3 Day Spa Koh Chang Cleanse & Yoga
Thailand  |  Koh Chang

3 Day Spa Koh Chang Cleanse & Yoga

Ongoing Retreat

3 Day Bagus Jati New Start Health & Yoga


Indonesia  |  Bali

3 Day Bagus Jati New Start Health & Yoga

Ongoing Retreat


545 USD
  605 USD
3 Day Absolute Meaningful Holiday
Thailand  |  Koh Samui

3 Day Absolute Meaningful Holiday

Ongoing Retreat

3 Day Atmanjai Fitness & Yoga Holiday
Thailand  |  Phuket

3 Day Atmanjai Fitness & Yoga Holiday

Ongoing Retreat

3 Day Atmanjai Holiday Yoga Retreat
Thailand  |  Phuket

3 Day Atmanjai Holiday Yoga Retreat

Ongoing Retreat

3 Day Kandy Samadhi Yoga Retreat
Sri Lanka  |  Kandy District

3 Day Kandy Samadhi Yoga Retreat

Ongoing Retreat

3 Day Navutu Gentle Fast Detox Retreat


Cambodia  |  Siem Reap Province

3 Day Navutu Gentle Fast Detox Retreat

Ongoing Retreat


313 USD
  369 USD
3 Day Kandy Samadhi Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat
Sri Lanka  |  Kandy District

3 Day Kandy Samadhi Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat

Ongoing Retreat

3 Day Atmanjai Eat Well Retreat
Thailand  |  Phuket

3 Day Atmanjai Eat Well Retreat

Ongoing Retreat

3 Day The Bale Experience Retreat
Indonesia  |  Bali

3 Day The Bale Experience Retreat

Ongoing Retreat

3 Day Danyasa Surf and Yoga Retreat
Costa Rica  |  Puntarenas

3 Day Danyasa Surf and Yoga Retreat

Ongoing Retreat

3 Day Aleenta Purifying Spa Retreat
Thailand  |  Phuket

3 Day Aleenta Purifying Spa Retreat

Ongoing Retreat

How to find the Best Yoga Retreat or Holiday for yourself

There's so much choice these days of places to go and things to do when on a yoga retreat.

Trends are emerging too which you should know about as the options are growing all the time.

Here's some tips to keep you informed and help you choose your yoga retreat.

1. Vacation Destination Hot Spots

Retreats start worldwide every day with a few places still being the main retreat hot spots.

The traveler trail of Southeast Asia attracts huge numbers of people with it's yoga
community and relaxed welcoming cultures.

Thailand still tops the list with established and affordable retreat centers on beautiful
beaches drawing many people every year.

Just as popular is the island of Bali where you can choose between jungle or beach
retreats, both with breathtaking views and surroundings.

It's health food shops, alternative therapies and large yoga community make it a yogi
home from home. And there is so much you can do before or after your retreat.

Alternatively you could always think about The Americas..you could
find a retreat in Peru, Costa Rica or Mexico. All great retreat locations.

If you are looking for somewhere new to go it could be worth considering Sri Lanka.

The island has the feel and climate of Southeast Asia and has a lot to offer with new retreat
centers popping up all the time.

And then those who don't want to go too far can consider Europe for a retreat,
making a quick and easy yoga weekend of it.

Croatia is a very cool destination these days, as are the retreats of Portugal and Spain.

Or hop over to Morocco on the top of Africa to immerse in a very different vibe and culture.

2. Retreat Theme

Think about what you want to do on your yoga retreat.

Maybe you want to hold a handstand for longer.

Or you could just want to hit the beach for some sun and yoga.

So first off you need to decide what you want to be doing.

As the market has grown in popularity so too have the type of retreats on offer.

You can combine your retreat with any one of many activities these days.

Are you are looking for options like spa, detox or alternative therapies,
if so make sure to check out whats available.

It may be that you are thinking about a healthy lifestyle program, if so search weight loss retreats.

3. What's Included

Consider what's part of the retreat.

If it's a tour then does the price include all transportation.

If it's off-the-beaten track then do they run airport shuttles and local transport.

Does the retreat center have fitness, steam and sauna rooms.

And of course what's the pool like and the local area.

4. Time

How much time do you have on your hands.

If you have a while then go for a retreat with places to go afterwards.

What a nice decision. Asia, Central America or Europe?

5. Retreat Schedule

Check out the schedule. Does it suit you?

Are you looking to stay in bed late or happy to start with an early class.

Do you want an active schedule or a lot of your own time on the program.

Maybe you would like to combine detox with yoga and spend some well deserved
time enjoying massage and body treatments in the spa.

Or maybe you would like to explore meditation more than just a class a day.

6. Comfort Level

It may look cheaper but make sure you know the accommodation details of your retreat.

Retreats often price according to shared or private rooms and room type. Check it out.

Consider your accommodation type when choosing the program.

7. Yoga Style

Make sure the teacher and yoga style match your expectations here.

How many classes a day.

Are you interested in there being meditation classes and a variety of yoga classes.

Are you looking for Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow or the heat of Ashtanga.
Or a range of classes

If so the same teacher every day may not be the best way to go ... different
retreat centers have different approaches.

Some rotate their teachers and yoga classes giving you variety or have
multiple classes to choose from each day.

8. The Food

Most yoga retreats cater for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free.

Unless of course it's a decadent food & wine retreat in Italy. Then you may need to ask
some more questions to make sure.

9. Socialising

A small group at a retreat center in the jungle somewhere may be just the thing you
are looking for ... or maybe not.

Consider what you want to do. If you want the opportunity to socialise but want flexibility
to do whatever you want

during your time then a small group may not suit.

A larger yoga center may be just the trick.

10. Price

There's a whole price range for retreats these days.

From luxury destination spas with treatment inclusions to more basic set-ups.

Prices vary based on venue, accommodation, program and the location.

Bali is more expense than Thailand for example.

One tip, outside of high season is always a good time to go when the cost is normally
lower for everything.

If you are on a tight budget there are still a lot of places to consider where you can find affordable yoga retreats.

Where are the best retreats?

That all depends what you are into.

There are retreats of every duration, yoga style, activities, group size, in all locations…and the list goes on.

You can go glamping in the Rockies in the USA or do yoga at the same time as hiking to see the Northern Lights.

These two examples would tend to be a small group where the social dynamic would be important.

Whereas at a yoga hotel in Bali or in a Thailand yoga resort there would be more time for you and your own space.

The choice is really up to you. Flick through what we have to offer here by searching activity types or location or both.

We make the task of searching for a yoga retreat simple and easy.

And we have every retreat imaginable all across the world.

This way you can view all the options available to you and find what really matches what you are looking for.

What if a retreat is cancelled?

All our partners are established and professional centers. If there was an unforeseen circumstance of
nature that caused this to happen then you would receive a full refund of your money of course.

Our reputation is key to maintaining trust and service with you.

Do i need insurance?

It's always a good idea whenever you travel to have the comfort in knowing that if anything does happen
then it will not end up costing you a lot of money in a foreign country.

We recommend to everybody that they use travel insurance.

Can I just turn up at a retreat center?

Sure. Some centers are like hotels and so an immediate booking is
possible but most still require advanced bookings.

It's always best to plan as most retreats have a limited number of rooms
and participants.

How long in advance would i need to book then?

That is completely up to you as here you can make plans early or book
for a retreat that is starting this week.

So whatever suits you. Our partners are responsive and you will receive
a quick response to an inquiry.

How much will a retreat cost me?

Well that's a 'how long is a piece of string' question.

It all depends where it is, how long you are staying, what is included and
the level of accommodation.

So the price will vary based on what you choose.

You will always find good options in Central & South America and Asia.

There is a whole range of retreats and centers to choose from so there
will be something to suit.

India & Thailand will always be good choices for value for money.

But I am sure you will be able to find what you are looking for anywhere.

Just be aware of high seasons when it costs a little more to travel and stay.

The most notable high seasons are

May-August in Europe
June-August in Bali
January-March in Costa Rica
January-March in Thailand

You will be sure to find a suitable retreat wherever you wish to go in the world.

And this is exactly what we are here for.

To offer you the opportunity to search through the large number of options available to you.

We describe the retreat, the center, the activities, the teachers, the yoga, the food, the location.

Everything. So that you have the best information available to make a decision.

Our search makes it easy as you can choose activity types, locations and time of year.

Feel free to ask a partner a question by sending an inquiry.

They will be happy to help.

And when you are ready to book we offer you a secure way to do so.

If you would like to view all the yoga retreats and yoga holidays we have available
then here is the link to all of our retreats.

You will be able to view them by activity type, cost, price and date. Even by duration.

All retreats are included, all the best yoga retreats in the world in one place for you.

Search all yoga retreats in 2018

Yoga Retreats by Month of the Year

If you know when you will have time to go but not where you want to go
yet or maybe even what activities you want to take part in, then these month links will help.

You can visit any of the 2018 month searches below to browse all the yoga retreats available then.

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Types of Yoga Retreats

So now we need to consider the type of yoga retreat you may want to go on
This is important as there are many different programs and activities to join on retreats.

It is such a pleasure to be able to choose from the large variety of activities available.

Use our search to discover the world of retreats available.

If you choose yoga surf then the countries we show in the location
box will only be those with available retreats.

So finding what interests you is quick.

Maybe you want to look at retreats which include spa treatments or ayurveda regimens.

Or it could be that you want to spend time on your meditation at a yoga meditation retreat.

These retreats are great for beginners as you get to learn all the techniques
to help you start on your journey.

Alternatively it could be that you are looking for deep change and
would like to browse the yoga detox programs.

Here you will find all the very best retreats in the world.