Discover the Best Yoga retreats in Rishikesh

The holy city of Rishikesh is in the Himalayan foothills at the banks of the famous Ganges River.

The city and its sacred river is a renowned centre for yoga, meditation and spirituality.

Often called the 'Yoga Capital of the world', the plethora of temples, ashrams, sadhus and
holy sites make Rishikesh a must-visit destination for all yoga enthusiasts.

Rishikesh's location in the foothills means pleasant weather throughout the year,
with the most popular time to visit being February & March, August & October.

Rishikesh Yoga Retreats

With over 20 years' experience in yoga and holistic wellness, Rishikesh Yoga Retreat offers
boutique retreats in both yoga and Ayurvedic practices.