This retreat takes place in a quiet untouched part of the island. Take a walk through the rainforests and appreciate Earth's natural beauties. In the middle of it all, experience one of Indonesia's first agricultural resorts. 

Spend one week immersing yourself in yoga sessions, sports activities, and the beautiful surrounds. Explore enchanting Balinese culture and fascinating traditions through a great array of activities, such as a tour to Pucak Mangu Temple, farming lessons, yoga in nature, and a Balinese massage. You will be given the option of a cycling tour or trek. You will also choose from a tour to a waterfall, Botanical Gardens or Hot Springs. 

This Sports and Yoga Retreat includes your seven nights accommodation, a welcome massage (thirty minutes foot and shoulder), daily yoga sessions, daily breakfast meals and healthy juice, daily vegetarian dinners, a tour around the local area.

Plus your schedule of -

Balinese massage

Foot reflexology

Purification ceremony

Sightseeing tour

3 sports activities



Bali, Indonesia
Available all year round


  • General
  • Hatha
  • Restorative
  • Vinyasa
  • Dynamic
  • Power


  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

Skill Level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Details
    Available all year round
    Best Price Guarantee
    Free Cancellation*


Daily breakfast and vegetarian dinners are included in your retreat. The chef takes the freshest Balinese agricultural products and uses old-world cooking principles to create seasonal, delicious foods that are bold, yet light and distinct.

Some highlights from their menu include their Organic Garden Salad, Vegetable Spring Roll, Gluten-free Vegan Tempeh Burger and Raw Chocolate Mousse. 


  • Excursion
  • Pool
  • Accommodation
  • 2 Meals
  • Massage
  • Spa Treatment
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Yoga


Private Room at Bagus Agro Pelaga

Private Room

Secluded in a private corner of the resort, the villas offer privacy in the midst of a tropical forest. The accommodation has a private terrace and an adjoining swimming pool. It is spacious, having a total room size of 41 sq. m. with the amenities you will be needing for your baths, snacks, lounges, and sleep. Enjoy this luxury on your own or with your loved one.
Premium Private at Bagus Agro Pelaga

Premium Private

Each of these Villas offer a peaceful and a quiet environment where you can enjoy the expansive space of pure luxury. It is a haven of serenity and heavenly landscapes that were inspired by nature and the rich heritage of the land, an ideal family retreat or honeymoon hideaway.

With this accommodation, you’ll get to enjoy an astonishing view from your private balcony, tea & coffee making facilities, complete bathroom amenities and a minibar. Extra beds and a safety box are available upon request.


Bali, Indonesia

Petang is located 800 meters above sea level, about 45 kilometers north of Denpasar at the northern most point of Badung Regency. Plaga / Petang Village presents interesting agrotourism areas due to their intact ecology. Their vast horticulture of vegetable, coffee, vanilla, corn and more add to the beauty of the sights and their charming atmosphere. Venture into mixed-crop coffee gardens with local farmers and watch the organic coffee making process unfold. Coffee almost runs in the veins of the people here and you’ll gain in-depth insight into the work involved in filling your coffee cup and the behind the scenes issues of staying afloat in the coffee business.

Stay the village overnight if you like and steal out into the morning fog to look for native birds with local explore bamboo thickets, native forest and jungle-like gardens. Find out which plants are used for what, and community strategies for conserving their local resources.

This village offers a rural atmosphere that is still beautiful with the native plants and horticulture which includes a variety of vegetables and fruits, terraced rice fields with the river Ayung the holiday that will deliver some rafting to enjoy the beautiful natural countryside. 

To get to Petang Village by car from Ngurah Rai International Airport takes around 1.5 hours drive

Venue   Bagus Agro Pelaga
Bagus Agro Pelaga, Venue for 7 Night Sport & Yoga Retreat

Set in 18 hectares in central Bali, you will find an eco-friendly property that nurtures the environment whilst maintaining the lavish experience your break deserves. The inspiration of this property comes from the “Tri Hita Karana”, meaning harmony with people, God and nature—an ancient Balinese philosophy the family of the Bagus Discovery Group firmly holds onto.

More than 17 hectares are used strictly for organic farming and manufacturing, providing a variety of healthy and organic food such as fruits and vegetables. You get to enjoy these fresh products through the many dishes in their menu. The site caters to both those wanting a private experience and families wanting to spend holiday close to nature. You have many options to choose from: one of their 30 country-style farm houses and 16 farm villas surrounding the swimming pool and 2 bedroom pool villas overlooking the green valley. If you want to take bond with nature further, you can borrow one of their tents and camp out. Tranquility amidst harmonious tropical greenery also makes Bagus Agro Pelaga a perfect honeymoon destination for couples to celebrate their romance.

To reach the venue from Ngurah Rai International Airport, it would take about 2 hours by car. You have three routes to follow, but all eventually merge into Jl. Clung Wanara. From there, it’s just a straight drive north until you finally arrive at the venue. If you don’t have a car available, buses and taxis are abundant in the area and will help you along your way. However, do note that Bagus Argo Pelaga offer airport transfers. You only need to contact them as they are more than happy to help.