Sen Wellness Sanctuary

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There is nothing more important than our own health and wellbeing. Without that, we can be nothing for ourselves or others.

Sen Wellness Sanctuary recognizes the importance in investing in oneself at every level; mentally, physically and spiritually. Utilizing the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Sen Wellness’s experienced team will guide you on the path to a better, stronger, healthier and more vibrant you.

Sen Wellness Sanctuary has been named by Conde Nast Spa Guide 2018 as one of the top healing retreats in the world and are proud to be celebrating the second consecutive year as the only wellness retreat in Sri Lanka to be recognized by Conde Nast.

Located in a pristine national park and with the soft, golden-sand beaches reaching to the exquisite Indian Ocean on its doorstep, Sen Wellness Sanctuary offers guests traditionally-styled, luxurious rooms and cabanas that provide divine comfort and sanctuary while harmonizing with the natural surroundings.

Helping you achieve balance across your five koshas - the five states or layers of our physical and spiritual beings - Sen Wellness helps you find that peace and foundational stability inherent in us all but so often misplaced or destabilized by the chaos of the world.

Analyzing your personal physical characteristics, mental patterns and personality traits, Sen Wellness creates a bespoke program incorporating diet, meditation and exercise to best suit your dosha - data, pitta or kapha. These doshas determine the best course of therapy and nutrition to maximize the potential of your entire being.

Enhanced by acupuncture treatments, herbal medicines and supplements, daily yoga classes, meditation sessions and dietary advice, plus numerous Ayurvedic and holistic therapies, Sen Wellness will empower you to cleanse, nurture and revitalize, not only during your retreat, but also upon your return to your daily life.

Tangalle ,Southern Province , Sri Lanka

Sen Wellness Sanctuary

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