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4 Night Emotional Balance and Mindfulness Retreat

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Discover the Best Women's Retreats in Bali

Bali is a haven for offering a wide selection of retreats for Women all year round.

At these retreats you can relax in a safe, welcoming and relaxing environment. And these women's retreats offer the same quality and variety of programs as anywhere else.

In fact, women's retreats offer everything other retreats do and more. It is very popular for women to travel on their own to Bali and so the retreats are well established.

This means they are well organised and run professionally, which always makes for a great retreat experience.

Many women travel on their own to participate.

For a break from busy lives that consume us.

To find some space and peace to focus on ourselves, on mind, body and spirit. Often women's retreats are attended by mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and girlfriends.

They are also very popular as Bali retreats for singles.

Whether you are visiting as a single woman or just looking for a women's only retreat the environment is the same. There is nothing like the convenience to be able to attend a retreat and leave 'normal' life behind for a while.

To be able to focus on ourselves and our personal development. Go home feeling refreshed and recharged from spending time on a well deserved break.

All types of activities are available at these Bali retreats for singles.

Whether it be yoga retreats for women, and retreats with additional activities involved. Women's retreats cover weight-loss, detox and spa and other activities like fitness and healing.

And there are surf retreats for women too. Or it may simply be a relaxing retreat for singles that you are looking for.

Any activity that you may be interested in will be available in Bali. All the retreats have spas too, so pampering spa treatments are on the menu in your down time.

After a morning of yoga & meditation and maybe some other activity classes you can lounge by the pool.

Or choose to enjoy some spa services in a luxury women's spa retreat.

Why Women's retreats

Well this is up to your personal decision. Maybe you are looking to enjoy some down time on a retreat.
Meet new friends and have a well earnt break from everyday life.

The Women's retreats in Bali tend to be smaller and more personal retreat centers. This can make it quite a social experience compared to a large retreat center.

And you get to mix with other women travellers.

Is a 'Retreat for singles' a party retreat

A definite 'No' is the answer.

'Retreats for Singles' are the same as 'Women's Retreats'

Rest assured they are always a restful and rewarding environment.

The Best Women's Retreats are in Bali

Bali is a women's retreat heaven. And for good reason.

The island is beautiful with wide beaches and beautiful landscapes.

Like the rainforest and paddle fields of Ubud or the volcanoe up high in the middle where you could be in a different country.

It's so calm and relaxing in Bali (as long as its not peak season), this comes from the peoples connection to spirit and their religion.
It can seem like a fantasy place with daily religious offerings everywhere, temples and shrines scattered throughout.

This spirituality makes Bali the perfect place for your next women's retreat vacation. To immerse yourself fully in some down time.

Maybe spend time on your yoga practice and go deeper into your meditation. And with Bali being so popular the women's retreats here offer all types of programs and activities.

Especially popular are the array of Wellness Retreats of all types. From relaxation and spa to the more active and physically demanding. 

Or you could opt for diet adaptation with a view to cleansing the body through a particular type of detox retreat that you are interested in.

Whatever activity you are interested in there is sure to be what you are looking for in Bali and you will be able too find something that will match your budget and schedule.

How much will it cost

Well that depends on a lot of factors.

Retreats come in all types, duration and style.

There is so much on offer in Bali that there is sure to be a retreat to match your requirements.

We make it easy here to browse through them all and view them by location, cost, duration, time of year and activity type. And we only list the most reputable and trustworthy retreat centers.

So to help you make your decision spend some time reading up about the retreats that you are intereted in.

And then make an inquiry, book and start planning for your next vacation.

When is the best time to go on retreat in Bali

Bali is such a popular retreat destination that it offers possibilities for travel all year round.

Lots of retreat centres offer all year round retreats too so it makes it easy to fit into your schedule of when you can visit.

The weather is OK all year round, if you want to avoid any rain then don't go between November and March.
But this is south east asia and rain can mean just an afternoon shower.

Best advice is to travel outside of peak season.

And it's much cheaper with retreat deals available outside of high season too.
So consider the months either side, being April, May and September, October.

These are the best months to visit Bali.