Nexus Institute For Yoga And Wellness

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Nexus Institute offers 200-hour and 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certifications and yoga continuing education for yoga teachers and practitioners in Nosara, Costa Rica. They provide a safe, sacred and nurturing environment that allows you to cultivate your own yoga teaching style. Upon graduation you will be uniquely qualified to share yoga asana classes and your newly developed spiritual wisdom with the world! The yoga school also offers 50 hr modules that have unique topics such as The Origin, Evolution and the Self Training. Retreats are also offered throughout the year with a healing nature, including yoga retreats, surf retreats and retreats that are based on being sober while having fun and healing. 

Deepen your personal yoga practice and become a skillful and compassionate yoga teacher with the Nexus training programs. Transform and grow in a nurturing environment that enables you to flourish as a yogi, a yoga teacher, and as a human being. The curriculum draws inspiration from modern yoga scholarship and from the lived experience of the training participants. Because of the unique perspective of each participant, the curriculum continues to evolve in service to the Nexus current global community.

The Nexus Institute for yoga and wellness is in Nosara, Costa Rica. Surrounded by breathtaking nature, your stay is ensured to be tranquil, rejuvenating and endlessly inspiring. Feel part of the community, explore the local village and coastline, take time to rest and relax and dive deeply inwards. This is your opportunity to grow and evolve in a nurturing space.

Nosara ,Nicoya Peninsula , Costa Rica


Nexus Institute for Yoga and Wellness



Costa Rica  |  Nicoya Peninsula

21 Day 200Hr Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Nov 10 - 30, 2019

Costa Rica  |  Nicoya Peninsula


I would highly recommend the Nexus Institute for their YTT 200 Vinyasa Teaching program. They teach with a scaffolding approach to build your confidence as a teacher from day one and it really helps prepare you for the final practice teach. Their Shala is incredibly beautiful, lots of natural light, stunning views of jungle scenery and plenty of room to spread out during classes. Nexus is also close to a long sandy beach which has the best sunsets!

Linda Vellis Cunningham, March 2019

The shala they've created (and continue to grow) is incredibly beautiful, and the location can't be beat. Most importantly, you can feel the love and care Horace and Janel have put into each and every detail of not only the spaces they've opened to students, but also the love and care they've put into the structure of their curriculum and their school. They and their shala radiate what yoga means in all its forms.

Jewellee Buhler, March 2019

Best training. Horace and Janell are amazing. Felt like family. Thank you so much for preparing me to teach with passion, grace and intention.

Amy B. Levy, March 2019

The 200hr training was a wonderful experience. Every student arrived with different levels of experience and plans on what they wanted to do afterwards. Everyone was accepted without judgement for where they were at and encouraged equally. Janel and Horace have a special gift of making you feel instantly accepted and that they care deeply that you reach your full potential during the training. I feel very privileged to have been on this course and would highly recommend to anyone who is thinking of doing it. I had the option of doing the course in the UK either full or part time - so grateful I chose to go to Costa Rica and soooo grateful that I chose Nexus. Although I am feeling a little apprehensive, I have no doubt that I have been very well equipped to start teaching - Thank you Janel, Horace and Bee

Elaine Robinson, March 2019

My experience with Janel and Horace at Nexus Institute was life changing to say the least. It is hard to put into words the impact this course has made on my life and I am so grateful to have had this amazing experience!

Jacy, March 2019

Nexus has changed my life for the better. I thoroughly enjoyed the two different trainings I did at Nexus, and I feel as though I am truly family with Horace and Janel. To be able to stay at their beautiful home was extremely humbling, and Horace and Janel definitely know how to make you feel loved! Would 100% recommend to anyone who is looking into taking their YTT in a jungle just a few blocks away from the ocean.

Madelaine, February 2019

Janell and Horace are extremely knowledgeable, inspirational and obviously passionate about what they do. I would recommend their teacher training to anyone!

Anita , March 2019

Completing my 200-hour yoga teacher training at Nexus was one of the best decisions I've made in my adult life. I felt confident in teaching after the training. Janel and Horace are amazing instructors. They bring a lot of unique experience and knowledge to the table. They are thoughtful, observant, and truly passionate about their program. I highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to prepare themselves to teach yoga. The best part, you also learn a lot about yourself and build connections with others. Thank you!

Makenzie Rosengreen, March 2019

Physical environment was superb, but most of all it was the instructors who made the experience. Horace and Janel shared their authentic selves and their passion and dedication to yoga and the healing it brings.

Lynn, July 2018

Absolutely everything. Was the most wonderful experience with the most wonderful people, food, & location.

Maddi, February 2018

My heartfelt thanks for this training, for the freedom to express myself amidst like-minded and compassionate folks. Thank you for your integrity and dedication to the path of yoga


Just perfect! I am in pure gratitude for this place, and the learning with Horace and Janel. Love and love for you and all through your journey!

Caina, July 2017

I was surprised at how much I could connect this training to my everyday life. My training with Horace and Janel gave me tools not just for 'yoga' but for the daily experience of making meaning of life.


What made my time at Nexus so wonderful was the energy and community that Horace and Janel were able to foster here. They were not teaching a doctrine nor a particular rhetoric, but they provided rich educational material so that each of the students could really develop and tease out what yoga was for them....They are not teaching that there is one path forward, in fact there are infinite paths.


Nexus Institute is a wonderful place of sharing and compassion that allowed growth and transformation in the most warm and harmonious environment. Horace and Janel are caring, fun and professional teachers with a wealth of knowledge. The schedule is so well structured that I always had energy. The food is delicious and healthy. Horace and Janel have created something magical in one of the most beautiful places in the world.


Training at Nexus I met so many cool individuals with different stories. I learned to accept individuals and not try to change them. I also learned to be confident about myself. I learned so much and am beyond grateful. Thank you so much. My training at Nexus changed my life.


Horace and Janel really help you to think about how important it is to be yourself as a yoga teacher; and we started to really see it in everyone's teaching styles. Everyone came out flourishing in their own way....There is an energy here that really allows for conversation between people from different backgrounds and beliefs.


Training at Nexus Institute taught me how to draw from my own experiences. I learned how to bring my whole self into my preparation and teaching experience. I learned that yoga = union. It is not a religion or a cult. It is a place where I can come as I am and be loved as I am. The training at Nexus Institute far exceeded all expectations that I had. I walked away with so much more confidence in who I am and what my purpose is.


Horace and Janel guided us to act and think freely from our hearts. I loved the sisterhood among the girls and the discoveries I made about myself. Training at Nexus Institute helped me to be more confident, to believe in myself, and therefore to know that I am ready to teach.


The quality of teaching and the attention to detail in the depth and scope of the curriculum were unsurpassed. I was given movement sequences and modalities to share in my teaching, the language to encourage self-inquiry, the time to experience both in my own body, and plenty of time and support to begin to integrate those and express that integration in my practice teach. I have experienced many teacher training over the years, and this was the most supportive of both my personal and professional growth. Janel's approach to teaching and her use of language inspire me and resonate deeply within me. I feel so blessed to have had this experience. Thank you.


Training at Nexus Institute has been life changing. I learned to trust myself and the way I teach. I learned how to create sustainable relationships, communicate wisely, and feel confident in myself. The tremendous individual attention that I received was amazing. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Thank you for your open-mindedness, inclusiveness, and care. You showed love for each and every person here and that, to me, is what life and yoga should be all about. You did a great job scaffolding the practice teaches, getting us started the first week and building on from there. Your emphasis on meeting your students where they are and just 'being with them' was a great reminder.


Training with Horace and Janel has helped me to cultivate a source of love within myself in order to share it with others. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for this beautiful experience. Horace and Janel are wonderful teachers and inspiring people.


Thank you for giving me the space to share my yoga journey with others. I loved it and it has given me confidence in my own yoga story.


I didn't know how much I needed this training until I did it. Thank you for everything and for Horace's great dance moves!


The unexpected benefits of this training are too many to name. I got in touch with Faith and freedom in a new way. Training with Horace and Janel was an honor and a privilege.