Yoga and Surfing Retreats in Costa Blanca

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5 Day Yoga, SUP Boarding & Surfing Retreat

Available all year round

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Discover the Best Yoga and Surf Retreats in the World

You don't have to be an advanced level of either to enjoy a retreat like this.

Both complement each other and all retreats cater for beginners.

And if you are big into either one of them already then the other will be a delight to explore.

How are Surfing & Yoga related?

Yoga complements surfing in many ways.

Yoga builds core strength, flexibility and balance.

And with yoga comes mind & energy focus and breathing techniques.

These techniques help to reduce stress and stay cool & calm in tricky situations out in the waves.

Physically, Yoga lengthens the muscles...whilst in the water the muscles are constantly contracting,

and so Yoga helps the body with what it has to go through in the water. Injury is then less likely.

These are the practical and physical points.

Yoga is great to practice to support surfing.

And a surfer should not find it hard to adapt to yoga.

Same way a Yogi should find surfing not too difficult to adapt to.

There's a spiritual connection that goes far further than this.

A connection between the flow and balance of ourselves and nature.

A spiritual connection.


Yoga & Surfing can both be seen as the flow of energy.

On the ocean behold the sheer awesomeness of nature's power and it's never-ending flow.

In Yoga see the flow of body & mind. Yoga opens us to ourselves and our energy balance as we deepen our practice and understanding.

Both flow. And the ocean's flow isn't constant of course. Just the same as all of us.

But it's not the destination, it's the journey.

Can a beginner join in

Yes, the retreats are set up for beginners.

Having experience of one or the other will help you along for sure.

Are surf retreats safe

Yes. The retreat centers have instructors and are set up for teaching beginners in both disciplines.

In fact they are often the same centers that are running pure yoga or pure surf retreats.

Top Destinations for Surf and Yoga Retreats

Our top picks for mixing these two disciplines and the standard of the retreat centers around are-

Yoga and Surf Retreat in Costa Rica

For a quick break to hit the waves and mat nothing quite competes. Head here for the best setups and yoga surf retreats.

Yoga and Surf Vacations in Bali

With many surf spots along it's great beaches. The biggest collection of these retreats are in Canggu. Make time to head elsewhere too as there is a lot on offer in this retreat heaven.

One of the most interesting venues that offers a retreat with wellness, yoga and access to surfing is The Chillhouse.

Surf and Yoga Holidays in Portugal

More popular in recent years and for good reason. The cliff-lined coastline is dramatic and home to many good hot spots.

When to go on a Surf Yoga Retreat

Well that all depends whereabouts in the world you are considering as the surf will be different.

And the level of experience comes into it as if you are a beginner surfer it may be a good idea to travel outside of the months of the strong surf.
That way you will get the most out of the retreat.

Enjoy lots of opportunity to put the surfing practice in on the beach after your morning yoga.

The summer months in Europe is when the surf is slower and easier, or January to March if you are looking for a big swell.

Bali and the Americas offer long seasons of great surf from March to November.

This makes it one of the top choices in the world. And the centers and instructors are all well organized as it's quite a busy location, so you can expect a successful retreat experience here.

Get yourself away

So what are you waiting for.

People and nature have come together in these places to create a culture and lifestyle that breathes the beach and surf.

Here you will find every type of retreat you could imagine. Quick breaks, budget retreat options or more luxurious venues. You have everything to review and book surfcamps.

Even if you can't get to one of the top locations there are many other destinations around the world, so pretty much every month of the year is covered for you.

One thing you can be sure of, all the retreats offered here are trusted and professional. The instruction is supportive, caring and inclusive.

So don't be afraid to break those barriers down and get out of your comfort zone and mix your yoga practice with some surf lessons on a retreat with us.

And at the same time you are sure to meet some great people, enjoy yourself and make the most of the opportunity to practice somewhere new.