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Safari Surf Adventures

Safari Surf Adventures is a unique program combining high-end surf coaching in and out of the water for intermediate level surfers looking to improve their wave-riding skills while traveling to exotic locations around the globe. 

The carefully-selected destinations feature premier point break waves in culturally diverse locations, combining world-class waves with a truly immersive travel experience. 

Safari Surf Adventures focusses on advancing skills, rather than teaching the basics, created for intermediate surfers with a solid grasp of riding waves who are wishing to explore the world in the search of waves. Six destinations across Central and South America, Portugal, Australia and Indonesia give guests the opportunity to not only surf incredible waves, but also to experience these unique locations and the cultures surrounding them.

Beyond the waves, Safari Surf Adventures provides video coaching, delicious, healthy meals, vital tips on staying fit and healthy and regular yoga practices to improve breath and flexibility. All this with an overview of sustainability, wellness and unique, experienced surf coaching from former pro surfers. Safari Surf Adventures are surf trips with something more...

Rote Island ,East Nusa Tenggara , Indonesia
Noosa ,Queensland , Australia
Nosara ,Guanacaste Province , Costa Rica
Ericeira ,Lisbon , Portugal
Puerto Chicama ,La Libertad , Peru

Safari Surf Adventures

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