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14 Night Yoga Ayurveda Wellbeing

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14 Night Complete Ayurveda Detox

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21 Night Heavenly Ayurveda Detox

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21 Night Ayurveda Wellness Retreat, India

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Discover the Best Luxury Yoga Retreats 2021/2022

Gone are the days when only small retreat centers offered yoga classes and a place to stay.

The number of luxury retreats for wellness activities like yoga has grown and grown.

Now you can book into hotels all over the world and enjoy the level of comfort that you want,
at the same time as having your yoga experience with meditation sessions and a whole host of program options.

No need to sacrifice comfort and with all the services and amenities you could dream of.

And it's on your doorstep wherever you are in the world.

What to expect

On a luxury retreat you can enjoy your holiday the way you want it.

- level of accommodation you require

- destination properties with first class facilities

- raw food cafes and juice bars

- spa and massage services

- daily meditation and yoga classes

- activity programs such as food or fitness

Environment is everything and more and more now there are retreat holidays in
the most breathtaking places.

The standard of the spa treatments is fantastic and the service and food is second to none.

And you don't need to compromise on your yoga sessions. Practice what you are into.

Whether it's Hatha, Vinyasa Flow or any other yoga style

Most retreats offer a good variety of classes or will provide as and when.

And the standard of the activity programs makes it very easy to make the most of them.

Luxury spas for colonic hydrotherapy, first class fitness facilities, steam and sauna rooms, infrared saunas.

If you want privacy or travelling with family then villas also facilitate luxury accommodation with retreat opportunities.

You can stay with your family and have the full-time chef prepare your raw food or
detox juices in front of you.

In the mornings you can hit the mat in a yoga studio you will not believe, on
a yoga deck overlooking the sea or jungle maybe.

And your fitness, steam and sauna rooms are all private of course.

You can tell there are lots of options these days to enjoy a luxury yoga holiday.

It just depends how you want to do it. And where

Popular Destinations

Top of the list in popularity with it's many wondrous options is Bali, Ubud mostly.
Surrounded by rainforest or overlooking the rice paddle fields there is a magic to it.

Costa Rica
5 star resorts offer short or long breaks with yoga, meditation and other programs.
Some beautiful places can be found surrounded by pristine rainforest or you can opt for
the beach on the jungle's edge.

Handpicked Luxury Yoga Retreats in India

Home to a selection of destination spas that are sure to amaze.
And all provide beautiful environments to immerse yourself into your yoga & meditation on this spiritual land.
A benefit here is the type of spa services with a whole range of Ayurveda treatments.

Top-Rated Luxury Retreats in Thailand

How beautiful are the southern tropical islands. They hold so many hidden treasures.
With retreats in secluded coves or on cliff-tops looking out to sea.
Some of the yoga shalas have the most amazing views.

If money is a consideration then please don't be put off. There is a huge selection of incredible yoga retreats for you to choose from.

In fact you may well prefer the not so luxury options.

To enjoy the opportunity to clear the mind and deepen your practice. Surrounded by like-minded souls.

Imagine the most beautiful holiday setting for immersing yourself in this.

India is a country with so many different places to explore and immerse yourself too.
Or maybe investigate what's on offer in Mexico or the USA.

If you are in Europe there are options all over and never that far away to find, you just need to decide where you would most like to be, the UK possibly, or a stunning destination like Italy, that oozes luxury options all over, from the Tuscan hilltops to the Amalfi coast.

What a great way to spend some well earnt 'time out', to refresh and replenish yourself.

If you would like to spend time with friends or family in privacy whilst enjoying a relaxing holiday vibe, you could consider a luxury villa.

This way you would get all the benefits of a retreat at the same time as private and personal holiday time.

You could request morning yoga classes, and detox juices from your in-house chef.

Top Luxury Retreat Centers in the World

The best multi award-winning spa resort in India offers many types of retreats with a focus on yoga, meditation and healing with Ayurvedic principles.

Renowned retreat center which provides privacy and seclusion to immerse yourself in their holistic programs of inner discovery and rejuvenation.

The first destination resort here to provide extensive spa facilities and programs to attract an international yogic audience to Vietnam, on the beach in Da Nang.

Enjoy a Wellness focused break with a health food nutritional diet to give the mind and body a break; spend time on your yoga and meditation on this secluded and private island resort.

Set amongst the island's central rainforest and surrounded by terraced paddy fields, this famous retreat destination has it all - incredible private villas, great facilities, delicious and innovative food menus, and a schedule of classes led by experienced teachers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Join as few or as many of the activities as you like, giving you the opportunity to unwind by the pool in these enchanting surroundings.

With a variety of retreats in different awe-inspiring locations, and all led by well known international yoga teachers. Glamping under the stars in mountains or desert with a small group of dedicated yogis is our top pick here.

On the awesome Nicoya Peninsula get a good dose of yoga and surfing the waves by staying at this all-inclusive chic venue.

This private estate is an oasis of peacefulness, providing a feeling of oriental splendour and relaxation, and not too far away from the marvellous ambience of central Marrakech. The buildings and grounds provide an amazing setting to lose yourself in the culture, food and activities of this beautiful country.


Deepen your practice and spend time on an inner journey of self discovery at this magnificently restored monastery in Frontino, Pesaro e Urbino; which provides the perfect setting of tranquility for contemplation and growth through yoga and meditation.

Retreats take place at a boutique hotel located directly on the stunningly clear ocean here. The village of Nungwi is a true paradise away, with an amazing beach and calm vibe immersed in the coastal village life.

Top Luxury Yoga Retreats for 2021/2022