Inviting and colourful, Bodrum is an elegant seaside getaway. A district and a port city in Muğla Province, in the southwestern Aegean Region of Turkey, Bodrum is one of the most important centers of trade, art, and entertainment. Its enigmatic elegance is ever-present with its glittering marina, crowning castle, flower-filled cages, and white-plastered backstreets. 

Sianji Wellbeing Resort offers a charming combination of pleasure and wellness, offering privileged and deeply transformative services such as the 8-day Master Detox Retreat. Detox gives your body a chance to get rid of unwanted toxins, and to repair and rejuvenate on a deep level by halting the digestive process. This retreat will give you an opportunity to do a traditional juice fast with special juice blends and herbs, colon cleansing, and a 100% alkaline diet which will cleanse your body and your blood from the acidic environment and prevent illness and disease in the body. 

The retreat package includes your master detox program, accommodation in suites or villa, detox gifts, body analysis, detox specialist consultancy, introduction to detox seminar on arrival, healthy living seminars, DVD nights of healthy lifestyle, all detox juices, detox salads, gourmet raw dishes and detox supplements , unlimited detox soup, unlimited fruit teas and herbal tea, PH 10 water, angel of water (self service colon cleansing with open system machine), fitness centre access, yoga and pilates classes, stretching, table tennis and basketball, jogging with specialist, access to tennis court, aqua gym, steam room, sauna, turkish bath, beach, indoor and outdoor pools, and Thalasso pool or heated seawater.

Sianji believes that mind, body and spirit are dynamically interrelated. Well-Being encompasses all parts, not just the physical body. Find balance in your life by nurturing your whole person with the assistance of a superior team and luxury environment at Sianji Wellness Resort.

What is included

  • Accommodation
  • Air-Con Room
  • Fitness Centre
  • Pool
  • Equipment
  • Yoga Props
  • Spa
  • Course Material
  • All Inclusive
  • Facilities Access
  • Health Consultation
  • Pilates
  • Raw Food
  • Steam Room
  • Yoga


Meet The Facilitators

Venue   Sianji Well-Being Resort

In the depths of the nature embracing the deep blue sea, Sianji offers a charming combination of pleasure and wellbeing. Offering privileged services in the hotel and residences composed of suites and villas, Sianji sets forth a different reason for everybody 12 months a year. Whether you are looking for a different wellbeing experience with the local flavor, a unique leisure holiday with different restaurant concepts, Sianji offers it all to you.

Having over 20 years of experience with tourism investments, Sianji Group of Companies’ Sianji Hotels management division positioned Sianji on a 40.000 square meter land in Bodrum, Turkey. Sea-dominating Sianji has 23 King Suites, 20 Junior Suites 28 Pool Villas, 4 Penthouse, 1 Honeymoon Suite deep down in a waterfall and 63 Residences, all of which have different concepts. After selecting the room that will meet your taste and vacation expectations, you can also select your delightful gourmet tastes in restaurants composed of 3 different cuisines.

King Suites of Sianji introduces 7 different concepts from in a wide range from the Far East to the British style. Each King Suite opens doors to a discrete realm. King Suites were prepared in duplex, attaching particular importance to the comfort of the guests who can spend pleasant hours by the fireplace after dinner or enjoy the sea view in Jacuzzi in the bedroom. You can sunbath against the sea on the wide terrace of the roof. Vast sea views dominating all King Suites are exhilarating while also beckoning rest.

Sianji's Muu SPA & Sianji Life Wellbeing Center, intends to improve natural life quality of the guests with the healthy living and detox programs 12 months a year. There are 3 full board wellness programs offered by Sianji. The center is situated on a 3000 square meter space. It shelters a Raw Food Restaurant that serves gourmet raw food dishes freshly prepared or dehydrated with local flavors and products. Guests also attend the rich variety of activities in Sianji's activity program, which include both mental and physical relaxing activities such as Yoga, Combat Fitness, Reformer, Pilates, Aquagym, Sound Therapy, Kinesis, Teas sharing, cooking courses where you can learn how to cook the food you will eat during the program and much more. 

Sianji's team of Detox Specialists, Dietitian and Nurses are present in the center to offer consultation full time during the programs. You will be directed to do blood tests and body composition analysis before you start your wellness programs. You can hire any suite or residence at any time of the year and enjoy our healthy detox or weight loss programs accompanied by experts. Wellbeing center also offers various trendy applications such as Ozone therapy, Hydro colon therapy, Corpo, Colemma (Angel of Water), Skin care, and much more inside the resort.

Another distinguished spot you can treat yourselves is Muu Spa, which offers a set of different alternatives such as Asian massages, traditional Turkish bath, Turkish body scrubbing, foam massage, VIP bath and family bath. Guests can use VIP bath if they wish and have a chocolate, champagne bath in Jacuzzi in VIP massage rooms after the massage.

Elani Beach Club and Mediterranean Restaurant are for those who are after a gourmet experience where you can relax. Sianji introduces a different sense of entertainment as they merge an amazing atmosphere and gourmet taste concepts from the Mediterranean countries at Elani Beach Restaurant.

Sianji is located in Kadıkale Region of Bodrum, situated 3 km from Turgutreis Town surrounded by islands of Kos and Kalimnos by the west end of Bodrum. The land of the Sianji is at the seafront between the Kadıkale Resort Hotel next to the historical Kadıkalesi and the Yasmin Resort Hotel. If travelling by car, continue 20 km. on the main street after passing Bodrum. When you arrive to Turgutreis make a right from the second traffic light. Keep going another 4 km. and make a left from the Sianji sign.



Sianji's cuisine represents a fusion of healthy living and gourmet cuisine experience all at one place. One can find very different and distinguished tastes at Sianji as Sianji presents a variety of different tastes. A new gourmet experience can be lived at the Elani Beach Restaurant as a la carte service, or on the other hand, healthy food specialties and trendy raw food cuisine a la carte menu is presented to you at our Wellness Restaurant. Last but not least, Nunu restaurant is Sianji's open buffet restaurant where you can taste wide variety of both healthy and fusion dishes from all over the world chosen for you during summer.

During this retreat, you will be doing a traditional juice fasting with special juice blends and herbs and a 100% alkaline diet. Sianji's Alkaline Diet Restaurant is a la minute restaurant serving 80% Alkaline, 20% Acidic food. Eiffel is cafe style restaurant which has a spacious sitting lounge and eating lounge with sea views. There is also Enbu, Sianji Life Cafe Raw Food Restaurant and Juicebar; a lounge for you, detox and regular guests where you can chill and have your meals, juices and shakes. It is a spacious area next to the indoor pool area with also amazing sea views.




A vast space of green gardens and blue seas, Sianji's offers the ideal location and inspiration to start your detox retreat. This 8 day detox retreat will give you the opportunity to enjoy raw living food and healthy detox juices that will remove toxins from the body and will re-energize and re-invigorate your body, mind and soul. This healthful fasting process is also supplemented by the great range of treatments, facilities and support on offer throughout your stay. Teaming up with Sianji's health experts, this retreat will offer you a clean and exciting slate from which to launch forwards in your life feeling brighter and better than ever before.

Marionne B.

Yovada Wanderer

  Bodrum Peninsula, Turkey

The beautiful Bodrum Peninsula suits holidaymakers interested in a subdued and relaxing atmosphere. Enchanting villages, with guest-houses and small hotels on quiet bays of the peninsula. To the south, tangerine orchards and olive groves are now giving way to popular tourist developments. Every settlement had its own boatyard, reminiscent of the days when people built their own vessels in their orchards.

Located on the southern coast of Bodrum Peninsula, Bodrum is fascinating place as it features a contrast between the Ancient city - where there are discernible fragments everywhere in the town -and a playground for rich Turks and an array of foreign visitors. There are many landmarks, museums, and galleries that can be seen in Bodrum like the Bodrum Castle, the Bodrum Amphitheatre, the Windmills in Bodrum, and the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology.

Bodrum-Milas airport is 35 km away from Bodrum and many flight companies operate charter flights to Bodrum in Summer season. There are also Dalaman and Izmir Airports which are 3 hours far away from Bodrum.