Detox Retreats in Koh Samui

Thailand  |  Koh Samui

4 Night Signature Detox Package, at Wellness Hotel

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


1372 USD  


Thailand  |  Koh Samui

5 Night Brain Health Upgrade Program

Available all year round

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1240 USD  


Thailand  |  Koh Samui

6 Night Signature Detox Package, Thailand

Available all year round

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1911 USD  


Thailand  |  Koh Samui

6 Night Holistic Detox Cleanse Retreat, Thailand

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


2071 USD  
Thailand  |  Koh Samui

8 Day Full Body Reset Retreat in Koh Samui

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


921 USD  
Thailand  |  Koh Samui

7 Night Weight Loss Wellness Retreat

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


1265 USD  
Thailand  |  Koh Samui

7 Night Juice Detox and Yoga on the Beach

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


1079 USD  
Thailand  |  Koh Samui

8 Night Holistic Yoga Detox Retreat

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


2770 USD  
Thailand  |  Koh Samui

8 Night Signature Detox Retreat, in Thailand

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


2464 USD  
Thailand  |  Koh Samui

8 Night De-Stress & Burnout Package, Thailand

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


2397 USD  
Thailand  |  Koh Samui

8 Night Weight Management Program, Koh Samui

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


3304 USD  
Thailand  |  Koh Samui

8 Night Luxury Be Fit Retreat, Koh Samui in Thailand

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


2544 USD  

Discover the Best Detox Retreats in Koh Samui

Combining yoga and detox on a retreat can give us just the fresh mind set we are looking for.

More often than not these days our bodies are temples of toxins.

Processed foods, carbonated drinks, stress, western medicine drugs..the list goes on.

And dependent on our lifestyle ... coffee, alcohol and maybe even smoking.

All these can compound and cause other problems.

Lack of sleep, poor sleep, digestion problems, fatigue, getting sick easily.

Very few of us live balanced lives in body and mind. That's not an easy task in this day and age.

So even without issues like the above we all benefit from the opportunity of a detox to hit that reset button once in a while.

So first, what is a detox

Detoxification involves resting and cleansing the body. The body eliminates toxins naturally given the opportunity.

This cleansing takes place by removing impurities from the blood in the liver.

The body also eliminates toxins through the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphatic system and skin.

When our system is out of balance or over the natural course of time toxins build up in the body.

A detox cleanse retreat rids our bodies of these toxins.

A detox program is a time of a reduction and change in our food consumption, or stopping consuming solid food (fasting) altogether for a few days.

Types of Detox

There are different approaches open to you for a Detox Holiday.

The way to describe them would be that some are lighter and easier on the system.

Others can be more demanding in the detox program and what is required.

Here's the breakdown

1. Eating well and small ... vegan and raw food cleanse retreats, with vegetable and fruit.

2. Juice fast cleansing where the only consumption is fresh vegetable & fruit juices and water(plus the odd coconut)

3. Water detox cleansing where the only consumption is water, the odd wheatgrass shot and a vegetable juice or two a day.

All approaches rest the organs through fasting and stimulate the liver to eliminate toxins.

Many detox cleanse retreats include colonic hydrotherapy treatments.

These can be DIY in the form of a colema or a nurse administered colon hydrotherapy.

Both can be a little intimidating at first but have enormous benefits to the body and the detoxification process.

The opportunity to clean your colon and start with a fresh system inside is incredible.

What can a detox do for you

There are many reasons people find themselves on a detox holiday.

The detoxification process is a way of cleaning the body and mind.

It can aid clearing the body of western medicines as part of long term recovery from illness.

It has also been shown to be very effective in resolving skin ailments, allergies and infections.

Elimination of sugar and candida from the body is a very common reason too.

Because it's a time when we stop our normal behaviour a detox holiday can be useful for lots of reasons.

It can bring a stop to a stressful period of our lives and instigate change and a new path.

It even gives the space with the mind body change to start abstaining from sugar, coffee and anything else.

The most effective use is preventative, there is so much sense in periodically giving the body a rest and clean.

It keeps us in good health and balance and can avoid health issues compounding and complicating.

Typical symptoms that could lead you to a detox

- Fatigue

- Irregular and poor toilet

- Skin problems & Allergies

- Stress

- Digestion & Gut Issues like Candida

- Food elimination like Sugar & Coffee

The reasons do not stop here though.

It is said everybody should enjoy a detox program once a year.

It brings us into realignment and breaks bad patterns if we have them.

Life is stressful enough. The body and mind benefit from a little rest once in a while.

Detox can be a time of reflection and introspection.

With our bodies coming to a stop, emotions come up and offer the opportunity for healing.

Commonly Asked Questions about a Detox Holiday

Will I be hungry

No is the short answer. A detox usually includes plant-based nutrient pills and fibre drinks at regular intervals throughout each day.

These keep you full up, as does drinking as much water as your body needs.

If you juice cleanse then you consume maybe two or three vegetable or fruit juices a day plus a coconut.

This is enough to keep you going once your body is fasting.

Will there be support

Yes. We only represent trusted centers who provide support & consultation to their guests.

You are never alone on a detox. And all the people on the detox retreat at the same time tend to create friendly groups.

How much weight will i lose

Of course weight loss comes with not eating much or anything at all.

A rule of thumb is that you will lose half a kilo a day.

But be careful afterwards, a careful reintroduction of food groups allows the body to keep the weight loss.

In the case of juice cleansing you need to alter the number and type of juices you have to match your weight goals.

Fruit juices have a lot of sugar in them compared to vegetable juices, as do coconuts compared to water.

The retreat center will advise you on further details.

Should i do a 7 or 14 day detox

One of the biggest mistakes is to book a week detox program and the day before and after be in your normal routine at home.

It is just as important what you consume in the days before and after a detox. It may even be more important.

A great tip is to book a two week stay for a one week detox.

Spend a few days before on a pre-cleanse, preparing the body for detox by eating raw food and not consuming

coffee, carbonated drinks and the like.

Imagine that our bodies from everyday life are like a tight ball. That goes for our emotions too.

Pre-cleansing relaxes the organs and prepares them for detoxification. There is an enormous benefit here to the process.

Afterwards you need to take care to reintroduce food groups slowly and carefully for your body's good health.

That's why some days spent afterwards taking care of yourself makes sense.

The detox center will have detailed information for you about how to reintroduce foods.

We don't all have the time but a perfect approach would be

- one week pre-cleanse

- one week detox

- one week post-cleanse

Your mind and body will thank you.

What can you expect from a luxury detox retreat

These luxury centers are just the place to take some time out and relax.

Offering the full array of supervised detox programs ranging from light eating to juice fasting.
And with modern gym, studio, fitness and spa facilities to take part in all your other activities.

And being luxury, you have the comfort of beautiful surroundings, gorgeous pools, comfortable accommodation and lovely spa treatments.

The Best Detox Retreats for 2022

Here's a few of our favourite retreat centers for you to check out

Absolute Sanctuary in Koh Samui, Thailand

One of the longest established Wellness resorts in Asia.
Their programs are broad and inclusive with Yoga, Detox, Fitness, Weight Loss and Stress Management.
The facilities are great with a full spa services including colonic hydrotherapy.

Samahita Retreat in Koh Samui, Thailand

Holistic fitness, detox, yoga and weight loss retreats. Samahita's YogaCoreCycle program offers yoga, fitness and a healthy eating detox retreat for beginners. As an established and professional retreat center Samahita offers incredible value for money. The instructors and practitioners are very experienced and supportive.