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Yoga Retreats & Teacher Training at Nosarananda in Nosara, Costa Rica. Lowest prices guaranteed and flexible booking terms. Ananda, in Sanskrit, means the state of indescribable joy or delight. Nosarananda, near the small surf town of Nosara, Costa Rica, intends to bring every participant in their retreat and teacher training to this state. The experienced Nosarananda team guides you in relaxing the body and concentrating the mind to go beyond the normal states of awareness and reach deeper levels of consciousness. Nosarananda believes that the journey within ends when we reach the realization that our own consciousness is the very same endless consciousness that pervades the entire Cosmos; there is a feeling of complete unity with the whole of creation and that is the ultimate goal of a holistic experience.

At Nosarananda, Costa Rica, a unique, boutique experience awaits you, offering exciting local excursions, intimate and tranquil surroundings, gourmet organic meals, yoga therapy, massage, detox retreats and teacher trainings - tailored to meet your needs in honor of the five levels of healing.

Nosara ,Nicoya Peninsula , Costa Rica


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