Ecuador  |  Santa Elena

28 Day 200Hr Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training

May 30 - Jun 26, 2021 | Nov 1 - 28, 2021

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Ecuador  |  Santa Elena
Peru  |  Sacred Valley

21 Day 200Hr Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training in Peru

Jun | Sep | Nov | Dec

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Peru  |  Sacred Valley
Peru  |  Sacred Valley

21 Day 200Hr Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training

Mar 31 - Apr 20, 2022

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Peru  |  Sacred Valley

Discover the Best Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) Retreats & Yoga Certifications

If you feel the desire to deepen your practice & understanding and to become a yoga teacher then you are sure ready to start this journey.

A yoga course will reveal to you the philosophy of yoga and give you more practical experience to go on to further deepen your knowledge & practice.

Yoga teacher training intensive retreats have grown in numbers and popularity.

But how to choose which yoga training course is right for you?

What to consider when choosing a yoga teacher training
1. Where to go for your Yoga Teacher Training (YTT)

There are so many beautiful places around the world that you can complete your yoga certification.

Where do you want to go?
Yoga Teacher Training Retreats in the Tropics

Undoubtedly this is a great option with so many yoga schools offering diverse yoga courses.

In the Americas there are awesome trainings in Costa Rica and Mexico.

Just check the weather for the time of year so you dont hit the monsoon where you are.

Over in Asia consider Bali or Thailand maybe.

Or think about......

India, birthplace of yoga and with the holy city Rishikesh where you can truly immerse yourself in your spiritual journey.

Or maybe you would prefer the energy and freedom of the beach and the ocean's horizon.

If so check out Yoga teacher training in Goa for affordable options.

Where else?

There are also great courses in Europe, top picks would be between Spain, Portugal or Italy.

Or on the other side of the world in the Americas consider Peru and Guatemala.

And even check out what's on in the USA.

2. The curriculum

Yoga Alliance with the yoga community has set a standard course curriculum that includes

  • yoga traditions, the lineage and history of yoga
  • yoga philosophy
  • yoga poses & postures (asanas)
  • pranayama & meditation
  • yoga anatomy and learning the body energy works
  • teaching methodologies where you discover your inner teaching voice & philosophy

The content of the modules change depending on the course and style.

Search for the course and style that you are most comfortable with.

What isn't in the curriculum?

Being vulnerable, growing off the mat, your heart opening in ways you didn't expect ... an experience of a lifetime

3. The Yoga Styles to choose from

Search for the course that touches your heart and the yoga style that you are comfortable with.

With its sequence of asanas Ashtanga is physically demanding producing internal heat.
Ideal for building core strength and preparation for even more dynamic practice.

With asanas and pranayama focus Hatha Yoga encompasses most yoga styles.
Offers a slower pace that can be a good introduction to yoga.

Vinyasa may well be the most popular yoga style in the West.
By moving from one posture to the next using breath it creates the 'flow' it is so well known for.

4. Yoga Certification Courses

Yoga Alliance has a standard for yoga trainings and furthering your education as a yoga teacher.
Deepen your practice and further your knowledge & understanding with these yoga certifications.

This is the standard intensive course everybody starts with to attain their yoga teacher certification.
The yoga school and course will meet the Yoga Alliance standard.
That doesn't mean they are all the same though.
Find the course that matches the experience you are looking for.

Furthering education after your 200 Hour course these 300 Hour yoga teacher trainings give you the opportunity to go deeper into your practice and yoga philosophy.

By completing the 300 Hour course certification you are eligible to be a RYT 500 registered yoga teacher which is the highest qualification as a yoga teacher.

Advanced Yoga Trainings for teachers looking to deepen their knowledge and foundation of yoga.

What else do you need to know?
Are the schools registered?

Every course listed here is Yoga Alliance certified. That means the school is registered and meets the requirements at each yoga training
and provides you with your yoga teacher certification.

What's included?

The majority of intensive courses are 20 days to one month long.

Most schools have different accommodation options in their pricing. 

This will generally include two meals a day, the course training and course materials,

aswell as the all important yoga teacher certification at the end.

What are the requirements to attend?

Most Yoga Alliance accredited schools ask for a minimum period of practice, at least 6 months or a year. 

For yourself if you are committed to going deeper into your practice, growing and expanding your knowledge then your desire is the only requirement.

What's the schedule like on a one month intensive yoga course?

A typical schedule starts at dawn and ends at dusk with a well earnt big break in the middle.

Its normal that there is one day off a week to stop and play.

Your practice, knowledge and flexibility will grow week by week.

We refer to these yoga courses as intensive because that's exactly what they are.

Commonly asked Questions
1. Am I ready?

If you have a desire to go deeper into your practice and expand and grow then a life changing experience awaits you.

2. How much experience is necessary?

Most of the yoga community agree that about a year is the right time although there is no correct answer here. Experimenting with different styles and teachers at the start can help. When it comes to selecting your first yoga teacher training, a program that focuses on the style that you are most comfortable with makes sense.