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Vikasa Yoga Retreat in Koh Samui, Thailand, offers yoga classes and retreats in an inspiring yoga environment created by Kostantin Miachin. Yoga at Vikasa is taught by experienced international teachers in a variety of styles, including their unique Vikasa style. Vikasa is a certified yoga school where hundreds of students successfuly pass intensive teacher training courses each year to receive a globally-recognized Yoga Alliance certificate.

Koh Samui's Vikasa is not a typical hotel. They offer an immersion into a healthy lifestyle that will leave your body and mind feeling completely refreshed. Accommodation options range from luxurious Thai-style beach bungalows or ocean rooms to their small but cozy yoga caves or zen bungalows that offer dramatic views of the spectacular Koh Samui coastline. Regardless of the room style you choose, all guests have full access to the lush grounds, infinity pool, lounge, yoga shalas, spa and the Vikasa Life Cafe, renowned across Thailand for its signature cuisine, combining healthy ingredients with pure indulgence for you to savor while enjoying the breathtaking views and friendly service from the famous terrace. 

Vikasa Yoga is more than a resort, it's an inclusive lifestyle experience. All rates incorporate everything you need to experience this lifestyle to the fullest and be inspired to take your new healthy routines home with you.

Lamai ,Koh Samui , Thailand


Vikasa Yoga



3 Day Anti-Stress Therapy Retreat in Thailand, Koh Samui
Thailand  |  Koh Samui

3 Day Anti-Stress Therapy Retreat

Ongoing Retreat

3 Night Mini Yoga Vacation in Thailand, Koh Samui
Thailand  |  Koh Samui

3 Night Mini Yoga Vacation

Ongoing Retreat

4 Night Beginners Yoga Retreat in Thailand, Koh Samui
Thailand  |  Koh Samui

4 Night Beginners Yoga Retreat

Ongoing Retreat

5 Day Yoga Weight Loss Retreat in Thailand, Koh Samui
Thailand  |  Koh Samui

5 Day Yoga Weight Loss Retreat

Ongoing Retreat

4 Night Fitness & Yoga Program in Thailand, Koh Samui
Thailand  |  Koh Samui

4 Night Fitness & Yoga Program

Ongoing Retreat

5 Night All-Inclusive Yogi Hangout in Thailand, Koh Samui
Thailand  |  Koh Samui

5 Night All-Inclusive Yogi Hangout

Ongoing Retreat

6 Night Island Beginners Yoga Retreat in Thailand, Koh Samui
Thailand  |  Koh Samui

6 Night Island Beginners Yoga Retreat

Ongoing Retreat

7 Day Yoga Detox Vacation in Thailand, Koh Samui
Thailand  |  Koh Samui

7 Day Yoga Detox Vacation

Ongoing Retreat

6 Night Fitness Training & Yoga Retreat in Thailand, Koh Samui
Thailand  |  Koh Samui

6 Night Fitness Training & Yoga Retreat

Ongoing Retreat

7 Night Cliffside Bungalows Yoga Retreat in Thailand, Koh Samui
Thailand  |  Koh Samui

7 Night Cliffside Bungalows Yoga Retreat

Ongoing Retreat

10 Day Yoga Detox Vacation in Thailand, Koh Samui
Thailand  |  Koh Samui

10 Day Yoga Detox Vacation

Ongoing Retreat

Thailand  |  Koh Samui

6-Week 500Hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Nov 26 - Jan 3, 2020


Thailand  |  Koh Samui

200Hr Classical Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Oct 27 - Nov 24, 2019


4400 USD
Thailand  |  Koh Samui


We spent a week at this amazing retreat. Breathtaking views, delicious healthy food, beach, pool and plenty of yoga. A long trip but worth it !! The staff is so friendly and helpful. We were able to arrange tours of the elephant sanctuary, many temples and the fascinating Sunday night market. Prices are affordable. So glad I didn’t pass up the chance to visit.

Clarita, August 2018

I really enjoyed my stay at Vikasa, i was traveling on my own and really needed a place to zen out and enjoy yoga. The yoga classes, staff, rooms and view were all amazing. Not to forget the spa and the food is out of this world. I would definitely recommend Vikasa to friends.

Nichole M., May 2017

Just wow!!!! I had such an amazing and awesome time at Vikasa... Feeling sooooo grateful that I had the chance to have this wonderful experience fantastic teachers, wonderful scenery, amaaaazing food and awesome people... I will be back for sure asap. Thank you so much for everything!

Liz Steinort, May 2017

I came, I saw, I was conquered. One month was not enough, I'll find a way to go back to this sweet mix of yoga, nature, people and food inspiring your evolution <3

Marie Laure D'Ath, May 2017

I come to Koh Samui on regular basis and join the Vikasa group classes.
The yoga sala has a stunning view and I like the variety of classes Vikasa offers. All teachers are great; I especially liked the pilates class with Serge and Yin yoga with Bettina. You should really join Vikasa if you like yoga.

Andrea, August 2018

My stay at the Vikasa with a personalized program with Betti was very refreshing - as a pure beginner, I got to experience the holistic approach to yoga where Betti is a true expert pointing out that only in combination with the right breathing and meditation techniques one can find the way to their own individual path. I want to say thank you for the eye opener overall once more and highly recommend to everyone.

Guest, August 2018

I stayed at Vikasa for 1 week in June. I was travelling on my own and I had an amazing time. The retreat itself is in situated at the best location in Koh Samui with panoramic views of the Island. I stayed in an ocean room, I had full view of the ocean (room 115). Originally when I got there I didnt like the room I had however the staff were very helpful and helped me change rooms. The food at Vikasa is OMG amazing! I would go back just for that. The staff are so friendly. The Yoga is fantastic, suitable for all levels. I also enjoyed exploring the property, Vikasa rocks and the beach. The spa is another win! Overall such a lovely experience at Vikasa.

Alice, May 2017

I stayed in the yoga cave - AMAZING VALUE and did a yoga vacation for one day (all I had left). My trip to Thailand was primarily for diving. I came here to give myself some extra time before flying. The yoga, meditation, pilates classes were all so great - except the mosquitoes, they were annoying. Brunch and dinner are so delicious and the variety is very healthy and the buffet makes it as filling as you want it to be. Staff are super kind and helpful. The cafe is very expensive but I suppose that's normal for resorts and since they include brunch and dinner .... go to the 7 eleven/across the street if you need a snack. Thought the stay was a steal for one day yogacation.

ourworldisbeautiful, May 2017

This was honesty one of the best weeks of my life. First time to Thailand, travelling on my own as a 26 year old girl, not really much of a yogi but I came away having had the most incredible time! Just book - you absolutely won't regret it!!!

Antonia, May 2017

Located on the shoreline of beautiful Koh Phangan, Thailand, this resort offers wonderful yoga immersion that combines asana, pranayama and the other spiritual principals of yoga. The rooms are beautiful with views of the mountain, the gardens and the sea. The staff is warm and very helpful. The resort offers excellent healthy & creatively prepared local foods and other fare for vegetarians, vegans and pescatarians.

Lori Frazier, May 2017

This was an amazing trip! My sister and I did a 3-day stay and my only regret is we didn't stay longer. The teachers are amazing, the food is incredible, and our room had a great view of the ocean! Perfection for relaxation.

Leah Passauer, May 2017

Staying in this amazing yoga retreat is one of the best experience ever ! Practising yoga with the sounds of waves, eating healthy ( and tasty!) and have no craving for junk food, staying close to the ocean, waking up at 8 and go to bed by 11 everyday. If you wanna know how vitality and rejuvenate feels like, come try it out yourself!

Anita Wong, May 2017

Such an awesome place with beautiful people, in one of the best location on the island. Susu's Vinyasa flow class was so enjoyable. Thank you all and see you again soon!

Marco Borremans, May 2017

A beautiful and welcoming destination for yoga and free-flowing relaxing environment. Vikasa has lots of amazing international teachers, conducts its own Yoga teacher trainings, and the whole resort perfectly blends comfort of living, with lifestyle of well being and dedication to Yoga. The restaurant is one of the best on the island!

George Anthony, May 2017

The resort facilities, location, programmes, food and most importantly the staff and instructors are absolutely amazing! Nothing to fault. In particular my instructor Sergio was the best instructor that I've ever had - I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Monika Mattczak, May 2017

Amazing location, wonderful staff and very high level of Yoga. Warmly recommend this place to everybody.

Ulla Krupa Jørgensen, May 2017

The perfect place to enjoy great food, fantastic people and amazing yoga all in one place.

Maureen Kulkula, May 2017

A lovely place for rest, peace and yoga. Feels like home! Good food and wonderful teachers. I was very happy with my stay.

Therese Lögdahl, May 2017

Amazing place and Yoga experience! Absolutely loved it and would strongly recommend it!

Audrey Kräber, May 2017

Beautiful place for total relaxation! Both yoga and food are simply awesome :)

Anna Arzamastseva, May 2017

Experience yoga practices from skilled yogis, plus delicious healthy food prepared a la minute at their kitchen.

Joey Lim, May 2017

We had a wonderful time here! Beautiful place, great yoga classes.

Erna Arts, May 2017

Awesome, amazing place for Vikasa Yoga Retreat. Delicious food and I love it. Thank you!

Tary Az Zahra, May 2017