Living Valley Health Retreat

Set amongst 145 acres of lush green hills, valleys and pristine countryside in the UNESCO listed Noosa Biosphere Reserve, Living Valley  Health Retreat is a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. For over 28 years, Living Valley has helped real people achieve remarkable, personal results. Whether you need time out to de-stress or a comprehensive program to deal with disease, Living Valley will give you knowledge, understanding and practical tools to optimise every facet of your health and wellbeing.

The Living Valley team includes therapists, naturopaths, carers and administrators all dedicated to providing you with a high level of genuine care and the best opportunity to heal, using the most effective therapies, information and clinical advice available. Living Valley is more than just a relaxation retreat; it is an experienced team of professional carers who exist to improve your life.

Living Valley offers you the opportunity to take a break, regain control of your health and make a fresh start. You will experience an amazing level of care from a team with a total combined service at this retreat of over 300 years. The natural beauty, the feeling of safety, the flora, the views, the kangaroos and other wildlife at Living Valley Springs makes this a truly unique Australian health retreat experience.

Kin Kin ,Queensland , Australia

Living Valley Health Retreat



3 Day Rejuvenation Getaway in Australia, Queensland
Australia  |  Queensland

3 Day Rejuvenation Getaway

Ongoing Retreat

7 Day Refreshing Power Cleanse in Australia, Queensland
Australia  |  Queensland

7 Day Refreshing Power Cleanse

Ongoing Retreat

7 Day Mental Wellness Break in Australia, Queensland
Australia  |  Queensland

7 Day Mental Wellness Break

Ongoing Retreat

7 Day Men’s Ultimate Health Transformation in Australia, Queensland
Australia  |  Queensland

7 Day Men’s Ultimate Health Transformation

Ongoing Retreat

7 Day Healthy Holiday Escape in Australia, Queensland
Australia  |  Queensland

7 Day Healthy Holiday Escape

Ongoing Retreat

14 Day Pure Detox Heaven in Australia, Queensland
Australia  |  Queensland

14 Day Pure Detox Heaven

Ongoing Retreat

14 Day Rejuvenating Healthy Holiday in Australia, Queensland
Australia  |  Queensland

14 Day Rejuvenating Healthy Holiday

Ongoing Retreat

14 Day Mental Wellness Retreat in Australia, Queensland
Australia  |  Queensland

14 Day Mental Wellness Retreat

Ongoing Retreat

14 Day Men’s Ultimate Health Transformation in Australia, Queensland
Australia  |  Queensland

14 Day Men’s Ultimate Health Transformation

Ongoing Retreat

14 Day Total Health Transformation in Australia, Queensland
Australia  |  Queensland

14 Day Total Health Transformation

Ongoing Retreat

21 Day Signature Absolute Health Retreat in Australia, Queensland
Australia  |  Queensland

21 Day Signature Absolute Health Retreat

Ongoing Retreat

21 Day Mental Wellness Retreat in Australia, Queensland
Australia  |  Queensland

21 Day Mental Wellness Retreat

Ongoing Retreat

28 Day Living Valley Absolute Health in Australia, Queensland
Australia  |  Queensland

28 Day Living Valley Absolute Health

Ongoing Retreat


I will go from here a different person than I came here. Full of life, full of hope for a healthy and much happier life. It would be unfair to single out the best staff person as they were all great each and every one of them. Thanks to all of you seems inadequate. Once again thank you all.

Ken, December 2017

Having been in and out of hospital, pumped full of drugs over the last 4 months, I leave feeling healthier after detoxing, and my mind is so much clearer and I am able to put things back into perspective. The pampering, therapies, meals, have all been done with hands of love, but it’s the caring and love shown by ALL staff that makes LVS a beacon on a mountain that shines brightly.

Shirley, December 2017

Thanks for ‘loving us’, so nice, really appreciate it. God bless you!! We’ve both really enjoyed the break, good food and health tips. Feel great eating no sugar!! Will definitely keep it to a minimum. Will be back!!

Dale & Jesse, December 2017

I will be sharing my experience at LVS with my friends and family. The detox and support are beneficial in my healing process. I felt tired when I arrived and invigorated when I left. Many thanks to all the staff for their kind manner and complete support.

Pamela, December 2017

I came to LVS unable to sleep a night without pain and unable to enjoy simple things with physical freedom. I’m going home with minimal pain, and a great management program, and with energy to continue on with my protocol. I can’t thank you enough!

Jill, December 2017

If I could offer anybody one piece of advice, if they are stuck in any kind of rut, be it physical, mental or spiritual I would tell them that a visit to Living Valley Springs is what they need for a life-changing experience. I can’t wait to return; it feels like a holiday but so empowering. I adore this place and the beautiful people that work here.

Sharon, December 2017

I was impressed by the attitude of all staff and how they went about their work. It seemed each did their role to perfection. The food was great. I had the best massage I had ever been given. Everything was so organised and well managed. People I met were inspirational! I have regained so much energy in 1 week, I will be following the guidelines given to make sure I stay on track – the detox was fabulous! Thank you.

Norma, December 2017

This is my second stay at LVS. I came back to replenish myself as I have ongoing treatment. I was welcomed back like an old friend. There were several experiences that were just like last time – perfect! I also had new ones which refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated me. It felt like stepping into the perfect family yet again. Thank you.

Annie, December 2017

I have a thorough understanding of nutrition as well as understanding the ‘why’ behind it. My acute allergies have completely gone. I was totally burnt out and am now refreshed and empowered to live a quality, balanced life. The staff are incredibly supportive and the grounds are breathtakingly beautiful.

Vanessa, December 2017

As I have said to many of my friends and family. There are certain 5-star experiences that you should treat yourself to in life… places that fill you up with their beauty, people that fill you up with kindness and nurturing, information/knowledge that fills you with hope and optimism… places that leave you feeling 100 times better than when you arrived. Living Valley Springs is one of those 5 star experiences that I want everyone to have.

Susan, December 2017

Living Valley Springs has exceeded my expectations of what it could offer. I came burnt out and wondering in what way or how LVS could help. Thanks to the treatments, detox and also help from the Naturopaths I feel I have a new beginning. I’ve been re-educated totally about the 8 laws of health and look forward to implementing them in my everyday life. A very big thank you to all the staff at LVS and for all their efforts (blood, sweat and tears) to make LVS the wonderful, nurturing place it is.

Rachel, December 2017

I would recommend this program to anybody looking for answers to a range of health problems on the proviso they are prepared to come with an open mind and are prepared to learn and expand personal growth in all sorts of ways. Thank you so much for changing my life for the better. I would love to come back. Thank you Gary and Debbie.

Michelle, December 2017

If it was not for the loving attentions and real life education that I received at the hands of such a dedicated team of professionals, I would have died over ten years ago. Instead I have enjoyed over 4000 days of life at its best. I turn 70 in March, yet I look and feel like a forty year old. I cannot thank Gary enough, and I recommend the Living Valley Springs program to everyone. Once you do it, stick to it. It really pays off.

Michael, December 2017

I've visited LVS on three separate occasions and spent a total of 5 weeks there. It feels like home. There is no pretense at this retreat. I have taken both my teenage daughters who are being treated for various auto immune issues. They also love it there. If you are serious about regaining your health or de-stressing this is the best option in Australia. I know this because I've been to four other places in both NSW and QLD.

Shauna (TA), December 2017

The Health Retreat was the best thing I did for myself in relation to weight and stress. I learnt a lot about food and myself. I highly recommend this Retreat. All the Staff and the Owner at the Retreat are very supportive, helpful and cannot do enough for you. Accommodation, Food and all the amenities are really wonderful.

Mackenzie (TA), December 2017

Even if you don't feel unwell, tired or stressed, I highly recommend Living Valley Springs as a must do. I call it maintenance, and it is a good way to check in with your body and mind, and bring balance back to your life. For me it is a life saver.

Christina (TA), December 2017

A short break to reset my mind body and soul. LVS is a perfect combination of education exercise nutrition and energy. Spent time resting walking reading boxing stretching pilates and having the most amazing meals served up to me! Thank you.

Lee (TA), December 2017

I have never ever had a more uplifting experience in my 63 years… The time spent with your beautiful professional people has had a positive impact on me now and into the future. I was uplifted by you all to experience positive changes for the better both spiritually, physically and psychologically. I can’t express the full benefits I received from you beautiful people. I thank the Lord for guiding me to the lecture in Perth last September, where I met Gary and received the message, which compelled me to search for LVS, I found you and signed both Jacque and myself up for the program.

Bill, December 2017

Thank you to ALL the staff at LVS for doing your job in such a dedicated,unassuming and dignified manner.I could not find anything to complain about,it was a meaningful, enjoyable and moving experience.I can’t yet say life-changing,as that is up to me,but I have been given the inspiration and knowhow for that.I am off to a good start though as instead of craving cigarettes and coffee I am craving water and all things healthy. I will be back,hopefully not for a detox,but for rest and rejuvenation.

Rayner, December 2017

I can’t believe how much of a turnaround I have felt after only one week!! I have done all the walks. I feel stronger physically, mentally and spiritually. I can’t wait to get home and have a go at implementing what I have learned knowing I have ongoing support from everyone at LVS. Thank you all for bringing us here. I will be commending this place to everyone!

Jess, December 2017