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Orenda Worldwide Retreats are open to anyone wanting to take a break from their busy lives, to unleash or renew their vitality, and to find inner peace.​

Orenda is a boutique company that specialises in wellness and holistic retreats in Spain, France and Tanzania. The retreats offer a diverse combination of activities and treatments including yoga, meditation, counselling/coaching, breathing techniques, massage therapy and other disciplines such as rhythm movement, and art therapy. Orenda Retreats aim to cultivate self-empowerment and inner healing for individuals in a calm, inspiring and supportive environment. 

Prepare for an unforgettable experience as you reconnect with yourself and find inner balance in a peaceful setting. Each Orenda location is rich in natural beauty and has been specifically chosen to offer a unique cultural experience. Welcome in true transformation as you are guided through a memorable and nourishing retreat with the team at Orenda. No matter what you are looking for, these retreats have something for all. 

Menorca ,Balearic Islands(delete) , Spain
Mafia Island Marine Park ,Mafia Island , Tanzania


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Orenda Retreats

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