7 Night Offshore Yoga Retreat In Morocco


The fusion of mind and body is a practice that has been honed through time - and one of the modern expressions of this discipline is the combination of surf and yoga - two activities that reinvigorate you and re-energise your spirits.

This retreat brings this unique experience by starting off each day with a 60 minute dynamic Anusara yoga class to awaken your body and mind, to prepare you for a long yet fun day ahead. Rejuvenate your mind with the 14 total Anusara yoga classes throughout the week.

After a healthy breakfast, train your body by riding the waves with the ISA-certified instructors that will help you improve your form, give you insight on the best waves, and enrich your surfing experience!

Before dinner, become immersed in your restorative yin yoga practice, to bring a sense of total wellbeing to your mind and body. Focussing on getting to know your body, you will learn to take care of your body by giving it exactly what it needs.

Enjoy over 15 hours of surf coaching across 6 days of 2 sessions each, with transportation to the best surf spots and all the equipment you might need, as well as on-hands coaching and mentorship from their expert surfers!

This package is inclusive of your accommodation, daily breakfast and lunch meals, 6 dinners provided, and Agadir transfers.



Agadir, Morocco
Available all year round


  • Dynamic
  • Restorative


  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

Skill Level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
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    Available all year round
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There's room for every palate in Morocco, and the retreat caters to every taste. Even in the middle of a country renowned for its meat and stew, there are plenty of vegan options available to those who want to enjoy something light yet filling for a day out in the surf!

Enjoy packed beach lunches full of beans, lentils, chickpeas and much more, all bursting with spinach, leafy greens, seeds, nuts and veggies! 

Sample one of thee favourite lunchtime meals - Avocado and spinach salad with cherry tomatoes, red pepper, cucumber, raisins, sesame, flax and pumpkin seeds, drizzled with olive oil, half a fresh lemon and garnished with salt and pepper. You can also try this delicious and pretty smoothie bowl jam-packed with fresh fruits and chia seeds for a healthy balanced diet. 


  • Equipment
  • WiFi Internet
  • All Meals
  • Airport Transfer
  • Accommodation
  • Pool
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Local Shuttle
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Yoga


Shared Twin  at Offshore Surf and Yoga Villa

Shared Twin

Enjoy a spacious shared twin room where you will feel a genuine Moroccan stay. The shared twin room features two, cozy twin beds perfect for couples or travelers bringing company. Enjoy the traditional feel of the rooms equipped with its own bathroom with complimentary toiletries, a shower, and a hairdryer. A safe is also provided to keep your valuables locked and secure. Enjoy all the facilities such as their stunning pool and free access to WiFi.

Private Room at Offshore Surf and Yoga Villa

Private Room

Stay and have a relaxing "me time" in this luxurious private room with eccentric Moroccan design and elements. Experience the authentic Moroccan culture with vibrant colored painted walls and bright lighting. This room is equipped with its own bathroom with complimentary toiletries, a shower, and a hairdryer. A safe is also provided to keep your valuables locked and secure. Enjoy all the facilities such as their stunning pool and free access to WiFi.



Agadir, Morocco

Situated on a hillside over-looking the magnificent Atlantic ocean, Tamraght is a small berber fishing village in Agadir. With its busy port and beach resorts sprawling beneath its Kasbah, it is the country’s premier destination for sun, sand, pubs and pizza. It hits its stride on the beachfront promenade, where Moroccan street life comes with a refreshing sense of space. Arching south of the shiny white marina, the sheltered sandy beach offers clean water and sunny days all throughout the year. 

Morocco is a prime location for a surf camp with the glorious sunshine, sandy beaches and an endless coastline of surf spots for all levels. Tamraght offers a relaxed atmosphere with beach front cafes and friendly locals. Not far are the famous surf spots such as Anchor Point, Killer Point and Boilers. It is just 5 minutes from Taghazout town and a 5-minute walk from the most consistent surf spots of the entire area.

Agadir Almassira is the closest airport and you can fly there directly from various European airports. It’s just under an hour taxi away from Tamraght. Marrakech is about 3 hours away by taxi.

Venue   Offshore Surf and Yoga Villa
Offshore Surf and Yoga Villa, Venue for 7 Night Offshore Yoga Retreat in Morocco

Located in the peaceful village of Tamraght, between the mountains and the sea, is our wonderful Offshore Surf and yoga villa. Sitting in the foothills of the tranquil Anti-Atlas Mountains, we're surrounded by world-class surf spots and just minutes from our local beach and point break - Devil's Rock and Banana Point.

Our large building is full of character. It's bright, clean and spacious with plenty of vibrant colours and cosy corners. Our two stunning rooftop terraces boast panoramic views of the surrounding coastline, ocean and mountains. Equipped with hammocks, comfy sofas and greenery, it's the perfect place to chill-out post-surf and watch the waves or the stars in peace. Our upper terrace is the picturesque backdrop for our sunrise and sunset yoga classes, and the upstairs lounge and dining area is where we gather after dinner to review the day's surfing progress with photos and videos on the flat-screen tv.

Relax and replenish your energy levels with free WiFi in all rooms, a book swap and various games. Our emphasis on healthy, clean eating will leave you feeling tip top, with delicious sugar free cakes, traditional meals made with love, all plant based unless otherwise requested. Help yourself to bottomless tea, coffee and fresh lemon and ginger throughout the day. Test your balance skills with our Offshore Indo board, not only a great laugh, this will help your surfing too!

This property is in the village of Tamraght and 400 m from Imourane Beach. The property is 15 km from Agadir and 30 km from Agadir International Airport.

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