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3 Day Yoga Vacation on a Paradise Island, Thailand

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Discover the Best Meditation Retreats in the World 2023

Your Meditation practice takes you deeper into your understanding and practice of one of the most rewarding disciplines you can choose to be involved in. The benefits to our mind and body, the healing and growth, the nourishment of the self is so beautiful and wonderful for you.

The most common components of mindfulness meditation are - a meditation practice, breathing and spiritual development, all combining to make up what we call 'mindfulness'.

The perfect place to start or further develop this activity for yourself is on one of the many meditation retreats that give you the opportunity to spend some 'time out' on this practice alone.

Wherever you are you can develop this technique, either on your own or with a group of people to support you in this journey on a meditation retreat.

The benefits of meditation are huge and you can take this one practice anywhere you go.

Once you learn and develop the skills and meditative techniques it is always available to you, wherever you are, because it's inside of you. The practice supports you and provides self-care and self-love.

There is a positive healing feedback loop for yourself. Meditative yoga is good for your concentration too.

Meditation promotes synchronicity and calmness, reduces anxiety and overcomes personal emotional blocks. It is so therapeutic for your mind, body and soul.

It is one of the most important behaviours to adopt for emotional healing.

Mindfulness meditation is such a potentially powerful tool for us all.

I pray and wish everybody could have the time to learn this, either at home or on a retreat.

Many other mindfulness practices are promoted and complemented by the activities on a meditation retreat that are great for us to adopt, such as yoga, healthy eating, good behaviour practices, and healthy patterns and regimens in our daily lives.

All of these contribute to your overall wellness.

With these lifestyle changes come clarity of the thinking mind, healing of emotional trauma and resolution of mental 'blocks', even improved bodily functions like lower blood pressure and harmony with our bodies, plus the deep breathing practice keeps us calm and in the present moment. The effect on our health and wellness is hard to overstate.


The most simple technique of meditation is easy and accessible to all of us - it is the mastering of deep breathing - in the exhalation we exhale our anxiety and stress, we practice quieting the thinking mind with exhaling.

This is known as pranayama, the breathing meditation in yoga. We breathe in peace, love, clam and acceptance.

If you have been practicing meditation for a while and would like to deepen your understanding and knowledge further, or you wish to add yoga as a physical exercise to your spiritual meditative practice, a complete wellness wellness retreat is probably the most intensive and productive way to do this.

A meditation vacation offers you the mental and physical space to focus solely on your meditation practice.

It offers you the opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge of new techniques, to develop you ability to meditate deeper and for longer, and to discover more about this wonderful discipline and yourself.

Time spent at a retreat center is a holiday too so the rewarding relaxation benefits to you of spending time in this way are astounding. Leave in a serene state with more tools and skills for you to use in your meditation sessions and classes in the future. Your mind and body will be grateful, a spiritual awakening can arise from such time spent purely on mindfulness practices.

Top Destinations to hit the mat for your Meditation 

Yoga Meditation Getaways in Costa Rica

Tropical weather, jungle beaches, mountainous rainforest national park reserves; and retreat centers running all year round in the most awe-inspiring locations for you to immerse yourself in your practice.




This spiritual land of searchers and seekers welcomes thousands and thousands of people very year on a pilgrimage for spiritual enlightenment through yoga and meditation practice. Mother India awaits you.

Attend one of the many retreat centres here which are authentic, run by groups of people who wish to spread their love of yoga and meditation. And with the added love that the venues are often eco sustainable and harmonious with their natural settings.

The island is calm, the people accepting and welcoming, the focus on hinduism, with roadside temples and daily rituals.

Make the most of the enchanting experience it can be here to spend time on yourself amidst the beauty and spirituality of the island, along with your wellness activities.

Enjoy the relaxed and accepting culture along with stunning settings for deepening your knowledge and understanding of your spiritual way of being.

For those who have been meditating for some time there are a range of retreat experiences available, most notably silent retreats which demand total silence for days. Vipassana meditation is a traditional buddhist meditation otherwise known as Insight meditation. 

This is an observation-based exploratory meditation on the mind and the bodily physical sensations.

Meditation can have a significant impact on happiness in your daily life, mainly through the emotional process of acceptance helping to make one feel  as one and connected.

The benefits to your health and well-being are extreme.

It is always a great idea to marry meditation with yoga.

Together the benefits of each discipline become more pronounced.

Each complement and promote growth in the other.

You can find meditation retreat programs that focus only on meditation and do not include yoga or yoga therapy. So if you do not practice yoga yet or for your personal reasons you are not ready or able to start then you can still find a meditation retreat that suits your needs. Many meditation centers introduce you to different meditation techniques, such as guided meditation, breathing meditation, mindfulness meditation and silent meditation retreats.

Meditation offers us the opportunity to think and act differently, to embrace change and personal growth. And to enjoy physical benefits such as decreased anxiety.

There are many living examples of these changes - of people being able to stop repetitive thoughts and behaviours; people reducing their blood pressure through daily regimens; stress levels reduced from regular meditation.

The list is endless. It is a simple cause-effect.People who practice meditation have a better day.

It's that simple.

And it's not hard to do, accessible to all and will be with you forever inside.

There is only one catch to all of this, and it isn't a big one luckily. To reap the rewards of meditation, with or without the daily practice of yoga, you will need to try to create a regular practice, a daily practice which will give you the opportunity to learn and develop meditation techniques to your benefit.

If you do wish to combine them into your daily routine then Kriya yoga is an interesting opportunity for this as meditation is a part of this practice.

You will find that it is very productive to add physical exercise into your life, you can get this from yoga but if you do not practice then it's a good idea to look for an alternative fitness training regime to combine with your meditation regimen.

Diet should not be forgotten here either. If you make the effort to consume healthy food then the mind is clearer and more susceptible to the mindfulness practices you enjoy.

If you can have a plant-based diet then all the better. And a good sleep always helps, aiding the process of meditation and helping to maintain the changes we experience from it.

Here's a quick breakdown of what we have identified as the practices that
all combine to create a happier self with mindfulness in our daily lives -

3. Exercise
4.Healthy diet
5.Good sleep

Many people think there is some spiritual uniqueness that people have to be able to meditate and live a more rewarding and satisfying life.

There is not.

It is just practice and regimens that complement and support the developing changes and experiences that come from practicing meditation. Meditation and mindfulness is open and available to all.

If you have never practiced meditation and feel it is not available to you or going to be easy for you then please do not worry.

We can help. First step to start is to devote some time to meditate. You can join a meditation retreat without any experience at all.

A good place to start would be a guided meditation retreat which provides support and learning for you.

The meditation centers often have yoga classes and other well-being activities.

Meditation Retreats Worldwide

There are retreat centers all around the world that offer mediation classes and workshops, for all types of people with all sorts of previous meditation experience.

So fear not, if you have not spent any time on meditation you can still attend and start your journey on a retreat.

A meditation retreat is so exhilarating for the mind, body and soul. Whilst there you will practice techniques in a supportive group of like-minded people, with a healthy diet plan and focused daily schedule.

The schedule on meditation alone allows you to immerse completely in the experience and keep your consciousness in the present moment.

Back at home in your daily life you will be able to start to adopt these practices, behaviours and techniques that you have learnt to go on to grow and shape your behaviours and attitudes, and feelings about yourself and others, and your relationships.

All you need to do is adopt the simple practices into your life and you will see the difference of how you think, feel and act.

Everybody will benefit.

To get you started, if you feel like today is the day to put a new meditation regimen into place, here are some simple and easily achievable techniques for you -

1. Deep Breathing, exhale anxiety and stress, and the thoughts of our busy thinking mind, inhale peace, love and acceptance.

2. Nostril breathing - breathe in one nostril and out the other, be aware of the movement of the air and your breathing.

3. Walking meditation - be aware of your steps, calm your mind with the attention on the rhythm of your steps.