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Sacred Paths Yoga is inspired to share life-enhancing offerings at carefully selected sacred locations around the world. A selection of programs provides a harmonious balance of natural beauty, cultural awakening and spiritual connection. Your experience will be seamlessly guided by the experienced facilitators enabling you to fully immerse yourself in spiritual growth, self-love and healing on this path. All paths lead to conscious connection in sharing the wisdom of yoga through honoring ancient traditions and inspiring transformation.
Sacred Paths Yoga is a community of healing practitioners, yogis, musicians, leaders and artists that are devoted to spiritual growth. They feel blessed to be supported on this journey by a community that continues to uplift, inspire and provide deep connections, honoring ancient traditions, sacred lands and the power of nature to transform and awaken as we answer to this humble calling to share yogic wisdoms.
Sacred Paths Yoga offers Yoga Alliance-certified trainings at both RYT-200 and RYT-300 hour levels as a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School (RYS), as well as certified Continuing Education (YA-CEP) hours for yoga teachers. At the end of your journey with Sacred Paths Yoga, you will receive a Yoga Teacher Certification from Sacred Paths Yoga enabling you to register with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT).
Sacred Paths Yoga also offers the opportunity to travel with intention, hosting retreats at sacred locations worldwide, including Costa Rica, Bali, Peru, Guatemala and Mexico. Retreats provide an opportunity to recharge and reconnect, to become inspired and to enhance your experience on this journey of life. All of Sacred Paths Yoga’s retreats are curated to meet your intentions with mindfully developed scheduling and programming that provides invaluable life enhancing experiences with the power to transform and awaken your spirit.
Ubud ,Bali , Indonesia
Santa Eulalia ,Ibiza , Spain
Mal Pais ,Nicoya Peninsula , Costa Rica
Sayulita ,Nayarit , Mexico
Taghazout ,Agadir , Morocco
Panajachel ,Guatemalan Highlands , Guatemala
Arin ,Sacred Valley , Peru


Sacred Paths Yoga



7 Day Sacred Nourish Thyself Retreat in Spain, Ibiza


Spain  |  Ibiza

7 Day Sacred Nourish Thyself Retreat

Oct 5 - 11, 2019


1055 USD  
7 Day Shamanic Plant Medicine & Yoga Retreat in Peru, Sacred Valley
Peru  |  Sacred Valley

7 Day Shamanic Plant Medicine & Yoga Retreat

Nov 24 - 30, 2019

Indonesia  |  Bali

21 Day 200hr Bali Bliss Yoga Teacher Training

Nov 3 - 23, 2019

Costa Rica  |  Nicoya Peninsula

21 Day 200hr Pura Vida Yoga Teacher Training

Nov 30 - Dec 20, 2019

Costa Rica  |  Nicoya Peninsula


Guatemala  |  Guatemalan Highlands

21 Day 200hr Earth Medicine Yoga Teacher Training

Jan 14 - Feb 3, 2020


3045 USD
Guatemala  |  Guatemalan Highlands


You will not find more inviting, understanding, and incredibly knowledgeable leaders than those at Sacred Paths. Lacey and Srimati not only prepared our class to be amazing teachers, but made the entire process one of laughter, stories, and music resulting in lifelong friendships among the group. If you are looking to submerge yourself in a teacher training, then these are teacher you want to be with.

Elizabeth, June 2018

Transformative, ceremonial, empowering, playful, genuine heart connection. Felt so vital, strong, wise and IN THE BHAV after my training!

Amber, June 2018

Working with Darin and Lacey is a special treat! They employed me at their healing dome at Wanderlust Tahoe in 2014, and from day one I felt held and thoroughly guided through my experience. Taking their yoga class is equally enjoyable. Their warm hearts, sparkling souls and contagious smiles create a beautiful and sacred healing space in which to surrender to my Self. I highly recommend any time that you can spend with these two. It will nourish your soul deeply.

Andrea, June 2018

My 200hr Yoga TTC was a truly transformative experience for me. Never before have I had a structured chance to dive so deeply into self-reflection and spiritual lessons. I loved how the course was designed to accommodate various skill levels, practitioners, and paths.

Jon, May 2019

I can't say enough about my YTT, I know that I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I expected to learn about and how to teach yoga. I did not expect the self awakening and healing or the intimate bond formed between the group and nature. I found a true sense of love within myself and in the world. My three weeks of YTT were exceptional and profound.

Laura, May 2019

Yoga Teacher Training with the SchoolYoga Institute was a heart-honouring, heart-opening experience. The course, designed around the shamanic medicine wheel, consciously guided us through a transformational experience. It seems the land, the lake, the volcanoes and the community were all there to support and nourish that experience.

Bethany, May 2019

Our days started early with meditation in the open-air shala, with the sun rising over the lake and the volcanoes, followed by body-warming yoga. The yoga we would practice in the mornings was the yoga sequence that we would break down pose by pose later in the day, as we would prepare ourselves to teach the sequence and the poses. 

Mindy, June 2018

My YTT was everything I could have dreamed of and so much more... It has transformed not only my life, but the way I view myself and all of creation. Through this journey I have tapped into who I truly am, and always was- It has enabled me to heal, walk through fear and trust that there are much larger forces at play here- guiding me on my path, showing me my purpose in this life. It is now my mission to help guide others on their path of self-realizations and healing... I cannot say enough about this experience except- buckle up!
You are in for the ride of your life ;)

Holly, June 2018

I could have not asked for better to start this journey. Darin and Lacey are the kindest most patient and loving teachers I have met. They chose a very beautiful and mystical location for the training which makes it all the more special. I personally wasn't doing this course with the intention to teach straight away but more so to deepen my spiritual practices, feel more comfortable with creating my own ceremonies, to make yoga a lifestyle and stay on this path with devotion and conviction. I feel I received and learned exactly what I went looking for, plus I feel like I could happily teach a class now which is not something I ever felt comfortable with. I loved every minute of this experience, even the ones that were emotionally challenging. I would highly recommend it. I intend to keep taking courses and furthering my knowledge with Scared Paths no doubt. ~ Ahó


The fire circles at the start of our training immediately showed me that this school stood for more than just becoming a yoga teacher. I could feel the sacredness of this school and land when we started by creating a Talisman to burn, shedding our unwanted layers. We called to the winds of the North, South, East, West, Father Sky & Mother Earth to hear. The compassion and comfort of our teachers allowed us to all evolve in the ways that we naturally desired. I am so grateful to have met such inspiring friends and healers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart....Jai!

Jessica, May 2017