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Discover the Best Yoga Retreats in Europe

Europe has so much variety.

Islands in the mediterranean sea, rolling hills inland, rocky coastlines.

In southern europe you can find sleepy fishing villages and quaint coastal towns.

The cultures are so diverse and with that their cuisines too.

You can enjoy great food at the same time as getting your yoga on.

Travelling to different countries before or after is easy too so europe is on your doorstep.

So where do you want to go in Europe for a yoga retreat.

Which country and culture interests you most that you want to visit.

Are you into the history of Italy or the beaches of Portugal or Spain.

And what type of retreat, a luxury one or a more affordable option for a quick break.

Popular Destinations

Yoga Vacations in the United Kingdom

Experience the english countryside and get some yoga and meditation in at the same time.

Many of the UK yoga retreats are for short breaks like weekend getaways.

Yoga and Surf in Spain

Enjoy some yoga clases and hit the surf after.

Or maybe think about Ibiza as a great location to visit.

Unless you are already thinking about the Canary Islands?

Your really do have a good variety of places to choose from here in this one captivating country.

1. What visa do i get

Schengen Visa

You can apply for a visa that will provide you with a 90 day stay in total in all the countries who participate.

This makes it convenient to go on and travel elsewhere if you wish.

The most popular visited countries who participate are Spain, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal & Switzerland.

2. Where can I enjoy yoga and surf in Europe?

Spain and Portugal have the best surfing and beaches available. Portugal is the surf yoga mecca of europe so if you like your surfing here is where to get it on.

That doesn't mean beginners can't join in as all of the holidays cater to people new to the surf. And new to yoga too. Try it out. It will change your life.