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Discover the Best Yoga Retreats in September 2020

September is fall in the northern hemisphere which is a lovely time to organise a vacation getaway.

It's still beautiful weather in most of Europe.

Southeast Asia is a good destination too as it's not a big rain month there and it's less busy.

Top Retreat Destinations September 2020

Europe still has a lot of options for you in September.

Check out Italy and France. If you are into the idea of a surf yoga retreat then think about Portugal or Spain.

If you are in the UK then there are still a fair few retreats available and you don't need to jump on a plane.

Bali is a clever retreat spot at this time of year. It' still good weather but less crowds.

Try out a Bali health retreat maybe, if you are looking for a holistic time away.

And of course never forget Thailand on one side of the world and the good old USA on the other for great yoga retreats.