuisine and unique accommodations that place you right in the treetops in the most comfortable and inspiring of ways.

Enjoy yoga, meditation and diverse experiences at this venue run on the principle of sustainability, from it's accommodation, food, toiletries to the community integration. All speak to it's commitment to conserve nature and community.

This package includes your lovely accommodation, full-body Ayurveda massages, meditation sessions, cycle tours, anti-stress therapy, visits to the Yala Safari park. Prepare to feel deeply restored with this special getaway in beautiful Sri Lanka.



Southern Province, Sri Lanka
Available all year round


  • Hatha
  • Kundalini
  • Restorative
  • Dynamic


  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan

Skill Level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


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    Available all year round
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All meals are included in this retreat, as well as cooking demonstrations and two very special meals served by the lake.

This retreat is all about experiencing the rich diversity and splendour of Sri Lanka's culinary scene. Delectable cuisine is served to you using only the freshest organic ingredients plucked straight out of the verdant gardens. Their carefully curated menu guarantees that every bite will be an explosion of flavour and stimulate your senses.

Celebrate local fare daily, by enjoying wholesome and delicious organic meals prepared by local culinary geniuses who aim to delight you with the authentic tastes of their homes. You can also kick back and ‘chillax’ at the rustic pool bar with liquid refreshment including fresh juices and mocktails any time of day or night.


  • Excursion
  • WiFi Internet
  • Pool
  • All Meals
  • Accommodation
  • Spa
  • Ayurveda
  • Massage
  • Meditation
  • Tour
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan


Tree House at Saraii Village

Tree House

Step away from reality and step into the fantasy of living wild and worry-free, surrounded by the natural world.

Each tree house suite is perfectly suited for a solo traveller or for a group of friends. It features two floors with an extra-large bed and inbuilt bathroom upstairs, plus a large spacious lounge downstairs.​
Mud Chalet at Saraii Village

Mud Chalet

Put yourselves in the shoes of the locals and enjoy an authentic village living experience. Each of the two suites has its own individual charm and character – one facing the rising sun and surrounded by gardens of organic fruit and vegetables. 

Sri Lankan village homes are typically crafted on the foundation of sustainability and the architecture borrows a page from that book. Complete with mud walls that literally breathe and help maintain a cool interior during the heat of the day, and with the luxury of privacy and space with enormous beds just waiting for you to sink into them.

Superior Tree House at Saraii Village

Superior Tree House

All it takes is a ladder climb to discover why the Superior Tree House is a firm favourite amongst guests of all ages. Built on a sturdy old Palu tree, it sits majestically at 25 feet above ground like something out of a fairy tale. It features 2 floors to shelter up to 4 people in the most magical ambiences, providing a sense of both safety and an escape for your inner child. Perfect for families with kids or small groups, it is beloved for its breathtaking views and the thrill that comes with it.



Southern Province, Sri Lanka

Weerawila is a small village home to one of the most popular locations for safari tours. Over 200 species of birds can be found gliding through its skies, while over 40 species of mammals traverse the ground below. You can find these animals at different establishments, such as the Weerawila Bird Sanctuary, Bundala National Park, and Yala National Park. There are also boat rides through the majestic Weerawila lake. Perfect for views of the dawning sun.

Weerawila has it's very own airport, but it only caters to domestic flights. Otherwise, assuming you are coming from Colombo, you can travel by bus or car.

Venue   Saraii Village
Saraii Village, Venue for 7 Day Rejuvenate Mind, Body & Soul Retreat

Hidden beneath a canopy of trees deep in the heart of Tissamaharama, “Saraii Village” is a private resort featuring a series of mud chalets designed to imitate the open air concept of rural homes in the locale. However, the highlights of the property and a firm favorite with guests of all ages, are the magical tree houses, built especially for the wild at heart.

Saraii is built on the principles of sustainability; and everything about Saraii from its accommodation, to food, to community based experiences, to its toiletries, speak of its commitment to conserve nature and support local culture.

The quaint little neighborhoods dotted around Saraii are a visitor’s delight; their residents as full of quirks and stories as the locality itself. From jovial fishermen and loud, charismatic street vendors to gentle ladies selling curious artisanal handicrafts, the villagers each offer an exciting and new experience for you to look back to once you arrive home. It would be a shame to end your holiday without trying the exotic local products, such as the famous and delicious silky buffalo curd.

Saraii Village is located in Tissamaharama, in a prime spot amongst other Tissamaharama hotels, not far from world famous Yala National Park where you see a variety of animals including the leopard, elephants, sloth bear, crocodiles, samber dear.. It is also about 30 mins away from Kataragama, which is one of the most famous religious sites in Sri Lanka. This area is famous for the beautiful lakes and ancient temples, and is also known as "Yala gates". Saraii is Sri Lanka’s première eco resorts nestled inside a private man-made forest in the middle of the dry zone.

Please book your flight to arrive at Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport (HRI).