Sagrada Wellness

Nestled in the rolling hills behind San Luis Obispo on California's central coast, Sagrada Wellness transports you from the hustle and bustle, the commerce, noise and chaos of the Big Smoke to a place of wide open spaces, nature and serenity.

The peace and harmony of this beautiful, rural setting allow you to reconnect with the earth, feel grounded once more, find yourself and lose yourself all at once. The Sagrada Kitchen is organic, vegetarian and primarily gluten-free. Supplementing the fresh produce from their very own organic garden, staff source organic ingredients from local farmers' markets and health food stores to create a rustic yet gourmet menu that is shared with love communally between guests.

Hosting local, national and international teachers allows Sagrada to offer a diverse variety of courses and retreats, always centered around yoga, but incorporating pilates, writing, meditation, hiking and even chocolate and wine.

The undulating countryside presents a spectacular vista that will wash away the troubles of the world with the clean, fresh air, and allow ample opportunity for solitary wanderings or organized hikes.

Drift away with Sagrada.

San Luis Obispo ,California , USA
Laugarvatn ,Laugarvatn , Iceland

Sagrada Wellness



3 Day Weekend Warrior Retreat in USA, California
USA  |  California

3 Day Weekend Warrior Retreat

Feb 28 - Mar 1, 2020

4 Day Hiking & Yoga Retreat in USA, California
USA  |  California

4 Day Hiking & Yoga Retreat

Feb 6 - 9, 2020

4 Day Wine & Yoga Retreat in USA, California
USA  |  California

4 Day Wine & Yoga Retreat

Feb 14 - 17, 2020

4 Day Yoga & Meditation Retreat in USA, California
USA  |  California

4 Day Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Nov 8 - 11, 2019

3 Day Thanksgiving Yoga Retreat in USA, California
USA  |  California

3 Day Thanksgiving Yoga Retreat

Nov 29 - Dec 1, 2019

5 Day NY Pilates & Yoga Retreat, Central Coast Cali in USA, California
USA  |  California

5 Day NY Pilates & Yoga Retreat, Central Coast Cali

Dec 28 - Jan 1, 2020

5 Day Inspired Yoga Retreat Iceland in Iceland, Laugarvatn
Iceland  |  Laugarvatn

5 Day Inspired Yoga Retreat Iceland

Dec 27 - 31, 2019


I recently attended Leslie St.John's yoga and wine retreat. I loved being immersed in Leslie's wise & diverse yoga classes and ceremonies, while also having plenty of time to relax on the property and drink delicious local wine with new friends. The food, accommodations, and staff are amazing too!

Rose, April 2019

I am reluctant to write this review, because there is a huge part of me that doesn't want anybody else to know about it. It is such a lovely place, and Scott and Eva and all that work there are equally as lovely. The food is to die for. Who knew that eating healthy could taste so good?! The accommodations are comfy and quaint. The yoga studio is relaxing, and beautifully crafted, with the breeze blowing in, and the birds singing in the background. The land is a slice of hand, and Griz the dog is always there to guide you on your hike. I've led 2 yoga retreats here in back to back years, and we will be back again. GO HERE!!! I mean, don't go here. Let me keep this Brigadoon all to myself.

Ted, May 2019

Yoga and Wine-what can be better:) Beautiful rustic California retreat-Food was amazing. Overall superb-highly recommend. Town is close by if you want to explore the city, vineyards. Place is great if you want to hike, meditate, or just sit by the pool and read a book.

Nadia, May 2019

It was absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it! We couldn't get over how perfect it was. Relaxing with good structure plus free time, amazing meals where it felt like sitting down with family to healthy and very delicious food. The beds are very comfortable, the hosts are very welcoming, the grounds are beautiful, and the yoga space is gorgeous. Nicole is an amazing, caring teacher. We hiked, went to the pool and hot tub, did different types of yoga and pilates, even tried Bollywood dancing, so much fun! Never felt rushed, just relaxed yet energized, safe, peaceful, content, even joyful! Can't wait to go back and do it again!

Kristina, May 2019

I've had the privilege of soaking in the Sagrada experience twice. It is a treasure difficult to put into words! It's people, land, meals... and of course the yoga... are full of restorative power. Both trips I was part of the Yoga & Meditation retreat.The owners, staff, instructors are incredibly caring & thoughtful. I would highly recommend Sagrada to those wanting a unique experience to be refreshed and restored.

Carmin, March 2019

The retreat at Sagrada Wellness was beyond my expectations. I had the most magical time there! Eva, Scott and staff made everyone feel very welcome and right at home. Very well organized and managed. It was a nice balance of free time and group time. The grounds are absolutely beautiful, lots of places to relax on your own or get in some exercise with some different hikes.

Cris, April 2019

My wife and I just finished our second yoga retreat here led by BellaYogini (aka Danae Robinett). As usual, the rooms and grounds were spotless. The meals were fabulous. The owners were gracious and helpful. Hoping for another yoga retreat here some day. Highly recommended.

Richard D., May 2017

Sagrada Wellness put a hop back in my step. I just came back from a weekend retreat. It was another great experience. This was my second time attending this year. I enjoyed the spacious grounds and relaxing villa. My body reacted so positively from the acupuncture treatments provided by Eva. I have no pain in area that had bothered me for 6 months. Never having any treatments before her, it is quite incredible. The food was outstanding, yummy! The yoga and spiritual classes motivating and restorative. I highly recommend this retreat! Thank you Scott and Eva for providing such a great healing get away, I will be back.

Linda B., May 2017

I just came back from a 4 day 3 night hiking/yoga retreat at Sagrada. I can't say enough good things. It was everything I expected and hoped for - and more. The location is gorgeous - even the drive relaxed me. The food was SO good. i thought I might lose weight on this retreat - that was not to be. We had local wines with dinner that were perfect compliment to the wonderful vegan food. The yoga was just what I needed. What everyone needed. We had people in our group who had never done yoga and some were very practiced - everyone was happy. The hikes were heaven. And then there was every afternoon of free time to write or hot tub or walk or sleep or get treatments. It's a magical place.

Laurel O., May 2017

Really relaxing and amazing experience. More of a spiritual meditative retreat than intensive yoga retreat but the meditation and spiritual aspects were led extremely well and I enjoyed it a lot. Food was delicious and acupuncture felt amazing.

Diana M., May 2017

Incredible yoga retreat! Aaron Ogden is a great teacher, the classes are a great mix of vinyasa, yin and tai chi. They also complement the hikes very well. The food that Scott & Eva make is also really delicious and healthy. It was the perfect weekend retreat and I likely will do it again next year!!

Stephanie B., May 2017

If you're looking for a retreat off the beaten path, with plenty of room to ponder life's mysteries, while deepening your yoga practice and eating amazing, lovingly-prepared vegetarian meals, look no further. Their recent renovations include rooms that should grace the pages of Dwell as an example of tasteful, warm and artistic green-building design. The grounds are lovely, as are the owners and staff. If Aaron Ogden is leading a retreat, do yourself a huge favor and sign up. He is a gifted yogi, teacher and philosopher who is intuitive and kind. This is a special place that will surely be a transformative base for many seekers. Sacred, indeed.

Mimi N., May 2017

What an amazing place! Recently went to a weekend yoga retreat here led by Aaron Ogden and had a lovely time. Scott and Eva made us feel warm and welcome, the setting was beautiful and tranquil, and I left feeling totally rejuvenated. Will definitely come back for the delicious food, the friendly company, the peace and quiet, and the spa treatments!

Sarah M., May 2017

Participated in the very first retreat at Scott and Eva's CA location. Was treated so well, I felt as if I was a cousin that had flown into town for a weekend. Eva's acupuncture is outstanding. Now living on the East Coast, and I miss Sagrada very much.

Mike K., May 2017

Words cannot begin to describe the feeling in my heart today. Together, you have guided my soul, nourished my spirit, and my body, replenished my well in ways I forgot I needed. Your love, your kindness, your words, your movements, your creativity, your music, and your individual gifts have made me feel whole once again. Thank you for sharing your homes and your hears with us. Much love.

Antoinette, May 2017

I am so glad that I discovered Sagrada Wellness on this website! This retreat center is a hidden gem in the hills of California. The space is beautifully and thoughtfully designed. Eva and Scott are wonderful hosts and have created a spectacular retreat. From the yoga classes to the breathtaking grounds, views, hiking trails, and the delicious food and tea, it's all incredible! I would suggest this to any of my friends looking a getaway and I hope to return as well! It's a magical place.

Meghan, May 2017

I couldn't have stumbled upon a better place for my very first yoga retreat! Scott and Eva were super friendly and very accommodating (even for gluten and dairy allergies), the living space was rustic but still hotel quality (I am not a camper and I was very comfortable,) and the schedule had just enough activity and quiet time to make for a great balance.

Mara H., May 2017

I attended the yoga & hiking retreat over labor day weekend and can't recommend this place enough. Aaron Ogden led the yoga and hiking and he is really talented. check him out before the rest of the world finds him.

Julia G., May 2017

If you're looking for a retreat off the beaten path, with plenty of room to ponder life's mysteries, while deepening your yoga practice and eating amazing, lovingly-prepared vegetarian meals, look no further, Sagrada Wellness.

Mimi N., May 2017

It has been a lovely beautiful experience here at Sagrada. The name is so appropriate because you offer a sacred space within your gates. It is nourishing, nurturing, expanding, energizing, and comforting all at once. The details and the care are apparent and so gracious. Thank you and I look forward to returning and seeing you growth and success.

Brandy, May 2017

In the years to come, I know I will smile every time I remember morning yoga under the olive tree. Sun salutations looking across the whole valley - what a wonderful memory. Thank you!

Susan, May 2017

I sit in silence and peace writing for you Sagrada, the land, the accommodations, the kindness and the feeling of wellness abounds. This was the perfect place to end my solo journey of connecting deeper to myself and my wellness. I look forward to coming back again, again, and again-with friends, my husband and solo. May your intention of wellness continue to flourish for many. Cheers.

Suzanne, May 2017

I just left the New Year's Yoga Retreat with Aaron Ogden as an instructor. It couldn't have been a better trip for my worn out New York self. Each morning started with a beautiful hike at different locations every day. We had a lovely small group of people at all different levels of yoga and Aaron tailored the classes perfectly for what we were all trying to achieve. And his massage skills rock! Sagrada Wellness is a very special and beautiful place.

Erin, May 2017

Thank you to the entire staff at Sagrada Wellness - my recent Chocolate, Wine and Yoga trip was amazing! The food was some of the best I have had, the yoga inspiring and the chocolate and wine were just icing on an amazing trip.

Alicia H., May 2017

Just enjoyed 3 days at Sagrada and am already thinking of when I can go back again. The focus was on yoga, nature, great people, listening to the nature sounds and just taking time to unplug and relax. The trip & beautiful ranch grounds really did exceed all my expectations!

Alison A., May 2017

I could go on about all of the amazing experiences I had during my weekend, but you'll just have to experience it for yourself. I know that I went in thinking that I was going to have good time, but I had no idea that I was going to leave as a changed person. Thank you so much to Eva, Scott, and Aaron... You all will always have a special place in my heart.

Lindsay M., May 2017