4 Day 'Revive & Renew' Retreat in Thailand, Chiang Mai
Thailand  |  Chiang Mai

4 Day 'Revive & Renew' Retreat

Available all year round

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1252 USD  
7 Night Fitness and Weightloss Retreat in Thailand, Chiang Mai
Thailand  |  Chiang Mai

7 Night Fitness and Weightloss Retreat

Available all year round

Free Cancellation*


1600 USD  
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Discover the Best Health Retreats

Health Yoga Retreats have so much to offer. What's important is knowing the different types of health & wellness retreats and

what your objectives are from attending a retreat. That way you can get your retreat choice right and benefit the most from your time spent.

Essentially a Health Retreat is a Healthy Holiday. More and more people are making the choice to spend time on a healthy holiday where you spend your time

on activities that benefit your overall health & wellness.

Returning home refreshed and recharged feels great when you have taken the time to focus on your mind & body.

It's a great feeling to take care of our health & wellbeing.

This can be Weight Loss retreats that focus on detox and healthy eating programs, or fitness programs, or a combination of both.

Health Retreats can be wellness retreats too which have inclusions such as spa treatments or meditation.

You can tell that health retreats cover so much.

The most important thing is for you to decide what your objectives are.

If it's a holistic well being & weight loss retreat where you return home with new regimens then maybe an Ayurveda Retreat is the right choice for you.

Weight loss can be achieved through one of the many detox retreats available these days too. You can lose weight during a detox but this is only one of it's benefits.

If we are stressed in our minds and bodies then a detox cleanse retreat is a great way to make a new start. You can effectively press the reset button and

give your body and mind a break. During the process it is not uncommon to work through emotional and physical stress and feel like a 'new you' afterwards.

The average weight loss on a water or juice fast where you are not consuming food is half a kilo a day.

So you can go home lighter in you mind, body and weight.

Or maybe a much softer approach attracts where some time at a healthy eating retreat is what you are seeking.

Often in life with our stress and schedule we cannot find the space to break our behaviour patterns.

A wellness retreat is the perfect opportunity to do this.

Or it could just be a lovely self-care and pampering time you are looking for in your wellness holiday. Spa Retreats are a great way to take a break and reset yourself.

You can enjoy a relaxing time at a lovely health retreat center with spa, massage and body treatments.

There are also amazing Anti Aging Retreats where Ayurveda treatment packages can provide Rejuvenation.

These retreats are most commonly found in India.

Really, Wellness Retreats are Healing Retreats. Whatever style of retreat, it is a time to step out of the everyday routine of our lives and take some time for ourselves.

We can heal our body and mind. From stress or illness. Or with an objective like weight loss, or detox for food & toxin elimination.

Whatever the reason you are sure to benefit from making the decision to join a Retreat.

With many Wellness retreat options we should take care to make the right choice for ourselves.

Health & Wellness Retreat Centers

Wellness Holidays have grown and grown and so have the places you can find them.

In the early days these retreats would be found organised by small resorts and independent retreat organisers.

Nowadays there are large wellness hotels, destination spa hotels and many independent hotels offering health & wellness programs.

This gives you the confidence to know that the retreat is professional and experienced and will meet your expectations.

There is a whole range of retreat centers and a whole range of pricing too.

You can find small independent retreat resorts which can be quite affordable, the mecca for these Health and Wellness programs are in Thailand.

Phuket and Koh Samui are where most can be found.

Or you can search through the luxury resorts of Bali.The retreat programs and centers are sure to amaze.

Our top 3 picks for value for money, professionalism and the retreats they offer are

Samahita Retreat in Thailand

On a quiet part of the island you can't help but relax here and delve deeper into your yoga and meditation practice. The instructors and yoga classes are great here, as are the wellness programs on offer. This established center offers great value for money.

Platinum Healing in UK

Retreat in the UK focused on positive outcomes for men and women through holistic programs.

If you are in Australia and able to travel to Queensland then consider Living Valley Health Retreat Their holistic approach to health and wellness drives positive outcomes, including mental health wellness.