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7 Night Ayurveda Wellbeing Immersion

Available all year round

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2967 USD  
India  |  Karnataka

10 Night Ayurveda Wellbeing

Available all year round

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4050 USD  
India  |  Karnataka

14 Night Yoga Ayurveda Wellbeing

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5462 USD  
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21 Night Ayurveda Wellness Retreat, India

Available all year round

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7770 USD  
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Discover the Best Spa Retreats

Yoga Spa thing they all have in common is that they are worth it.

The opportunity to relax, unwind and spend some time in a spa doesn't go out of fashion.

There is so much on offer these days we need to know what we are looking for first.

Traditionally a spa retreat has been a spa getaway at a hotel with treatments we all enjoy.

Typical inclusions would be- Massage of different forms ; the use of healing oils ; facials and body treatments.

What a joy. Thai or Hot stone massage and Ayurvedic facials.

The pace of life is so crazy these days that a spa retreat is a perfect break.

With the evolution of wellness offerings there is so much more on offer now.

Maybe the spa treatments are combined with an Eat Well program of raw food and green juices.

Or the spa massage comes at the end of a day that includes yoga, meditation or fitness classes.

Spa Retreats can be just the break you are looking for with other activities included in the retreat program.

As wellness has grown so have the spa retreats on offer.

And so have the centers that offer them.

Spa Getaways

So many different types of spa resorts and hotels offer Spa vacations these days.

It used to be the spas in hotels catering to their guests but now there are dedicated retreat resorts.

Now you can go to womens only spa retreats in Bali for some 'me' spa time, or a Wellness Hotel in Thailand for your spa getaway.

If you would prefer to be with your partner there are retreats for couples.

One thing is for sure, you will go home relaxed and refreshed.

Top Destination Spas
Spa Retreats in Bali

Bali is always a top choice for retreat resorts and has many fabulous spas.

How about an open deck spa in Ubud overlooking the river valley in the midst of dense jungle.

Or a massage spa on a cliff above crashing waves as the sun sets over the horizon.

Whatever you are looking for can be found in Bali.

One of our most popular spas in Bali is Bagus Jati in Ubud. Their spa services include Ayurveda, detox and healing spa treatments.

Just nearby still in Ubud is Adiwana Resort Jembawan. With their many spa services the focus is on stress relief, pampering and spa heaven.

Back down by the sea in Canggu is the all inclusive Bliss Sanctuary for Women. Here their 7 day packages include as much spa and massage as you like!

Wellness Retreats in Thailand

Thailand has fabulous spa breaks for those looking for a bit of rest and relaxation.

Always popular is Absolute Sanctuary, one of Asia's finest Wellness retreats.On offer are spa treatments with their retreat packages and a full spa menu.

Amatara Wellness Resort
Starting at 3 nights this luxury spa resort in Cape Panwa, Phuket has a great selection of holiday packages. You can spend hours in their luxurious spa.

Finding the Best Spa retreat for you.

There are so many types of spa retreats these days and so many destination spa hotels to choose from.

A spa retreat can include different programs.

It can be focused on relaxing & pampering spa treatments like massage, facials and flotation tanks.
The spa treatments may include Ayurvedic practices like massage and oils.

The retreat may also offer optional daily yoga and meditation classes.
Often the food is green (plant-based) and healthy, with cold pressed vegetable juices too.

The whole experience is designed to give you the well needed break you are looking for.

To relax the mind and body.

Where to go.

Bali is the spa retreat heaven destination of the world.

Thailand is a popular Wellness retreat location.

In Southern India there is Kerala, a place of many Ayurvedic resorts.

There is so much choice these days that support and guidance in deciding which retreat can be of benefit.

We offer the opportunity to use our search to browse all the best spa retreats.

We cover the whole world, from Bali to Europe.

Feel free to use our concierge service where our wellness specialists will understand your needs and help you plan and book your trip.

This way the process is easier and you will find the perfect retreat.

First just make an enquiry on the wellness holiday that you are most interested in.

We will then contact you and do whatever we can to help.

It is our pleasure to connect more and more people to rejuvenating wellness vacations.